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Song Parodies -> "It's The End of Healthcare as We Know it"

Original Song Title:

"It's The End of The World As We Know It"

Original Performer:


Parody Song Title:

"It's The End of Healthcare as We Know it"

Parody Written by:


The Lyrics

This is one hell of a difficult song to pace, so if there are any errors, I humbly beg indulgence. One explanatory note -- "deem and pass" was the unprecedented Senate maneuver that was used to get past the filibuster safeguard
That's good, was all based on a falsehood
Bribes and fakes, kickback state
Benny Nelson's not a saint

Product of a landslide, not a vote from Rep side
Proggs serve their own needs
Baggers screwed by Harry Reid
Lost seat of Kennedy; lie, no sale
Filibuster, can't muster 'cause "deemed pass", "deemed pass"
Law under fire, representing overreach, but the
Supremos are for hire, at Commerce Clause fight
Left is shocked and panicked
But a levy from the Bench does gets it off the hook
Team by team reporters, biased, dumb, Palace Guard
Laugh at dumb baggers, Heh. Then
Uh oh, lo-fos, electorate, thoughtless group
What'd they do, saved O-Care, screwed themselves
Dems serve their own needs, watching as red ink bleeds
Celebrate with rapture, The One's revered, damn the Right
Right, as vitriolic, terroristic, done, blight, spite, smite
Bitter clinging white

It's the end of healthcare as we know it
It's the end of health care as we know it
It's the end of healthcare as we know it
And I got fined

Round the clock, twenty hours, Ted Cruz filibuster power
Reads to them, hot damn, Dr Seuss, Eggs and Ham
Lock-stepping, unicorning, name-calling, "Tea-hading"
Every motive racist bait, insurance site incinerates
Pound the table, pound the keyboard, calm down, calm down
Watch log on crash, crashed, uh oh this means
Bum steer, glitch still here, rebooting, error still
A turn about, O's pledge in doubt, a tourniquet of lies
Offer him solutions, offer him alternatives
And he declines

It's the end of healthcare as we know it
It's the end of healthcare as we know it
It's the end of healthcare as we know it (I can't log on on my own)
And I'll get fined
I got fined
It's the end of healthcare as we know it (I can't keep Doc that I know)
It's the end of healthcare as we know it (I can't keep Doc that I know)
It's the end of healthcare as we know it (I can't keep Doc that I know)
And I got fined

The other night, Dems caught in lies, premiums have gone sky high
Presidency on line, lefties churn lies
Lunatic Grayson, Harry Reid and Nancy P
Statist Party, rate shock, damn, you
Socialist, way chaotic, O's bear trap
Right? Right!

It's the end of healthcare as we know it (Time to call lies on the O)
It's the end of healthcare as we know it (Time to call lies on the O)
It's the end of healthcare as we know it (Time to call lies on the O)
And I got fined

It's the end of healthcare as we know it .....
I got some assistance on this tune by a parodists named Groucho Marxist, mostly because the first stanza totally fried my Muse. Damn, that was hard

