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These are lyrics that we think are kind of gross.

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AFI's, "Hearts Frozen Soil Thawed Once More..."
The Grossest Lyrics:
I will die screaming.
Scream my last breath in useless anguish.
Tear the sun from the sky.
I will die screaming
Why They're Gross:
Submitted by: CaNaDiAnKiD03
Bruce Cockburn's, "Tokyo"
The Grossest Lyrics:
Grey suited businessmen pissing against a wall
Why They're Gross:
I've always known Japanese people to be polite. And Bruce, you're a great artist and you have a good imagination for lyrics. But did you have to write that line?
Submitted by: John Reid
Natalie Imbruglia's, "Wishing I Was There"
The Grossest Lyrics:
Flick your eyes back in their sockets
Why They're Gross:
The thought of eyes outside of sockets, even on cartoons, is a pretty gross thing.
Submitted by: kasumi
The Vapors', "Turning Japanese"
The Grossest Lyrics:
I want a doctor to take your picture
So I can look at you from inside as well
Why They're Gross:
Like many of you, I've had to take biology at some point or another, and I still can't imagine those pictures of such wonders as the digestive track and circulatory system I was forced to look at in those classes could be part of a very lovely person (male or female). Beauty really *is* only skin deep.
Submitted by: tifa
Red Hot Chili Peppers', "Scar Tissue"
The Grossest Lyrics:
To lick your heart and taste your health
Why They're Gross:
Why does he wanna lick a heart? And it is physicaly impossible to taste health!
Submitted by: Mike Florio
Lenny Kravits', "Dig In"
The Grossest Lyrics:
Once you dig in, You'll find it comin' out the other side
Why They're Gross:
Sounds like someone ate to much undercooked meat.
Submitted by: Cobalt
No Doubt's, "Bathwater"
The Grossest Lyrics:
I love to wash in your old batherwater
Make me feel like I couldn't love another,
I can't help it you're my kind of man
Why They're Gross:
Washing in someone else bathwater is just nasty
Submitted by: Kristin
Dead Kennedys', "I Kill Children"
The Grossest Lyrics:
Time to hit the scool bus
I think I'll shoot the tires
Offer them a helping hand
Of open telephone wires
Why They're Gross:
I especially like the open telephone wires. That's classic.
Submitted by: Wade
Bloodhound Gang's, "Mope"
The Grossest Lyrics:
Made a spam and Colgate sandwich and ate it
Why They're Gross:
What??? he actually ate it?? EWW!! And yeah ok the whole song is gross but i think thats the worst
Submitted by: Louise
Weird Al Yankovic's, "Horoscope for Today"
The Grossest Lyrics:
Trade toothbrushes with an albino dwarf then give a hickey to Meryl Streep
Why They're Gross:
Why the hell would someone wanna trade toothbrushes? that's just wrong! and give a hickey to Meryl Streep, isn't she really old? That's like sucking loose and nasty skin! Man that's messed up!
Submitted by: Stefie Haig

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