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Take a band name, and make an anagram out of it.

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Latest Entries

The 20 most recent entries are listed below. There are 33625 Band Name Anagrams entries on the site.

Doc Has Rose originally "Roscoe Dash"
May Ellen Jasper
Gnus, They Do Go originally "The Young Gods"
Karen Smith
Ted's Young Hog originally "The Young Gods"
Roxanne Drake
The Young Dogs originally "The Young Gods"
Carrie Overwood
Hot Pesto Pies originally "The Opposites"
Pizza pies, most likely.
K.N. Pepper
Pop Those Ties originally "The Opposites"
How could a tie of any form get popped?
K.N. Pepper
He Opposes ITT originally "The Opposites"
Some guy doesn't like a technical company?
K.N. Pepper
She Hid Man originally "She And Him"
Farlow Maitland
Yena originally "Enya"
Jilly Bean
Rich Bets originally "The Cribs"
A guy named Rich(ard) places a bet
Britches originally "The Cribs"
Mets originally "Mest"
Paula Bland
Manger Rights originally "Granger Smith"
Something only for baby jesus?
Sam In A Super Flurry originally "Super Furry Animals"
Karen Smith
Stem originally "Mest"
Megan Tereon
Southern N.Y. Art originally "Taryn Southern"
As in art of southern New York
Farlow Maitland
Mr. Jay Blige originally "Mary J. Blige"
Megan Tereon
As A Ray originally "Saraya"
Paula Bland
I Rock Jess A. originally "Jackie Ross"
Megan Tereon
Rosie Jacks originally "Jackie Ross"

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