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These are lyrics by Korn that we think are kind of gross.

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Korn - Greatest Hits, Vol. 1 album at
Korn's, "My Gift To You"
The Grossest Lyrics:
Your throat I'll take that
(can't you feel the pain)
then your eyes roll back
love racing through my veins and your heart stops beating
I kiss your lifeless skin
Why They're Gross:
It's a love song about his wife and their fetish of killing each other
Submitted by: steve
Korn's, "Trash"
The Grossest Lyrics:
How did it start?
Well, I dont know I just feel the craving
I see the flesh and it smells fresh
And it's just there for the taking
These little girls they make me feel so god damn exhilarated
I feel them up,
I can't give it up
Why They're Gross:
I'm sorry but anyone who sings about raping little girls, has a sick mind. They're not a particualry bad band, but a lot of the lyrics are distubing or just plain gross!
Submitted by: *Special Me
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