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All too often, a performer gets it into their head that now they've reach some margin of fame in a band, they can also act! Some make the leap ok like Will Smith, others like Vanilla Ice are best left forgotten.

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Entries Beginning with D

Notable Song Credits
Comments & Submittor Name
Dannii Minogue Vauxhall Crossed, Secrets  - Michael Prymula
Dave Grohl Tenacious D The Pick Of Destiny Foo Fighters frontman was The Devil in this absurd mockumentary. - G
Dave Matthews An episode of "House" He played an epileptic musician. - Rocky
Davey Havok  Live Freaky, Die Freaky He was the gay hairdresser. - Suzu
David Bowie Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence Quite good WW II drama set in a Japanese POW camp. Also starring Tom Conti - James Joyce
David Bowie Absolute Beginners Set in the 1960s probably with scooter 'gangs'. Bright colours, e.g. Bowie in a glitzy blue (if I remember correctly) dancing on a the keys of typewriter singing the title song. Debut of Patsy Kensit. Entertaining. - James Joyce
David Bowie The Man Who Fell To Earth, The Hunger, etc. don't forget "Into the Night" from 1985. Bowie is a gangster, wearing the yellow outfit from the "Modern Love" video. When he gets in a fracas with a federal agent he pulls out a BOWIE knife. This film also features Jeff Goldblum, Michelle Pfeiffer, Dan Ackroyd and B.B. King. A great thriller. Check it out. - 84/85
David Bowie The Man Who Fell To Earth, The Hunger,Basquiat,The Prestige,Zoolander Bowie received excellent reviews for all the films listed.When he portrayed Andy Warhol in "Basquiat" you forget that it's him under that crooked wig. For a man that radiates his persona, this shows amazing talent.His Broadway performance as John Merrick in "The Elephant Man" earned him great reviews despite the Broadway critic's penchant for tearing apart those who usually work in a "lower" art form.

Ed Note: Don't forget Labrynth, one of the best movies ever! - Michael Pace
David Bowie Labyrinth, The Hunger, The Prestige, Zoolander, Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders From Mars, The Man Who Fell To Earth Wow. This guy was so good in Labyrinth. - Shark
David Essex That'll Be The Day; Stardust Mostly famous for his one-hit (at least in America), "Rock-On", he played the lead role in the 1974 movie "That'll Be The Day" and its sequel. - British Bullcrap
David Hasselhoff Knight Rider, The Spongebob movie  - Michael
David Johanson Car 54 Where Are You? Mr. Nanny, Freejack, Let It Ride, Nick And Jane, Campfire Stories Former singer for the New York Dolls - Michael Prymula
Dean Martin Some Came Running, Rio Bravo, Ocean's Eleven, The Sons of Katie Elder, The Silencers Why did Jerry Lewis ever become popular? - Mook
Deborah Gibson College Date, Mega Shark Vs. Giant Octopus Pretty good in Mega Shark, never saw College Date though. - Michael Prymula
Deborah Harry Hairspray, Videodrome, Spun, Heavy Deborah Harry aka Debbie Harry is the lead singer of the pivotal late 1970's punk/pop group, Blondie. Besides singing Harry also acts and has appeared in the above named films, but also in television roles and has done many voiceovers for both television, movies and video games, including "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City". Her most famous movie role came in 1988 when she played the original version of the villianous Velma von Tussle in John Waters' "Hairspray" (I think she did a great job and one worth seeing in renting or buying the DVD or video of the movie). Harry also appeared in "Hairspray" being the wife of the character played by another singer who acted, Sonny Bono. - Peter Bradfield
Dee Snider (Twisted Sister) A 2001 video game called "Jak & Daxter: The Percurson Legacy" He was pretty good. - JeReMy
Deezer D ER(TV series), Fear Of A Black Hat, Lord Help Us, Cool As Ice, Bones, The Way Back Home, In The Mix  - Michael Prymula
Delta Goodrem Neighbours, North Shore, Hating Alison Ashley Neighbours is an Australian soap opera that became launching pads for singers like Kylie Minogue, Natalie Bassingthwaighte and of course, Delta became household name as Nina Tucker. However, her other acting attempts after that was not as successful. - Rocky Mak
Dennis Wilson Two-Lane Blacktop The late Beach Boy. His co-star here was James Taylor. - Sutch
Diana Ross Lady Sings the Blues, Mahogany, The Wiz  The only thing that critics had about The Wiz was that Diana Ross was too old for the role of Dorthy. - Paul Warren
DMX Belly, Exit Wounds, Never Die Alone He was outstanding in Never Die Alone! - Michael Prymula
Dolly Parton Steel Magnolias How could anyone miss Dolly in "Steel Magnolias"? - Lynnetta Lore
Dolly Parton 9 To 5; Best Little Whorehouse In Texas; Rhinestone; Straight Talk How could anyone miss Dolly? - Country
Donna Summer Family Matters She plays Steve Urkel's Aunt Oona from Altoona. - Celeste
Donna Summer Thank God It's Friday As Nicole Sims, an aspiring singer who continuously pesters the DJ to play her demo - Brian
Donnie Wahlberg Never 2 Big, Sixth Sense, Southie, Triggermen, Dreamcatcher, Diamond Men, Body Count, Saw II,III&IV, Dead Silence, Righteous Kill, Annapolis, Ransom  - Michael Prymula
Donovan The Pied Piper, The Secret Policeman's Ball also composed the music for Brother Sun Sister Moon and The Pied Piper. - KL Fan
Doris Day Calamity Jane, Love Me or Leave Me, The Man Who Knew Too Much, The Pajama Game, Pillow Talk, Please Don't Eat the Daisies, That Touch of Mink "que sera sera".... - Mook
Dr. Dre Set It Off, Training Day, The Wash  - Michael Prymula
Dwight Yoakam Wedding Crashers, Sling Blade, Panic Room In the music world, I don't think anybody knew that he was balding until he started taking off his hat for acting roles. - Michael E Cormier

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