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Sometimes a song you hear for the first time, is innocent and sweet sounding. Then you listen closer to the lyrics, and realize it's talking about stuff you didn't realize. Double-entendres help disguise the filthiest of songs.

Dirty Songs You Didn't Know Were Dirty, Jason Mraz

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Jason Mraz's, "Butterfly"
The dirty Lyrics:
Doll I need to see you pull your knee socks up
Let me feel you up side, down slide, in slide, out slide, over here
Climb in my mouth now child
Why They're dirty:
This entire song is REALLY dirty and obviously about having sex, but these lyrics are the most unsubtle. SLIDE IN, SLIDE OUT. How much more obvious can that get???
Submitted by: hullaballo
Jason Mraz's, "Clockwatching"
The dirty Lyrics:
Who knew I’d come so fast?
So what if a two pump chump can’t last
But I made it to three
and I foreclosed a five-minute fantasy
Why They're dirty:
obviously talking about sex here...
Submitted by: mr A-Z
Jason Mraz's, "Forecast"
The dirty Lyrics:
Because the water is healthy for the roses in your cheeks
My well holds plenty for penny wishin' in your deep end.
Why They're dirty:
I knew this was dirty the first time I heard the song. I don't think he's refering to an actual well...
Submitted by: Emily
Jason Mraz's, "Geek In The Pink"
The dirty Lyrics:
She can get her toys out of the drawer then,
Cuz i I ain't commin' home!
Why They're dirty:
Do i really need to explain this one??
Submitted by: Her
Jason Mraz's, "Geek in the Pink"
The dirty Lyrics:
Well I can save you from unoriginal dum-dums
Who wouldn't care if you come.
Why They're dirty:
The first time I heard this song I knew that wasn't very subtle.
Submitted by: Emily
Jason Mraz's, "Geek in the Pink"
The dirty Lyrics:
Who wouldn't care if you com....plete them or not
Why They're dirty:
It's talking about guys who don't treat girls right.....and he holds of the "plete" part for a reason.
Submitted by: Jordin
Jason Mraz's, "Geek in the pink..."
The dirty Lyrics:
The title - geek in the pink...
Why They're dirty:
pink is a slang term for vagina (think two in the pink two in the stink) - therefore a geek in the pink would be a geek getting laid - I laugh because Jason is a dirty bird genius when it comes to double entendres - yet everyone thinks of pink shirts
Submitted by: Jennelle-Belle
Jason Mraz's, "I'll Do Anything"
The dirty Lyrics:
But this place is getting crowded
and my house is two blocks away
Or maybe closer
Why They're dirty:
Ah, the lovely pick up lines.
Submitted by: Samantha
Jason Mraz's, "O Lover"
The dirty Lyrics:
I love that smell on you, And I got your special place against this face for tasting too. And I like it natural, No need for chemicals. Sparkening up my senses You're making it sense You're calling it sexual. And you're going to get yours, my lady. Might even be today. And it ain't no thing 'cause I'll be rolling right along with you-woo-woo.
Why They're dirty:
yuh-huh The other day a friend told me she thought Jason's music was saccharine and I was like, yeah, you've never considered the lyrics. Cause dirty. That boy's dirty. And I like it. :)
Submitted by: Jo
Jason Mraz's, "Plane"
The dirty Lyrics:
Taste these teeth please
And undress me from the sweaters better hurry
Why They're dirty:
Not that hard to understand. First line is basically saying kiss me and second is well, undress me.
Submitted by: ew
Jason Mraz's, "Too Much Food"
The dirty Lyrics:
So I went to the see the doctor and he said 'turn my head and then cough'
I didn't listen to what he said, instead I couldn't wait to get off.
Why They're dirty:
It took me a while to think this was dirty, but then I realized that there's not really any other way to interpret them.
Submitted by: Emily

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