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Callmelennie - November 15, 2013 - Report this comment
"Socialist" in second to last line is supposed to be "socialistic". I'm sure that's the reason I got a "1" for pacing from my first rater. Thank you for your corrective feedback, Oh una-bombing troll, thou ..... I couldn't help but notice your rating was posted at around 5;00 AM, MST. No doubt you had to be back into your cave before the morning sun turned you to stone
Cave Dweller - November 15, 2013 - Report this comment
Actually, my reasoned 1-rating was delivered unto thee at about 6:00 A.M. Reactionary, Tea Party Time. I concede that your pleas for mercy, owing to technical difficulties, stayed my hand at 5 A.M. It took an hour before my candor won out.
Troll - November 15, 2013 - Report this comment
Face it: this would be a dull, right-wing, war-mongering, inept site if it weren't for the often bright, funny, and clever comments from "trolls." Bless them all. Too bad the conversation is interrupted by lousy subbings of lousy songs which are nothing but extreme capitalist propaganda.
Callmelennie - November 15, 2013 - Report this comment
If I'm a reactionary, I'm reacting to the fact that everything I've been saying about this abominable thing for the past three years is being vindicated in the most spectacular way imaginable. And you think you can still marginalize my side with the same tired insults you used to squelch us during the initial debate on this monstrosity?
You just mad - November 15, 2013 - Report this comment
'Cause Obama is black and successful. What can you say about his Repugnian white predecessors regarding healthcare? GW, his daddy, and Reagan? Nothing as they didn't give a rat's behind about obesity and the under insured! Reagan started all this gross materialism and super-sizing in the 1980s and look where it has gotten us folks. Bunch of fatties and healthcare fat cats! Clinton and the Democrats started this crusade and Obama got it into law. But Repugnians seldom care about the poor, the homeless, those of low middle class income that can't afford health insurance b/c they are too busy paying rent, bills, gas, and food. At last, someone speaks for them. And even if the Healthgov site is plagued by technical difficulties, one can always pick up a phone and call. Why are Repugnians so dang reactionary? Times, they be a changin', so get used to it. Here's a little quote for you Lennie, "The Devil gets more help from fanatics than fools!"
ray_sherman - November 15, 2013 - Report this comment
I know this might be off topic and not related to the song but I have been having a hard time finding a parody related to Mayor Rob Ford. This R.E.M. song could do the trick
Troll-B-Gone - November 15, 2013 - Report this comment
A great effort a funny song, good message delivered right on target. The fanatical fool above is obviously ignorant of the fact that the acorns you "phone" to "get" healthcare, have to use in order to complete enrollment and just a touch too stupid to have ever figured that out on its own.
Callmelennie - November 15, 2013 - Report this comment
Here's my response to those who insinuate racism because I oppose Obama. I actually despise both sides of his family equally. Let's see, his mother married a man who turned out to be a bigamist, then instantly left him. Then she abandons her own child to his grandparents. And O's grandfather was so disappointed that he didn't have a son, he cursed his own daughter with the first name of Stanley, which might provide a clue as to her flighty behaviour as an adult. Great guy ....... And over on his Kenyan side, Obama had a grandfather who was involved in the Mau Mau uprising (or so the Obamas claim) which terrorized other black Kenyans with some of the most horrific murders and mutilations that have been seen in the past 100 years. So yeah, call me racist for bringing that up
Center-Left - November 15, 2013 - Report this comment
Len's the man without a plan but still a Tea Party mannequin! Oh, and he claims he's NOT racist while slamming O's family that have nothing to do with healthcare reform. As for the other clown, Covered California seems to be operating just fine and you can call in. Guess that person was too lazy to look that up, although its been in the papers for weeks. Ignorance is bliss, so Len & Company are very happy even as their party disintegrates before their eyes. What next? Fatboy Christie for Prez in '16? Can't use failin' Palin nor 'titanium whine' Bachman :))
Disgusted - November 15, 2013 - Report this comment
What do you expect from cold, heartless Republicans that don't want healthcare reform in any form? They are content to support the rich pharmaceuticals, doctors, labs, the whole rotten and deeply flawed scam-ridden healthcare system. They wanna blame it on illegal immigrants and homeless people. That's why they lost in 2008 and 2012 and will lose again in 2016. Lack of interest in helping seniors, the poor/homeless, minorities, gays, and women but go out of their way to shelter the rich and corporate America. Money-grubbing soulless corrupt servants of Satan. At least Obama is trying to get healthcare reform. For the GOP it's not even on the agenda!
Callmelennie - November 15, 2013 - Report this comment
We lost in 2008 because of Healthcare? Stupid me, I thought maybe that world historic financial meltdown that exploded in the middle of the 2008 election had more to to do with it. And yes, Republicans have proposals that would bring down the cost of healthcare, and none of them have anything to do with creating mammoth new administrative costs, which is what Obamacare will do. How will this bring down costs. You want to slam doctors but what about our out of control legal system which imposes enormous malpractice insurance costs on pharma companies and doctors and forces them to order up every test in the book simply to protect themselves from malpractice suits. You want to cut costs, you might start there ....... You might also note that one of the themes that runs through the song is how Democrats and liberals demonized certain groups in order to squelch debate ... and isn't that exactly what every one of you commentators have been doing
Jonathan - November 15, 2013 - Report this comment
so if you oppose Obama that makes you a racist? well dang guess I'm a racist then... I wonder if this means I can't watch The Cosby Show or listen to Darius Rucker anymore? :S 5's
