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Do you know why a band picked out it's name? Feel free to let us know.

I can't verify all of these stories, so do take them with a grain of salt. I try and delete the ones that I know to be bogus, but I don't know the origins of every band name (and some bands intentionally tell different stories about picking their band name).

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Busta Rhymes Busta Rhymes name was given to him by Chuck D of Public Enemy, after NFL football player Buster Rhymes. Manatarms
Busta Rhymes The name Busta Rhymes came from Bust A Rhyme; means start a rhyme or give a rhyme Jafar
Busta Rhymes Buste*r* Rhymes was the name of a National Football League kickoff returner.  Rob
Busted Busted were originally called Buster until Geri Halliwell read their name as Busted, which they then stuck with. Laura
Busted They were originally called "Buster" but Geri Halliwell read their name out wrong on a radio show, and called them "Busted" by mistake. They liked this better, so it stuck. Rachel
Butter Side Down From the Dr. Seuss book The Great Butter Battle Z
Butthole Surfers They kept changing their name. They had a song called "Butthole surfer. At one concert, the guy introducing the band forgot their name and introduced them as "The Butthole Surfers". The name stuck! (source: "Our Band Could Be Your Life" by Michael Azerrad.) Jef Rummens
Butthole Surfers When the band started out, they made a deal that they would never play under the same name twice. They booked themselves under a different name for every show (tough to build name recognition that way). They thought it was clever until they played a festival (I think it was in Austin, TX) under the name "The Butthole Surfers" and got huge press. It was by far the largest crowd they had ever play for and the reviews all gave them huge press boasted that "The Butthole Surfers" stole the show. Suddenly they were forced to continue performing under the name "Butthole Surfers" to keep getting big gigs. They played a joke and the joke was on them, it stuck! Chris
Buzz's Marauderz Well, the lead singer Sam's nickname was Buzz. His parents always called him that and it was also on his birth certificate. Then, their lead guitar, Parker, found an open dictionary on the ground in his room. The word at the top of the page was "marauder". And I think you know what happened then. Parker
The Buzzcocks From the BBC2 comedy "Never Mind The Buzzcocks".  Amy
Buzzcocks Pete Shelley and Howard Devoto happened upon a review of "Rock Follies." The last phrase in the article was, "get a buzz, cock." Plasket
The Buzzcocks A buzzcock is a slang term for a vibrator. Shaun Mason
Buzzcocks Heard Pete Shelley explain on TV that the name came from the drug scene in Manchester at the time....."Can you feel the buzz Cock?", (Cock being slang term for mate),but have seen the other explanation in print, think it was in Product album sleave notes Steve
Buzzcocks Almost correct Plasket. The british TV series "Rock follies" had a character whose name I forget but who had a phrase which became almost a catchphrase "what's the Buzz cock?". This is why the review you referred to ended with the phrase you mention. It is an in joke. scoots
The Byrds The members of the group were thinking about something that had to do with flying, freedom... And then somebody suggested The Birds. As "bird" was at the time a British slang for "girl", they decided to change the spelling to "The Byrds". They told radio djs in the sixties that the change of letters had the purpose of confusing people. Itamar

Entries starting with B are split into multiple pages: 1 2 3 4 5

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