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All too often, a performer gets it into their head that now they've reach some margin of fame in a band, they can also act! Some make the leap ok like Will Smith, others like Vanilla Ice are best left forgotten.

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Sandy Horne (Spoons) Listen To The City An indie film about a musician who awakes from a coma to find the city mirred in poverty and unemployment. Also stars Gordon Deppe lead singer and guitarist of The Spoons. - Celeste
Gordon Deppe (Spoons) Listen To The City An indie film about a musician who awakes from a coma to find the city mirred in poverty and unemployment. Also stars Spoons bassist Sandy Horne. - Celeste
Selena Gomez Wizards of Waverly Place She plays Alex Russo and she is amazing! - Watermelanie
Donna Summer Thank God It's Friday As Nicole Sims, an aspiring singer who continuously pesters the DJ to play her demo - Brian
Mandy Moore an episode of "Sofia the First", Tangled, TRON: Uprising, Sheriff Callie's Wild West, Disney Infinity Mandy Moore is a better voice actress, according to Behind The Voice Actors, because she sings really good (as the singing voice of Rapunzel). She emails every letter online, with the exception of "I'll be forever yours, love always, RapunzelTangled2016" (as her online screen name which is named after her hugely successful 2010 movie, Tangled, as Rapunzel, the 10th Disney Princess). The Disney Princesses Snow White Cinderella Sleeping Beauty Ariel Belle Jasmine Mia Thermopolis (Amelia Thermopolis later in the film) Giselle Tiana Rapunzel - Brandon Reina
Mark Holmes (Platinum Blonde) Eddie and the Cruisers II Eddie Lives Mark plays Quinn Quinley in the second and final installment of the Eddie and the Crusiers. Eddie and the Cruisers was a 1960s rock band whose lead singer mysteriously disappears. - Celeste
Julie Andrews The Princess Diaries, The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement Besides "Mary Poppins", Andrews appeared in "The Princess Diaries" and "Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement" as Queen Clarisse (grandmother of a young princess whose name is Amelia "Mia" Thermopolis, portrayed by Anne Hathaway). - Brandon Reina
Lady Gaga The Muppets: Most Wanted Besides singing "Poker Face", Lady GaGa appeared in The Muppets: Most Wanted (as a cameo) because Disney, the creators of Kermit the Frog and other Muppet characters, had signed her up to become as a big screen character. - Brandon Reina
Jackie Evancho The Company You Keep Besides being well-known as a classical crossover singer, Evancho also moonlighted as an actress, first appearing in a theatre production of High School Musical with Pittsburgh Musical Theater in 2007, and also in the political thriller "The Company You Keep" in 2012, playing the role of a daughter of a former Weather Underground militant. - Felicity Merriman
Adam Levine Begin Again Adam plays David Kohl, Gretta James' ex-boyfriend (she's played by Keira Knightley). I wasn't too impressed with the movie, but I LOVE "Lost Stars"! - wand erection
Lance Bass On the Line He starred with Joey Fatone as a guy who meets a girl on a train, and like the whole movie is him trying to find her. It did have a few funny parts, and the 'N Sync song from this movie ("That Girl (Will Never Be Mine)") is awesome, but...meh. - wand erection
Phil Collins Hook When Peter Banning (played by the late Robin Williams) calls for an investigation on his missing children, Phil appears as the Chief of London Police. - Chowder
Sheena Easton An episode of "Miami Vice" She played the abused wife of Ted Nugent. - Opie M.
Ted Nugent Two episodes of "Miami Vice" He played the abusive husband of Sheena Easton. - Opie M.
Mary J. Blige Rock of Ages, Black Nativity, Empire, The Ghost Whisperer Blige held her own well. - Piper
Sarah Shannon (Velocity Girl) The Adventures of Pete & Pete Sarah played as a grocery clerk who sells one of the Pete's some expired food so he can fake an illness, in the episode "Sick Day," and actually insisted that her uniform contains a nametag with her real name. - The Skuz
Barry McGuire The President's Analyst He played, what else, a folk singer. - Opie M.
INXS Dogs in Space  - Roadrunner
George Harrison Electronic Music Documentary I was earning my college degree in computer + info science. As a pre-rec for taking classes in computer art, movie making and sound audio manipulating we had to take a course in Art + Music of the Post WWII era. George Harrison of the Beatles narrated a film describing how he and his mates created their records from scratch and how today with computer technology it's mostly "push button, a little too easy". Well, we need to know how it's been done before so we can utilize the technology today. After all, the Beatles were the first to utilize looping and backwards messages (whoooooo, Lord it's the Devil - NOT ; ) ). Also, George released "Wonderwall", an album marrying electronics and Asian instruments (did somebody bring up Peter Gabriel?) and he issued "Electronic Sound" which featured just himself and a synthesizer. He pioneered in these innovations so that makes him as good a narrator for this docu as anyone. Still, everyone seems to think he's just a guit-tahr man. - Beatle Baby
B. B. King Into the Night He plays a busker in a parking lot in a cameo appearance. Also, he performs the opening title song. This cult classic has a galaxy of stars including the now better known Jeff Goldblum and Michelle Pfeifer as well as seasoned veterans like Dan Ackroyd and even David Bowie (surprise!). If you ain't seen this movie yet I STRONGLY recommend you do so. This is big time entertainment, it's what action films ought to be. Go and see it.. - Get Up And GO GO GO GO...

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