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All too often, a performer gets it into their head that now they've reach some margin of fame in a band, they can also act! Some make the leap ok like Will Smith, others like Vanilla Ice are best left forgotten.

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Notable Song Credits
Comments & Submittor Name
The Game Waist Deep, Street Kings, Belly 2:Millionare Boyz Club, Tournament Of Dreams  - Michael Prymula
Gary Kemp The Krays Gary played Ronald Kray in the 1990 film "The Krays". BTW, he played keyboards, guitar and sang backup for the '80s awesome band Spandau Ballet. - Mickey D.
Gene Simmons Runaway, Never Too Young To Die, Wanted Dead Or Alive, Red Surf He's pretty good at playing villains. - Michael Prymula
George Harrison All the Beatle movies! (A Hard Day's Night, Help!, Magical Mystery Tour, Let It Be, etc.) Well, he's not the best actor - jdizzy
George Harrison Electronic Music Documentary I was earning my college degree in computer + info science. As a pre-rec for taking classes in computer art, movie making and sound audio manipulating we had to take a course in Art + Music of the Post WWII era. George Harrison of the Beatles narrated a film describing how he and his mates created their records from scratch and how today with computer technology it's mostly "push button, a little too easy". Well, we need to know how it's been done before so we can utilize the technology today. After all, the Beatles were the first to utilize looping and backwards messages (whoooooo, Lord it's the Devil - NOT ; ) ). Also, George released "Wonderwall", an album marrying electronics and Asian instruments (did somebody bring up Peter Gabriel?) and he issued "Electronic Sound" which featured just himself and a synthesizer. He pioneered in these innovations so that makes him as good a narrator for this docu as anyone. Still, everyone seems to think he's just a guit-tahr man. - Beatle Baby
George Harrison Shanghai Surprise Surprise! George plays a cameo role as a pub rocker. Surprise! He saved some songs that weren't used in this flick and put them on the excellent 1987 "Cloud 9" CD. Surprise! George said that working with Sean Penn was no hassel but Madonna was conceited, difficult to work with and self-important. Surprise! The movie did stink big time (it starred Madonna in it - what more needs to be said?). - George is Fab
George Strait Pure Country Played "Dusty", a country singer. Spawned the hit, "I Cross My Heart" basically played himself, pretty wooden performance - JJscott
Gerri Halliwell Crunk 2 a cameo role. She just sits there legs crossed with a vacant look on her face. Well she is a Spice Girl so do the math... - And We Don't Care!
Gladys Knight Pipe Dreams I remember the tag line from the commercial for this 1976 film: 'Get ready for a Pip of a flick." - MOR
Gloria Estefan Music Of The Heart Turned in a solid performance in a cast headed by Meryl Streep; pretty good company to keep up with! - JeffM
Gord Downie Trailer Park Boys: The Movie Was magnificent as Cop1. - Eric Kincaid
Gordon Deppe (Spoons) Listen To The City An indie film about a musician who awakes from a coma to find the city mirred in poverty and unemployment. Also stars Spoons bassist Sandy Horne. - Celeste
Grace Kelly High Society, Dial M For Murder..... I know she was never a singer, but it's the name of both an actress and a popular Mika song! - rock music
Gregg Allman Rush, Lightning in a bottle Gregg plays drug dealer Will Gaines in Rush. Now thats a stretch. Talk about method acting! - Ernest Moseley
Gwen Stefani The Aviator  - Michael Prymula

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