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List of bands that perform a song with the same name as their band

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Latest Entries

Song Name
Submittor Name
Wang Chung Everybody Have Fun Tonight actually made their name into a verb..."Everybody Wang Chung tonight!" repeated throughout the song Ed
Waterfront Waterfront Waterfront is the name of the '80s UK band with Christopher Duffy and Phillip Cilia. Mickey D.
Weatherbox A Flock of Weatherboxes From the album "A Flock of Weatherboxes and the Sounds That They Make"... a lot of the same word that isn't even a real object. Alex
Weird Al Yankovic The Weird Al Show Theme "Running With Scissors" is the album it's on, but as you can read it is the theme for the Weird Al Show Zakery The Weird Man Wood
Western Flyer Western Flyer Three guesses what the album was titled (hint: the first word starts with "W" and the second word starts with "F"). After that self-titled song, they had only one more hit (or something that could be considered a hit) then kind of disappeared. betty kaye
Wham!  Wham! Rap The name says it all. There's also Wham! Rap '86. The original is from '83. Beach Babe Chaser
Whistle Just Buggin 1st sentence: We're called Whistle Ronald Lammers
The Who Who Are You Who are we? We're the Who, that's who! crazydon
Will Smith Will 2K From his 1999 album "Willennium" (so titled in anticipation of the milestone year 2000 fast approaching). Contains a sampling of the 1982 song "Rock The Casbah" by the Clash. Joe

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