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Culture Club, Duran Duran, 'Til Tuesday, etc. All the words that make up a band name that start with the same letter is known as aliteration. Clearly one word band names are exempt from this list. If a band uses The as a proper part of their name, and the rest of the words don't start with a T, then it's disqualified too. Same for the letter A.

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Entries Beginning with W

Wah Wah
"Extreme Noise Pleasure" - 1994
Candy Welty
Wales Wallace
"A Love Like Mine" - 1972
Candy Welty
Walkin' Willie
"Did You Hear What I Say" - 1965
Candy Welty
Wally Whyton
"Leave Them A Flower"
Candy Welty
Wally Willette
"Blue Broken Heart"
Candy Welty
Wally Wilson
"The Hunt" - 1954
Candy Welty
Walter Wanderley
Had 1966 hit "Summer Samba (So Nice)"
Yvette Bristle
Walter Wilson
"Not Now But Later" - 1965
Candy Welty
Wanda Wayne
"These Three Little Words" - 1954
Candy Welty
Wanda West
"Kenny My Darling" - 1962
Candy Welty
Wanda Williams
"Someday We'll Be Together"
Candy Welty
Warm Wires
"I'm Soft" - 1996
Candy Welty
Warren Wiebe
"Voices That Care" - 1991
Warren Williams
"Like A Child" - 1971
Candy Welty
Was (Not Was)
Paul Bear
Water Water
"Still Real"
Candy Welty
Wayne Cochran & The CC Ryders
Wayne Walker
"It's My Way" - 1956
Candy Welty
Wayne Wonder
"I Need Someone"
Candy Welty
Wayne Worley
"Red Headed Woman" - 1961
Candy Welty
We Want War
"Nordic Myth" - 2003
Candy Welty
Webb Wilder
"Run With It" - 1991
Candy Welty
Wee Willie Walker
"There Goes My Used To Be" - 1967
Candy Welty
Weird Walker
"Railway" - 2009
Candy Welty
Well What
"Roadside Bar" - 1994
Candy Welty
Well! Well! Well!
"What Life's About" - 1986
Candy Welty
Wendell Watts
"You Girl" - 1969
Candy Welty
Wendy O. Williams
Plasmatics lead singer, committed suicide in 1998.
Wendy Waldman
Had 1978 hit "Long Hot Summer Nights"
Yvette Bristle
Wendy Wall
Wendy Wayne
"You're The Only One To Love Me" - 1972
Candy Welty
Wesley Willis
Todd W. Zimmerman
West Wall
"Tunnel Rat" - 2009
Candy Welty
Wet Weekend
"Champagne Secret" - 1996
Candy Welty
Wet Wet Wet
alliteration, is all around us,
Tenacious Lee
Wet Willy
Ava Murphy
White Wall
"Them And Us" - 1995
Candy Welty
White Wash
"Everywhere" - 1999
Candy Welty
White Willow
"Snowswept" - 2011
Candy Welty
Why Wait
"Amalgam" - 2006
Candy Welty
Wickedy Wak
"Billie's Bikie Boys" - 1969
Candy Welty
Wide Wail
"Help Wanted" - 1995
Candy Welty
Wilbert Walton Jr.
"24 Hours Of Loneliness" - 1968
Candy Welty
Wild Wally
"Twenty Flight Rock"
Candy Welty
Wild West
"Devil's Pass" - 2003
Candy Welty
Wild Wolf
"The Silent Voice" - 2007
Candy Welty
Willie Ward
"Be Mine" - 1959
Candy Welty
Willie West
"I Sleep With The Blues" - 1969
Candy Welty
Willie Williams
"I'm Through With You" - 1967
Candy Welty
Willie Wright
"Slowly Losing My Mind" - 1960
Candy Welty
Willis Wade
"Sitting Here Thinking" - 1966
Candy Welty
Willy Wiley
"Just Be Glad" - 1973
Candy Welty
Willy Willis
"San Antonio Rock" - 1960
Candy Welty
Wilson Williams
"Take Me The Way I Am" - 1978
Candy Welty
Wimple Winch
"What's Been Done" - 1966
Candy Welty
Win Win Winter
"Regret" - 2010
Candy Welty
Windy Weber
"Destroyed" - 2008
Candy Welty
Winkie Ware
"Big Big Woman" - 1964
Candy Welty
With These Words
Without Words
"Always And Forever" - 1995
Candy Welty
Wonder Whip
"Neuces Street" - 1995
Candy Welty
Wooden Wand
"Leave Your Perch" - 2004
Candy Welty
Wortham Watts
"Lonesome" - 1958
Candy Welty

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