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There are 51 parody covers of this album on this page.

Meet The Beatles Album Cover Parodies

The Beatles Meet The Beatles
The Beatles
The original...
  • 1966 Quartet Norwegian Wood: Beatles Classic
    1966 Quartet
    "Norwegian Wood: Beatles Classic"
    - Submitted by: Corky Carrel
  • Abbey Road Band meet the Abbey Road Band
    Abbey Road Band
    "meet the Abbey Road Band"
    - Submitted by: peter van doorm
  • Babes in Toyland The BBC John Peel Sessions 1990-92
    Babes in Toyland
    "The BBC John Peel Sessions 1990-92"
  • Badfinger Straight Up
    "Straight Up"
    - Submitted by: Corky Carrel
  • The Beatle Barkers (the Woofers and Tweeters Ensemble) Meet the Barkers!
    The Beatle Barkers (the Woofers and Tweeters Ensemble)
    "Meet the Barkers!"
  • The Beatles Meet The Beatles
    The Beatles
    "Meet The Beatles"
    - Submitted by: Gjarble
  • Benton & the Bentonites Meet The Bentonites
    Benton & the Bentonites
    "Meet The Bentonites"
  • The Biscuits Meet The Biscuits
    The Biscuits
    "Meet The Biscuits"
    A group known for their PBS television show who make country-flavored music for kids. - Submitted by: John Book
  • The Bradys With the Bradys
    The Bradys
    "With the Bradys"
    Family Snapshot ..... - Submitted by: JJB
  • Bread Best Of...
    "Best Of..."
    - Submitted by: Corky Carrel
  • Bítlavinafélagið Ennþá til sölu
    "Ennþá til sölu"
    Icelandic band, the album is from 1996 - Submitted by: Mik
  • The California Raisins Meet the Raisins!
    The California Raisins
    "Meet the Raisins!"
  • Chet Atkins Chet Atkins Picks on the Beatles,
    Chet Atkins
    "Chet Atkins Picks on the Beatles,"
    - Submitted by: Corky Carrel
  • Dr. Hook Sloppy Seconds
    Dr. Hook
    "Sloppy Seconds"
    Not exactly loveable looking mop-tops, but some fun music for sure. - Submitted by: Corky Carrel
  • Four Bitchin Babes Beyond Bitchin'
    Four Bitchin' Babes
    "Beyond Bitchin'"
  • Genesis Land of Confusion
    "Land of Confusion"
    Sleeve of the 12" featuring the puppets of Spitting Image. - Submitted by: Roel TIjskens
  • Genesis Land of Confusion
    "Land of Confusion"
    - Submitted by: Rijk Zandstra
  • Hollies Hollies
    - Submitted by: Corky Carrel
  • Joe Martin Joe Martin Swings the Beatles - Live
    Joe Martin
    "Joe Martin Swings the Beatles - Live"
    - Submitted by: Corky Carrel
  • King Crimson Red
    King Crimson
    - Submitted by: indigocat
  • Kiss Playlist Plus
    "Playlist Plus"
    big changes from KISS's debut - Submitted by: hoodwink19
  • Kiss Kiss
    Classic RN'R album! - Submitted by: hoodwink19
  • Laurence Juber LJ Plays the Beatles
    Laurence Juber
    "LJ Plays the Beatles"
  • Mystic Cheese Meet The Cheese
    Mystic Cheese
    "Meet The Cheese"
    An acoustic band mixing in elements of country and punk and anything else they can find, along with a sense of humor. - Submitted by: John Book
  • Nazz Open Our Eyes: The Anthology
    "Open Our Eyes: The Anthology"
  • Phil Keaggy (and friends) Phil Keaggy And Sundays Child
    Phil Keaggy (and friends)
    "Phil Keaggy And Sunday's Child"
    Christian album with vintage Beatles sound. - Submitted by: Tim Steinert
  • Poco Crazy Eyes
    "Crazy Eyes"
    - Submitted by: Corky Carrel
  • Poisoned Poisoned
    From 1985
  • Queens of The Stone Age Unplugged And Paralyzed
    Queens of The Stone Age
    "Unplugged And Paralyzed"
    - Submitted by: PompaduroTeddy
  • Rack, Shack & Benny Meet Rack, Shack & Benny
    Rack, Shack & Benny
    "Meet Rack, Shack & Benny"
    A "Christian parody" band - Submitted by: John Book
  • Ragtime Ramblers Meet the Ragtime Ramblers
    Ragtime Ramblers
    "Meet the Ragtime Ramblers"
  • The Redcoats Meet the Redcoats!
    The Redcoats
    "Meet the Redcoats!"
  • The Reekers Meet The Reekers
    The Reekers
    "Meet The Reekers"
    A compilation CD for a 60's garage band from the 1960's - Submitted by: John Book
  • The Residents Meet the Residents
    The Residents
    "Meet the Residents"
    - Submitted by: agrimorfee
  • Roogalator With The Roogalator
    "With The Roogalator"
    7 Inch 1976 on Stiff Records - Submitted by: Reinhard zur Heiden
  • The Rutles Meet The Rutles
    The Rutles
    "Meet The Rutles"
    Parody cover for a parody band.
  • Skank Cosmotron
    A brazilian rock band, influenced by Oasis, Beatles and ska music. - Submitted by: Claudio
  • The Smithereens Meet the Smithereens!
    The Smithereens
    "Meet the Smithereens!"
  • Spongetones Beat Spongetones
    "Beat Spongetones"
  • Stone City Band Out From The Shadow
    Stone City Band
    "Out From The Shadow"
    The backing band for funk star Rick James steps "out from the shadow" to create an album on their own. Released in the early 80's on Gordy. - Submitted by: John Book
  • The Supremes Something Special
    The Supremes
    "Something Special"
    And then there were three. - Submitted by: Corky Carrel
  • Utopia Deface the Music
    "Deface the Music"
  • Van Halen OU812
    Van Halen
    - Submitted by: Luis
  • Various Artists Meet the Beatlesque!
    Various Artists
    "Meet the Beatlesque!"
  • Various Artists Meet the Tenchi-Muyo!
    Various Artists
    "Meet the Tenchi-Muyo!"
  • Various Artists Buddha Lounge Tribute to the Beatles
    Various Artists
    "Buddha Lounge Tribute to the Beatles"
  • Various Artists Without The Beatles
    Various Artists
    "Without The Beatles"
    CD or LP with 7Inch
    Jarmusic Germany 1996 - Submitted by: Reinhard zur Heiden
  • The Verve A Northern Soul
    The Verve
    "A Northern Soul"
    - Submitted by: Thomas
  • Young Black Teenagers Young Black Teenagers
    Young Black Teenagers
    "Young Black Teenagers"
    - Submitted by: HeroNo7
  • Young Marble Giants Colossal Youth
    Young Marble Giants
    "Colossal Youth"
    I think that some of these are quite a stretch and not connected to the Beatles at all. - Submitted by: Fredricksbrooke
  • The ZomBeatles Meat The Zombeatles
    The ZomBeatles
    "Meat The Zombeatles"
    the Zombification of the Beatles is complete, and also available on iTunes - Submitted by: Gordon Ranney


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