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These are lyrics by Jethro Tull that we think are kind of gross.

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Aqualung album at
Jethro Tull's, "Aqualung"
The Grossest Lyrics:
Leg hurting bad, as he bends to pick a dog-end
he goes down to the bog and warms his feet
Why They're Gross:
One of my fave songs (oldie, yes), but picking up dog ends (which I do everyday, Golden Retriever dog ends that is) is pretty gross and a sad way to start the day. Sure, they are warm, but the sensation only lasts for a few minutes. Better to warm your feet in a mucky smelly bog.

Correction: Dog-ends are British slang for the leftover portion of cigarettes ("butts" as we call them in the US). So, he's smoking leftover cigarettes people have dropped. I don't know which is grosser, the original interpretation or the correct one.

Submitted by: cool mom
Jethro Tull's, "Thick as a Brick"
The Grossest Lyrics:
My sperm's in the gutter,
my love's in the sink.
Why They're Gross:
The 'American Beauty' of its time...
Submitted by: PitchGlitch59
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