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These are lyrics by Dean Martin that we think are kind of nonsensical.

Nonsensical Song Lyrics, Dean Martin

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Dean Martin's, "Houston"
The Nonsensical Lyrics:
I'm a face without a name,
Just walking in the rain.
Why They're Nonsensical:
A face by itself can't walk, in the rain or otherwise. And of course, the singer is more than a face; he has other body parts. And he has a name also.
Submitted by: Karen Smith
Dean Martin's, "In The Chapel In The Moonlight"
The Nonsensical Lyrics:
Till the roses turn to ashes,
Till the organ turns to rust
If you never come I'll still be there,
Till the moonlight turns to dust
Why They're Nonsensical:
Rust is iron oxide, hence formed only from iron and oxygen, the latter coming generally from the atmosphere. So only the iron parts of an organ could turn to rust. Since an organ is not made mainly of iron, the image makes little sense. Moonlight turning to dust is an even more far-fetched proposition. All light, including Moonlight, is energy in the form of electromagnetic radiation. While matter (including dust) and energy are interconvertable, moonlight turning to dust would not occur under any ordinarily existing conditions here on Earth. For electromagnetic radiation to turn into the sub-atomic particles that can make up stable matter as we know it requires much more energetic radiation than visible light, such as gamma rays. Even then a photon of gamma radiation would turn into a particle and it's antiparticle, such as a proton and an anti-proton. Unless those two are quickly separated and the anti-particle quickly transported to a distant part of the universe, devoid of 'ordinary' matter as we know it, the two particles are very unstable together and tend quickly to recombine into a gamma photon again. So in the ordinarily earthly setting we know, electromagnetic magnetic radiation, and esepecially visible light including Moonlight, won't be turning into a discernable amount of dust.
Submitted by: Valerie Cameron
Dean Martin's, "That's Amore"
The Nonsensical Lyrics:
When the moon hits your eye
Like a big pizza pie
That's amore
Why They're Nonsensical:
When the moon hits your eye, that's not 'amore'! That's 'painful'!
Submitted by: Kixxy 6
Dean Martin's, "The Door Is Still Open To My Heart"
The Nonsensical Lyrics:
I'm not ashamed to cry
It's better then to hold it inside
Why They're Nonsensical:
Seems like you are changing your mind, Dino.
Submitted by: Emily

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