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Do you know why a band picked out it's name? Feel free to let us know.

I can't verify all of these stories, so do take them with a grain of salt. I try and delete the ones that I know to be bogus, but I don't know the origins of every band name (and some bands intentionally tell different stories about picking their band name).

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Trapt Hey! I meet the band a week ago in my friend's dad Studio and They told me that they called it Trapt because thats how they felt in High School! I'm positive. Drake
Trapt They always felt obligations of being grounded in their small town as their parents wanted them to finish school. But they wanted to play in their band. Chris Brown( the lead singer) said "We all felt trapped, so that was the name." Max Thompson
Travis Not as many people think from TAXI DRIVER, but from the same movie as fellow Glaswegians Texas, they take their name from the film PARIS, TEXAS Gallus
Travis A character from the movie Paris, Texas John Lewis
Travis The band are named after legendary British DJ Dave Lee "Hairy Cornflake" Travis. Fletch
Travis From a character in the British Sci-fi TV series Blake's 7 It's a bent paintbrush that paints its own handle
Travis Lead character in the movie Paris, Texas. Also where the band Texas got their name from. Their name is NOT after DeNiro's character in the Taxi Driver. queen crimson
Travis That "cabdriver from Hollywood" was actually the Robert DeNiro character from the movie TAXI DRIVER. (that's like calling Godzilla "some lizard from Japan!) Dr. Bristol
Travis They took their name from the name of a Hollywood taxi-cab driver Bobo
Trawling for Sandra The two original members used to refer to looking for women in bars as 'trawling'. But they also have said that they liked the morbid ironic detachment from Elvis Costello's 'Watching the Detectives' with the lyrics, 'she's filing her nails/as they're dragging the lake..' dk
TRAX (The TRAX) TRAX refers to the Tracks the band was going to make together. And besides that, the four (one of them has left the band already..though) bandmembers had nicknames; Typhoon, Rose, Attack and X-mas. Which makes TRAX. Femke
Tree This popular (and now defunct) Boston rock band was named after lead singer Dave Tree. Ripp
Tree63 Origianlly called Tree, this is a Christian band from South Africa. They were not well known until after their second album, 63 (after the Psalm) was released. Their song "A Million Lights" scored a big hit and word of the album got over to American shores. They changed their name to Tree63 after sigining with Inpop records.  Oldiesmann
The Tremtones Combination of 'tremolo and' 'tones'. I am the founder of the band way back in 1957. Please visit my website for more info. Billy Roy Murnaghan
Tremtones Billy Murnahan started this band in the 1950's in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada. The name is a combination of the words 'tremolo' and 'tone'. Lorne
Trespassengers It's kid-speak. One of the guys in the band has a kid who was telling a story of some other kids in school - they we're somewhere they weren't supposed to be. They were trespassengers. Marty McFly
The Trews They were origionaly called One I'd Trouser, they later changed it to Trouser but another band already had that name and threatened to take court action. So they changed it to The Trews (trews are tight fitting scotish pants) which they think is a better name. somebody
TRIC We gathered up and basically sat around a campfire pulling off stunts in the dark so we decided thats are band name TRIC! Matt Lapehn
Trinity well the members are all welsh and Tri means three in welsh and there are three members so this is obviously the ideal name. Mari
Triple Image The band is three girls that just happend to be triplets! Mily
Tripp Trip was a character in the movie "Detroit Rock City". The band members favorite character in that movie was Trip. The extra "P" does not have an explanation. Beau Hindlet
Troop Yet another acronym. Troop was a one hit wonder R&B group that was popular in 1990. Troop stands for Total Respect Of Other People. andre1127
Trooper When they were touring under the name "Applejack", they were often very busy, and worked hard. A friend told them they were real troopers, and the rest is canadian rock history. Will Dyess
Troubled Hubble Named after the famous space telescope which has undergone numerous repairs while in orbit. (source: personal conversation with the band) Edwin
Troubled Soul When called down to the office in school for a prank, the four members Brandon Tantari, Branden Szgedi, Josh Bekier, and Aaron Guerra were handed out dicipline referals and referred to as "a group of Troubled Souls", which later Brandon Tantari remembered and made it their name. Brandon Tantari
Troy's Bucket Named after the bucket from the well in the movie "goonies". Alison
