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Culture Club, Duran Duran, 'Til Tuesday, etc. All the words that make up a band name that start with the same letter is known as aliteration. Clearly one word band names are exempt from this list. If a band uses The as a proper part of their name, and the rest of the words don't start with a T, then it's disqualified too. Same for the letter A.

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Entries Beginning with H

Hagood Hardy
"The Homecoming" - 1976
Candy Welty
Hal Hardy
"Tears Of Joy" - 1969
Candy Welty
Hal Hart
"Gone Like The Leaves In Autumn"
Candy Welty
Hal Hearn
"King Kemo" - 1962
Candy Welty
Hank Hodge
"One Way Love"
Candy Welty
Hannah Holland
"What You Feel" - 2009
Candy Welty
Happy Halloween
"I Try" - 1985
Candy Welty
Happy Hans
"Hapsburg Serenade" - 1961
Candy Welty
Happy Heads
"Rockin' Your World" - 1992
Candy Welty
Happy Hour
"Heavy Hour" - 1988
Candy Welty
Hardy Hard
"Here Comes That Sound" - 1998
Candy Welty
Harland Howard
"The Little Boy Who Follows Me" - 1971
Candy Welty
Harold Hopkins
"Glamour Girl" - 1964
Candy Welty
Harry Harrison
"May You Always" - 1965
Candy Welty
Harry Hepcat
"Gonna Slice You Baby"
Candy Welty
Hat Highness
"A Little Dizzy" - 2009
Candy Welty
Have Heart
Hawkshaw Hawkins
Courtney (about as bad as tennis elbow)
Hawthorne Heights
Head Honcho
"Waters Of Jericho" - 1995
Candy Welty
Heath Hampstead
"As Long As I Live" - 1970
Candy Welty
Heather Headley
Daryl Hannah Montana
Heather Horwood
"Goodbye, Jimmy, Goodbye" - 1959
Candy Welty
Helen Hamm
"All My Life"
Candy Welty
Helen Humes
"Please Let Me Forget"
Candy Welty
Henry Hill
"If You Love Me"
Candy Welty
Herb Hardesty
"Perdido Street" - 1961
Candy Welty
Herbie Hancock
Jazz piano great
Todd W. Zimmerman
Here Comes The Kracken
Herman Hupfeld
Salvador Dali Parton
Herman's Hermits
Hermon Hitson
"Yes You Did" - 1969
Candy Welty
The Hidden Hand
High Hats
"Where The Shadows Know My Name" - 2008
Candy Welty
High Headz
"Pfunky Tune" - 1998
Candy Welty
Hightide Hotel
"Childish" - 2010
Candy Welty
Hilltop Hoods
"Drinking From The Sun" - 2012
Candy Welty
Hilton Hammond
"Giving It Away"
Candy Welty
Hinda Hicks
"Up Up" - 2003
Candy Welty
Hit Happens
"Son Of A DJ" - 2007
Candy Welty
Hog Heaven
"Happy" - 1971
Candy Welty
Hopeless Homer
"New Way Rockin'" - 1957
Candy Welty
Horace Heller
"Ed's Place" - 1966
Candy Welty
Hot Hands
"Make Some Noise" - 1997
Candy Welty
Hot Hot Heat
Hothouse Flowers
British Bullcrap
Howard Hebert
"Everybody Knows" - 1961
Candy Welty
Howard Hewett
"Show Me" - 1990
Candy Welty
Howard Huntsberry
Hulk Hogan
"American Made" - 1995
Candy Welty
Hunter Hayes
"Storm Warning" - 2011
Candy Welty
Hurricane Harry
"Pennsylvania Blues" - 1956
Candy Welty

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