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This is the most recent information about Vandals that has been submitted to amIright. If we have more information about Vandals, then we provide a link to the section where it appears (the actual page whenever possible).


New Song Names:

Original Song Name
New Song Name
Submitter Name
"Lisa Frank""Pizza Tran"americangirlfan8998
"Lisa Tran""Pizza Tran"Chief
"Power Mustang""Poewr Mustache"Adlai Alda
"Pizza Transvestite""Pizza Tran"Adlai Alda

Use a Song Title to Answer a Different Song:

Song & Band Name
Song & Band Name
"You Dropped A Bomb On Me," The Gap Band"Why Are You Alive?," The Vandals
"Watching TV," Roger Waters"Small Wonder," The Vandals
"Hit Me With Your Best Shot," Pat Benatar"Why Are You Alive?," The Vandals
"Say My Name," Destiny's Child"Johnny Twobags," The Vandals
There are additional songs titles that answer other songs available.

Remove a Letter From a Song Title:

"My Girlfriend's Dad" originally "My Girlfriend's Dead"
Duncan Moore
"We'll All Get Aid" originally "We'll All Get Laid"
Janice Ferrell
"We'll All Get Lad" originally "We'll All Get Laid"
Janice Ferrell
"Sumer Lovin'" originally "Summer Lovin'"
As in the ancient Mesopotamian civilization, Sumer
Lydia Helton

Add a Letter to a Song Title:

"An Ideal For A Movie" originally "An Idea For A Movie"
Pact Like Sardines
"Pizza Train" originally "Pizza Tran"
What some people probably thought the title was.
"My Girlfriend's Dread" originally "My Girlfriend's Dead"
Changes contraction to possessive & adj. to noun.
Penelope Beckinsale
"We'll All Get Plaid" originally "We'll All Get Laid"
Penelope Beckinsale

Change a Letter:

"Pizza Iran" originally "Pizza Tran"
Is pizza a popular food there?
Jessica Childress
"Anarchy Burier" originally "Anarchy Burger"
Can anarchy be buried?
Janice Ferrell
"Anarchy Burner" originally "Anarchy Burger"
Didn't know anarchy was combustible!
Janice Ferrell
"Why Are You Olive?" originally "Why Are You Alive?"
U. Carrie Oats
"Why Are You Alice?" originally "Why Are You Alive?"
U. Carrie Oats

Song Parody Lyrics:

Original Song Name
Parody Song Name
Parody Author
"My Girlfriend's Dead""My Girlfriend's Boobs"DarkStorm2Bad

Songs for Commercials, That Haven't Been Done Yet:

Song Name
We'll All Get LaidSpeed DatingBig Bertha

Bad Choices for On Hold Music:

Song Name
Why Are You Alive?HospitalRynn

Songs for Duets, That Haven't Been Done Yet:

First Band/Song Name
Second Band/Song Name
New Song Name
   The Vandals
   Tones On Tail
Paris Hilton is on Fire

Misheard Lyrics:

Misheard Lyrics:
Time for gameboy chores
Tryin' for Bangor shores
Original Lyrics:
Time to get what's yours
"Don't Stop Me Now"
Misheard Lyrics:
No sabe, no sabe.
Original Lyrics:
Don't stop me, don't stop me.
"Pizza Tran"
Misheard Lyrics:
Pizza train
Original Lyrics:
Pizza tran
"I've Got An Ape Drape"
Misheard Lyrics:
I've got an Oval Nipple-mer
Yes I do.
Original Lyrics:
I've got a Norco Neck-warmer
Yes I do.
There are additional Vandals misheard lyrics available.

Funniest Song Lyrics:

"Soccer Mom"
The Funny Lyrics:
Gliding across the lawn, oranges and Evian.
And pizza right after the game.
Just tell me where and when, Volvos and collagen.
Why They're Funny:
This is a great description of a soccer mom. I especially like the line about collagen...that's funny!
Submitted by: sXe LeXi 5X2
"Soccer Mom"
The Funny Lyrics:
I'd keep my fingers crossed for another milf like you.
Pray to god that you're thinking what I'm thinking.
I know you're breathless every other weekend.
Let your hair down and keep it all a secret.
Why They're Funny:
Haha, he wants to get with the hott soccer mom and get her away from her bratty kids!
Submitted by: sXe LeXi 5X2
There are additional Funny lyrics available.

Song Title Space Change:

"Lady Killer" originally "Ladykiller"
Changes lady from object to subject
Submitted by: Duncan Moore
"Lady Kill ER " originally "Ladykiller"
Could get messy.
Submitted by: George Straitjacket

Band Name Anagrams:

Halt Ed's Van Submitted by: Dionne Peacewick
Halved Ants Submitted by: Bambi (one with a gall bladder)
Vat Handles Submitted by: Consta Pate
Handle Vats Submitted by: Andy Gibb's Free Energy
Vet Has Land Submitted by: Andy Gibb's Free Energy

Song Title Anagrams:

"Delay Krill" originally "Ladykiller"
Submitted by: Cape Canaveral Lavigne

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