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I'm not talking about songs that have a dated sound (there's more than I could ever list). I'm referring to songs with a specific date or year in the lyrics, that are mentioned as the present or future. Like Prince's "1999" (which will not be played as much now that it's date has come and gone). These are songs for which the present or future they refer to, has come and gone. 1999 was the future in 1982, 1999 has now passed.

What I am NOT looking for, are songs like Bowling for Soup's "1985" which are written after the date they are talking about. This song is looking back, or written from the point of view of after the date mentioned.

We also accept lyrics that mention prices that are now dated, such as 10 cent pay phone calls. Lyrics that mention a persons age at the time and that person is now past said age, and lyrics that mentioned events that were current at the time of the song but have now passed are also accepted.

Basically anything that definitively dates a song by any means other than the way it "sounds". Words/phrases/singing styles or instruments that were used commonly in a time period but are no longer used that much today are not accepted.

Dated References, Dolly Parton

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Little Sparrow album at
Dolly Parton's, "Nine to Five"
The dated Lyrics:
(typewriter clicking and dinging in the background)
Why They're dated:
You would have to search far and wide nowadays to find an office that still uses typewriters.
Submitted by: Glenn
Dolly Parton's, "Straight Talk"
The dated Lyrics:
Straight talk, straight talk - there's nothing like the truth
Just tell me all your troubles -- pretend I'm Donahue
Why They're dated:
Phil Donahue's eponymous talk show went off the air in 1996 and he later hosted a political show also titled "Donahue" on MSNBC that went off the air in 2003.
Submitted by: Tarzan
Dolly Parton's, "Straight Talk"
The dated Lyrics:
Straight talk, straight talk - turn loose and let it go
You can tell me anything - just like on Oprah's show
Why They're dated:
Oprah's eponymous talk show went off the air in 2011.
Submitted by: Tarzan

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