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Songs that mention television shows or movie names in their lyrics.

TV and Movies Mentioned in Lyrics, The Statler Brothers

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30th Anniversary Celebration album at
The Statler Brothers', "Do You Remember These?"
The Lyrics:
Saturday morning serials chapters 1 through 15,
Fly paper, penny loafers, Lucky Strike Green
. Flat tops, sock hops, Studebaker, Pepsi Please,
Ahh, do you remember these?
Cigar Bands, on your hand, your daddy's socks rolled down
. Sticks, snow floats and aviator caps with flaps that button down.
Movie stars on Dixie Cup tops, and knickers to your knees,
Ahh, do you remember these?
The Hit Parade, grape Tru-Aid, The Sadie Hawkins Dance,
Pedal pushers, duck tail hair and peggin' your pants.
Howdie-Doodie, Tutti-Frutti, the seam up the back of her hose,
Ahh, do you remember those?
James Dean, he was keen, Sunday movies were taboo,
The Senior Prom, Judy's mom, Rock-n-Roll was new.
Cracker Jack prize, stars in your eyes, as Daddy tore the keys,
Ahh, do you remember these? The boogey man, lemonade stands, takin' your tonsils out,
Hindenburg, -n- wait your turn, and 4 foul balls you're out.
Cigarette loads, -n- secret codes, -n- savin' lucky stars,
Can you remember back that far?
The boat neck shirts, and fender skirts and crinoline petticoats,
Mum's the word, and a dirty bird and a double root beer float.
Moon hub caps, and loud heel taps, and he's a real gone cat.
Ahh, do you remember that?
Dancin' close, little moron jokes, and cooties in her hair,
Captain Midnight, Ovaltine, and The Whip at the County Fair.
Charles Atlas Course, Roy Roger's Horse, and "only The Shadow knows"
Ahh, do you remember those?
Gable's charm, Frog in your arm, loud mufflers, pitchin' woo,
Going steady, Veronica and Betty, white bucks, and "Blue Suede Shoes"
Knock Knock jokes, and "Who's there?",
Dewey, Dewey who?;
Do we, do we remember these? Yes, we do
Ahh do we do we remember these?
"Your Hit Parade" (radio and television show in the '40s and '50s), "The Howdy Doody Show", "Captain Midnight" ('30s-'40s radio show"), "The Shadow" ('40s radio show made into movies)
Submitted by: Country
The Statler Brothers', "Flowers on the Wall"
The Lyrics:
Smoking cigarettes and watching Captain Kangaroo
Now don't tell me I've nothing to do
Captain Kangaroo
Submitted by: Martha Hankins
The Statler Brothers', "The Movies"
The Lyrics:
There's lots of things in this old world fancy cars and pretty girls
And something I like more than sunny skies
The grandest thing I've ever seen are
Pictures on a movie screen
Wolfman you're a fright alright but sure a sight for sore eyes
It's a world of kings and queens up there on that movie screen
It's a picnic Crossin' River Kwai
The movies are great medicine
Thank you Thomas Edison
For giving us the best years of our lives
Citizen Kane Caine Mutiny Mutiny on the Bounty
The Bounty Hunters and Hunters and the Sting
Thunder Road and Road to Rio Rio Grande and Grand Hotel
Tell them Willie Boy was here with bride of Frankenstein and Shane
I love anything that moves dancin' feet to horses hoofs
Payton Place to Dorothy's trip to Oz
Tom Mix to David Hedison thank you Thomas Edison
For giving us the best years of our lives
I love Captain Blood and Elmer Fudd and Charlie Chan
Ben Ben Hur The Way We Were True Grit and Music Man
Thunderball and Walking Tall and Jaws and Jesse James
Doctor No and Vertigo and Singing in the Rain singing in the rain
Blood and Sand and Santa Fe Dunaway and Gataway Mexicali Rose and Rose Marie
Blackboard Jungle Jungle Jim Jim Thorpe All American
An American In Paris Paris Blues Blue Hawaii
I'm Teacher's Pet on Ship of Fools the movies were my special school
I'm the Graduate of Twelve o'clock High
The movies are great medicine
I thank you Tommy Edison
For giving us the best years of our lives
One flew over the cuckoo's nest
The movies are the craziest
I'll be a movie nut until I die
The movies are great medicine
Thank you Tommy Edison
For giving us the best years of our lives (Roy Rogers)
You gave us the best years of our lives.
Sunny Skies, The Wolfman, Picnic, Bridge Over The River Kwai, The Best Years Of Our Lives, Citizen Kane, The Caine Mutiny, Mutiny On The Bounty, The Bounty Hunters, The Hunters, The Sting, Thunder Road, The Road To Rio, Rio Grande, Grand Hotel, Tell Them Willie Boy Was Here, Bride of Frankenstein, Shane, Peyton Place (sic), Captain Blood, Ben Hur, The Way We Were, True Grit, The Music Man, Thunderball, Walking Tall, Jaws, Jesse James, Dr. No, Vertigo, Singing In The Rain, Blood And Sand, Santa Fe, Getaway, Mexicali Rose, Blackboard Jungle, Jungle Jim, Jim Thorpe-All American, An American In Paris, Paris Blues, Blue Hawaii, Teacher's Pet, Ship Of Fools, The Graduate, Twelve O' Clock High, One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest (probably enough movies to build your own DVD library.)
Submitted by: Country
The Statler Brothers', "Whatever Happened To Randolph Scott?"
The Lyrics:
Everybody's trying to make a comment about our doubts and fears.
True Grit's the only movie i've really understood in years.
True Grit, starring John Wayne and Glen Campbell.
Submitted by: Bob

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