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If two existing groups combined members, what could they call their new resulting group.

A real example: "L.A. Guns" and "Hollywood Roses" combined to form "Guns 'n' Roses". I'm asking for fake examples, but if you have a real one, mention it's real in your comment and submit it anyways.

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Latest Entries

The 20 most recent entries are listed below. There are 7823 If Groups Combined, Their Names Might Be... entries on the site.

Carter The Unstoppable Suicide Machine
Would that be Dr. Kevorkian?
Submitted By: Lance Crackers
Drupi Hill
Dru Hill combined with Drupi
The second act (Drupi) is a male singer from Italy
Submitted By: Pete Worst
Billie Meg Myers
Billie Myers combined with Meg Myers
Submitted By: Sheila Oh
Billie Joe Myers Armstrong
Submitted By: Opie M.
The Gamecocks
Nickname of the University of South Carolina athletic teams
Submitted By: Opie M.
Montell Williams
Two popular 90s acts combine to form the name of a famous talk show host from the same time frame (albeit with a double L for his first name instead of a single L)
Submitted By: Cody Finke
Deborah Harry Nilsson
Submitted By: Opie M.
Alan Dale and Grace
However, it could be misread as "Alan, Dale, and Grace", implying three individuals' names.
Submitted By: Miss Elanius
Generation XS
Generation X combined with INXS
The letters 'i' and 'n' already appear in the word 'Generation'.
Submitted By: Annemarie
Generation XTC
Generation X combined with XTC
Submitted By: Annemarie
Dale and Grace Slick
Submitted By: Annemarie
Bunny Rabbitt
A bunny is a slang/pet term for a rabbit, and the words are commonly used together. Also, these two singers were both male, both born in 1941, and are both now deceased.
Submitted By: Quyjibo
Elton John Coltrane
However, Mr. Coltrane passed away before Elton became famous.
Submitted By: Annemarie
Mighty Mighty Bosstones And I
Submitted By: Annemarie
Massive Heart Attack
Heart combined with Massive Attack
Submitted By: Lance Crackers
Zendaya Malakar
Zendaya combined with Sanjaya Malakar
That would be her legal name if they married. (Sanjaya Malakar is a male singer who competed on the sixth season of "American Idol".)
Submitted By: Ariane
Tones On Tail and I
Submitted By: Sheila Oh
Roach Motel
Papa Roach combined with Saint Motel
A roach trap device from the Black Flag company
Submitted By: Rock Maninoff
Mattea Roach
Kathy Mattea combined with Papa Roach
A long-running female champion from the 38th season of "Jeopardy!"
Submitted By: Gus
The Chvrch
The Church combined with Chvrches
I would still be pronounced the same.
Submitted By: Brit Boxx

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