True Witness When someone knows the truth, they should not fear to stand for what's true and be a witness of that truth. The band was named after their belief and faith in the One and Only True Witness... Christ Jesus; in which there is a message of hope.  Woody
The Tubes They were called the Beans, when they first got signed to A&M. Not wanting to be confused with another band at the time called the Boston Baked Beans a name change was in order. According to Tubes founder Bill Spooner, they all wrote names they liked on pieces of paper and put them into a hat than they let the house dog choose. Unknown to the others Bill had wiped mayonnaise (which attracted the dog) on his choice which was Tubes, Rods & Bulbs. The name was quickly shortened to The Tubes. Bbgirl
The Tubes If the name has a medical origin, it is derived from the eye, not the ear. Tubes and cones are parts of the eye. wylvis
The Tubes Named after the television "tubes", which were cathode ray tubes used in the older sets.  rock
The Tubes After promoting Fee Waybill (sp?) to band member from roadie, the band needed a new name. So they opened up a medical dictionary, and came across the three bones that make your ears work: Tube, hammer, and anvil (if memory serves on those last two). Jill
The Tune Weavers They were formerly known as "The Tone Weavers". oldtimer
Turin Brakes When this London duo sent out some demo tape to friends, suddenly a small independent record company wanted to release this demo on vinyl and CD (in a limited edition). They didn't have a name however, and just "Olly and Gale" wasn't good enough. They asked friends and one of them came up with "Turin Brakes". Other suggestions were "Mellon Collie Crack" and "Tired Fly", but those names didn't make it. "Turin Brakes" doesn't mean anything, they just chose it because it sounded catchy. They'd never been to Turin (before they picked the name), nor did they have special interest in the city or in brakes. Stefan
Tuscadero American indie rock band that formed in the Washington D.C. area and was together from 1993-1999. They took their name from a female Happy Days character named Leather Tuscadero. Leather Tuscadero was played by actress/singer/musician Suzi Quatro. Quatro scored the top 10 hit duet Stumblin' In with Chris Norman. Norman had been the lead singer of the British pop band Smokie. Edward
Tuuli its finnish for "wind" caz nickelback girl
TVXQ Rising Gods of the East in Chinese (Tong Vfang Xien Qi) Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Twenty-One Pilots  From the play "All My Sons" in which lead character discovers flaws with 21 planes but let's the pilots fly anyway resulting in 21 deaths. Play set in WW2. Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Twista Carl Terrell Mitchell started doing rap at age 18, using the name Tung Twista. That makes sense, because he is the world's fastest rapper. Six years later, he took off the word "Tung" and we all know him today as Twista.  Streetwise
Twisted Sister When Twisted Sister didnt really have a name and they were performing, a drunken old man at the end of the show came up to them and said "You guys look like a bunch of twisted sisters", because of the way the members were dressed in drag.  JE$$IE R.
Twisted Sister They got it from their friends father who said you gotta a twisted sister to one of the band mates and the name stuck Bob Jackass
Twizted One of there singers used to work in glass work and made a peice of glass that went wrong and it got twisted and they loved to talk like saying "skewl" instead of "school" and they decided to dedicate to that glass. TheHaHaWall
Two Ten Ninety 21090 is the zip code where all members of the band either live, work or grew up. John Coppola
Tyga Anagram for Thank You God Always Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Tygers of Pan Tang The band are named after a breed of monsters in "Stormbringer" by Michael Moorcock (the final novel in Moorcock's epic "Elric of Melnibone" sequence) Fletch
Type O Negative Type o negative is a blood type which can't be detected after rape... Lizzie
Type O Negative The singer opened up a phone book, found an ad for a blood bank and saw ' blood type-o negative,' decided to use it. Mills
Type-O-Negative The band has a different name but decided to change it for their own reason, they noticed a bunch of flyers up for blood donations that read "Needed: Type-O-Negative." and went with it. Pyretta
Tyrannosaurus Rex (T.Rex) Marc Bolan, who was very much into mythic history, fantasy and science fiction, chose Tyrannosuarus Rex because he basically thought it was so amazing that a beast that size roamed the earth so many years before. The band name was truncated to T.Rex in the early 70's when Bolan's producer Tony Visconti came up with the shortened version during recording sessions. Initially, Bolan balked at the shortened name but relented because DJ's and T.Rex's new fan-base of teen followers had an easier time saying T.Rex. Paul Jensen

Entries starting with T are split into multiple pages: 1 2 3

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