Anti-racist. - November 16, 2013 - Report this comment
By her own admission, we won't be rid of racism until Oprah Winfrey dies; also, every supporter of the racist Democrats and their document-forging Kenyan usurper illegally occupying the White House. This is the most racist regime in history.
What??? - November 16, 2013 - Report this comment
Oh God, here come the 'Birther' conspiracy theorists. Make up your minds people, is Obammy a racist or just a socialist? ;-)
Anti-Communist - November 16, 2013 - Report this comment
That's a false dichotomy, Buttcrack Hussein O'Hamas fellator. You and he are not only racists AND socialists, but forgers, traitors, and mass-murdering baby-butchering granny-beaters and child molesters as well. There is no crime against humanity that you and your usurper Stalinist Messiah (piss be upon him) have not committed in one form or another against the people of this country.
Buckwheat - November 16, 2013 - Report this comment
Big-O, he be the HNIC and that sho' 'nough get under the White Man's skin be he Democat or Repiglian! Pull ya po' selves up by ya bootstraps and get ready for another butt-whoopin' in 2014. Hillary gonna roast that pig-boy Christie in '16 or smoke that Cuban C-gar Rubio with votes. And I be gettin' ma welfare check all the same. Peace out, Muthaf*****s!!! Y'all need to chillax anyhow =8>)
Callmelennie - November 16, 2013 - Report this comment
Other than Jonathan, I disavow every other post that is supposedly "supporting" my position. Keep that deranged sh*t for someone else's thread
Birmingham Brown - November 16, 2013 - Report this comment
Y'all can blame yoself fo de frens y'all have, CML, settin de tone wid de mostest vishus an' screamin nuts parody ever wrote. I ain't readin no mo parodys. Dey scary. Folk here don't want dem two pickaninny gals messin up dere white house. I'se outta here. Feets, do yo stuff.
Hey, Buckwheat -- you Otay!
Callmelennie - November 17, 2013 - Report this comment
Let me just ask the troll phalanx that's been beseiging my thread a simple question. Did you not catch the lyrics, "Every motive racist bait" and "name-calling" That means that, instead of dealing with the arguments that we brought up, which have now been completely vindicated beyond our wildest dreams, the Democrats and the media chose to paint us as racists and lunatics. And so, what are you all doing to "prove" that my parody is "screaming nuts", as one of you so delicately put it. You're using race-baiting and name-calling just as my lyrics predicted you would .... Now, in a world where even a smidgeon of a shred of rationality prevails, you people have completely dis-credited yourselves. But of course you people don't live in that world
Really? - November 17, 2013 - Report this comment
You have not been vindicated at all, but openly condemned not only in America, but around the world for refusing to give up your moronic lost crusade against Obamacare.
Your party lost, pal, and proved to be puppets of your racist & fascist Tea Party cesspool of malcontents and political failures.
Bow to your God, Ted Cruz and his lunatic tantrums played out on the world stage.
Republicans are in downfall and will spin anything to try to save face. Obama got the upper hand, and the American public hates your GOP extremism.
Bet you won't pull that stunt again over default or else your party will fragment.
Boehner is an inept stooge who can't control his own House!
Big Daddy in Da House - November 17, 2013 - Report this comment
Len, you a crackhead KKKracker wit a track record of bashin' Arabs and Mexicans in yo politi-coward parodys. Think you do betta? Run for office B**ch! Call You and Yo Cohorts Whiney. If y'all had yo way we field Niggas would be back in da fields while da house Niggas be servin' po'k sandwiches to pot-bellied, cigar-smokin', Brandy-drinkin' slave owners that nightly be beddin' our women.
Callmelennie - November 17, 2013 - Report this comment
What parallel factual universe are you people living in? We haven't been vindicated, you say?. Just yesterday, the Chicago Tribune, one of the most liberal newspapers in the country and the newspaper of record in Obama's adopted home town has advocated that Obamacare be SCRAPPED!! Obviously, this illustrates how extreme Ted Cruz was when he asked for a one-year delay. Obama himself has illegally announced a one year delay in insurance plan cancellations; probably because the Congress just passed a bill holding Obama to his lie that "if you like your plan, you can keep it." That bill passed by a 261-157 margin, which once again illustrates how extreme Ted Cruz was when he also called for this very same thing in October. Your insinuations of right wing extremism don't hold up anymore, my trollish friends -- unless you're going to say that the Chicago Tribune is now a viper's nest of Tea-Party extremism. So I guess you'll just have to double down on the racist smears
Factuator - November 17, 2013 - Report this comment
Just stop, Lennie. During the shut-down and threat of the debt ceiling catastrophe the Republican demands for killing Obamacare or amending it utterly failed. So what if there are glitches with a system that has never been tried on this scale? Sh*t happens. And at least Obama came out in the open and apologized for the promise he made about keeping existing coverage- it is the insurance companies that are making the cancellations, not the Administration! The burden of healthcare for the uninsured in America costs Trillions of dollars over time and something had to be done about it as the legal workforce shrinks and the Entitlements grow with those retiring at a fast rate. The Democratic plan may not be the best, but it's a start which the Republicans seek to villify out of anger because they lost two elections and the Senate to Democrats and most likely will lose Governorships too in 2014 and another election loss in 2016 to Hillary Clinton or whomever the Democrats choose. Millions of sign ups did not happen on Day 1 because there weren't millions of requests to do so. The 267,000 flooded the system which is in place from Oct 1, 2013-March 31, 2014 (six months). And those on Medicare don't have to do anything if they already have Plans A/B and/or D. California even has its own version and is doing well which HAS been reported, but you choose to ignore anything postiive about ACA and make attacks against Obama directly. I'm willing to bet if GW Bush was President and the Republicans made the healthcare law that any attack against it would be in your terms "unpatriotic" or a conspiracy theory about foreign cyber-attacks on the system!!! That's the way you think and write. But not all of us are that dumb ;-)
