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All too often, a performer gets it into their head that now they've reach some margin of fame in a band, they can also act! Some make the leap ok like Will Smith, others like Vanilla Ice are best left forgotten.

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Entries Beginning with C

Notable Song Credits
Comments & Submittor Name
C-Murder I'm Bout It, Da Game Of Life, Hot Boyz, Undisputed  - Michael Prymula
Cam'ron Paid In Full, Killa Season, Paper Soldiers, State Property  - Michael Prymula
Carla Bruni Midnight in Paris  - Rick O'Shea
Cat Power My Blueberry Nights She plays a former girlfriend of Jude Law's - Sutch
Celine Dion Des fleurs sur la neige This was a Quebecois TV miniseries from 1991, which Celine starred in just as her English-language singing career was taking off (with "Where Does My Heart Beat Now"). She also played herself on an episode of "Touched By An Angel." Her acting is rather wooden (very unlike her singing) but I've seen worse. - Chris
Chaka Kahn Hunter She plays a lounge singer who ends up murdered. - Celeste
Cher Moonstruck, Suspect: Silkwood, Mermaids, Witches Of Eastwick Seems to have better success in films with one word in their title. - sherock
Cherie Currie Wavelength, Foxes, Twilight Zone:The Movie, Parasite, Rich Girl She has a great nude scene in Wavelength. - Michael Prymula
Cheryl Ladd Millennium Plays Louise Baltimore. - Johnny Nguyen
Cheryl Ladd Charlie's Angels Plays Kris Munroe. - Tarzan
Chino XL Crime Partners 2000, Barrio Wars, Gang Warz, Vatos, The Beat, Playas Ball, Yuong Cesat  - Michael Prymula
Chris Brown Stomp The Yard, The O.C., This Christmas Unlike his HUGE roles in music, his roles in movies and TV are rather minor, which is kind of a shame. - Rocky Mak
Chris Brown This Christmas, Takers  - Michael Prymula
Chris Brown The Suite Life of Zack and Cody (Disney Channel) He was a guest star in TSL for London Tipton's web show, 'Yay Me'. Maddie gets Chris while Cody (the producer of the show) got the Cheetah Girls. YouTube has a few videos of the episode... - Jaz
Chris Isaak Little Buddha, Twin Peaks (not sure about this one) Okay, I'm not sure about the second, but I'm fairly sure of it. Guess he had the looks for it. - Tim Kramar
Chris Isaak Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, Silence of The Lambs, Married To The Mob, That Thing You Do, an episode of "Friends" He also had his own TV show, where he played himself with his band members - Rocky
Christina Milian Durango Kids, Be Cool, Man Of The House, Torque, Love Don't Cost A Thing, Pulse, Bring It On:Fight To The Finish, Snowglobe  - Michael Prymula
Chuck D An Alan Smithee Film:Burn Hollywood Burn, Wake Up Ron Burgundy, Chip Factor, Quiet Arrangement  - Michael Prymula
Ciara All You've Got, Mama I Want To Sing  - Michael Prymula
Cliff Edwards Pinocchio, Dumbo Excellent in Pinocchio, good Duke imitation in Dumbo - Alan of Seville
Common Smokin Aces, Street Gangs, Date Night, Terminator:Salvation, Wanted  - Michael Prymula
Connie Francis Where The Boys Are, Follow the Boys, When the Boys Meet the Girls I love Connie's singing but she isn't much of an actress (which she herself admits). Then again, no one ever said those '60s beach movies made for Oscar-worthy performances. The most memorable thing about "Where the Boys Are" is (surprise, surprise) Connie's beautiful performance of the hit title song. - Chris
Coolio Dear God, The Convent, Submerged, Judgment Day, China Strike Force, Stealing Candy, Red Water, Code Hunter, Grad Night, Pterodactyl, Exposed, Move   - Michael Prymula
Corey Feldman Dickie Roberts:Former Child Star,Puppet Master VS Demonic Toys,Dream a Little Dream 1&2,Lost Boys:The Tribe I saw The Goonies and loved his movies ever since!His work is cool,but his music,I'm not sure. - Holden
Corey Glover Platoon (movie), Jesus Christ Superstar (theater), VH1 VJ, various PSAs and documentaries Corey Glover is the multi-talented singer for the amazing funk/metal band Living Colour. He has also done at least one solo album. - Sgt. Snorkel
Courtney Love The People vs Larry Flint, Feeling Minnesota, Basquiat, Man on the Moon Courtney only had bit parts in Basquiat and Feeling Minnesota but she had a full part in The People vs Larry Flint and Man on the Moon and garnered acclaim as an actress. - Celeste
Courtney Love Straight to Hell Courtney Love first set eyes on Kurt Cobain at an event I like to call "Wrestlemania Portland", an event I will describe if I find a relevant post. However, Kurt first saw Courtney in this Alex Cox movie starring Joe Strummer and Elvis Costello. Kurt watched the film with a friend, Damon Romero, who pointed at an actress and said, "Hey, there's the girl from that band down in Portland [Hole]." This woman was Courtney Love. - Jakko Wakko
Creed Bratton The Office The former Grass Roots guitarist plays Creed (who else?) in the U.S. version of "The Office". - Todd W. Zimmerman
Curt Smith Private Public This is a movie that he starred in that his friend wrote. - Celeste
Cyndi Lauper Mad About You Won an emmy in 1995 for performance - qua006

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