Nostradamus - November 17, 2013 - Report this comment
Good message, Factuator. All that was missing was mention of the elephant in the room -- the country's ubiquitous racism, ranging from benign distaste to virulent, brick-wall opposition to a Black president, the latter extending to partially shutting down the Federal government and reacting with ill-concealed schadenfreude (look it up, Randy) to a software problem. Such behavior exists among the same older citizens (the majority of whom are Republican) who also cannot deal with equality under the law for homosexuals. This observation is not the playing of the race card; it's the joker in the deck.
What Oprah actually said was that racism certainly plays a part in the unified, disrespectful opposition to Obama the man. She went on to say that in order to further racial progress, “generations of people, older people, who were born and bred and marinated in it, in that prejudice and racism, . . . they just have to die.” Oprah did not include herself in that cohort.
Callmelennie - November 17, 2013 - Report this comment
Finally, someone who is least making some kind of cogent, fact based argument. So allow me to respond in kind. So what if there are glitches that are paralyzing a system that the Obama administration had three years to build? These glitches are occurring because there were no tests of the system of any kind prior to rollout, an unbelievable act of negligence. Other reasons have to do with the fact that the work for this system was farmed out based on family connections to Michelle Obama's family. And yet, you're placing your faith completely on the federal govt to run healthcare As for "sh*t happens!", I don't recall that attitude being used in Bush's favor when the relief for Katrina victims was delayed for three days. ..... As for cancellations, the insurance companies are forced to cancel because their plans no longer comply with ACA -- so nice try at blame-shifting. Wholesale cancellations are at the heart of the ACA project; it can't work unless millions of people are forced to pay much higher premiums for medical services they'll never need. Obama has known this from the start and has repeated this bald faced lie over and over. And so if Obama was truly regretful about this, he would have no problem with a complete do over, as is being advocated by his hometown newspaper. Doesn't that fact have meaning for you ..... And you think Democrats are going to benefit politically from all this? Then why did 39 Democratic Congressman just undercut Obama and ACA with this new "Keep your plan" bill. Are they doing this out of anger that Obama won the Presidency in 2008 and 2012? Or are they sensing that ACA is a disaster of historic proportions?
Nostradamus - November 18, 2013 - Report this comment
Lennie: Since you think that the effect of racism on Obamacare does not amount to a fact, I will illustrate my previous remarks, made on this and another thread, with fact-based cogency.
1. Rush Limbaugh, the sage of the radical conservatives, called the Affordable Care Act a civil rights bill that amounts to reparations. That is a blatantly racist statement.
2. Limbaugh has 14 million weekly listeners, and those listeners parrot him to millions of others.
3. According to ratings demographics, Limbaugh’s followers are an aging group of conservative white people in a country that is rapidly getting less white and more outraged at helping the poor and uninsured (read Blacks).
4. You hammer Obama's mixed-race, dysfunctional family as if he were somehow at fault. Instead, you should have congratulated the mulatto for overcoming early disadvantages. You give him credit for nothing, even though he is allegedly serving Bush's fourth term.
Get it? You can write negatively about the political trials and tribulations of ACA (without offering a plan of your own, except to scrap it), but in the end the racial zeitgeist is decisive.
Callmelennie - November 18, 2013 - Report this comment
I do not fault Obama for being raised in a dysfunctional family, but I will say that it did make him what he is -- which is a narcissist of the highest order, who will say and do anything, to include lying about the circumstances of his own mother's death, to get what he wants. He said repeatedly in his early campaigning for ACA that his mother, even as she was dying of cancer, had to fight her own health insurer for re-imbursement for her treatments. But in her book "A Singular Woman: The Untold Story of Barack Obama's Mother" author Janny Scott, a reporter from the New York Times (yet another cesspool of bitter white male Tea Party extremism I suppose) reveals that her insurer re-imbursed most of her expenses without argument. Her dispute was about disability insurance which has nothing to with ACA. This what the lyric "That's good' it started with a falsehood" is referring to. So I can understand why the uproar my song is causing -- as only an ultra-deranged extremist would be concerned about someone lying about their own mother's death, or that this might mean he's capable of lying about other things .... What possible response can any of you liberals have to this revelation , other than to continue with the grossest kind of character assasination
Michael Haltman - November 18, 2013 - Report this comment
Fantastic song! Keep up the great work!
Groucho Marxist - November 18, 2013 - Report this comment
Great Work Callmelennie As always factual, funny, and hard hitting... Sorry that your pitiful detractors can do little but show their own inability to defend the failure that is Obama and his namesake failure Obamacare but to claim racism...
Dave W. - December 01, 2013 - Report this comment
Excellent parody ..I love it..I just wish this was just a bad dream ....I like how you deal with Obama babies ..They sure cry a lot ..That load of crap they carry around really stinks to high Heaven...and burns 'em like Hell

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