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Song Parodies -> "Avril's Mouth's Dilated"

Original Song Title:


Original Performer:

Avril Lavigne

Parody Song Title:

"Avril's Mouth's Dilated"

Parody Written by:


The Lyrics

Stupid Poser. If you like Avril, I have just as much right to hate her.
Uh huh Uh huh
Avril's like this
uh huh uh huh
that's the way she is

Shut up, what you whining for?
Lay down, my head is getting sore
And if you could only let me be, you would see
I hate all your crappy songs
They won't be around for long
and i hate it when you wear a tie, and dress like a guy
because you're no punk, you smell like a skunk
you need help to write, you can't get it right
you can't play guitar, you will not go far to me
tell me

why'd you gotta go and make your mouth so dilated?
see the way you're
acting like you're such a wild child but in truth you're hated
life for you is:
you lie and you cry and you die and you take all those clothes and you turn them into
a money making scam
it's your fault your life's so complicated, yeah yeah yeah

makeup plastered on your face
hypocrite you're a disgrace
all you wear is what it's at you see
you're making me
laugh out when you try to pose
with your finger up your nose
you know you're not fooling anyone
you're way too dumb
because you're no punk, you smell like a skunk
you need help to write, you can't get it right
you can't play guitar, you will not go far to me
tell me

why'd you gotta go and make your mouth so dilated?
see the way you're
acting like you're such a wild child but in truth you're hated
life for you is:
you lie and you cry and you die and you take all those clothes and you turn them into
a money making scam
it's your fault your life's so complicated, yeah yeah yeah

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Rob - December 19, 2002 - Report this comment
Sarah I think I love you! I too HATE Avril Lavigne (Anal Latrine), I don't dislike her I TRULY HATE THE THING! She's every thing that is bad about music and entertainment, I saw here rip off Alanis along with Dursts boy's (who should have Courtney Love as their manager to help further exploit Kurt Cobain) on the Billbored Awards. I wished for some roided out Pro-Wrestler to come and clothesline that little cockroach but never got my wish. DIE AVRIL DIE! Thanks again Sarah, and have a nice day!
Raven - March 01, 2003 - Report this comment
Sara, I is lovin you!
Sarah - March 10, 2003 - Report this comment
actually cerise, it's quite easy to hate avril lavigne. if you didn't want your preferred singer insulted, you really shouldn't have visited a site that insults musicians
Jimmy J. - March 30, 2003 - Report this comment
It was a good parody, and I too hate Avril, even though I have the CD. It was good that someone who hated Avril came along, and maybe you should comment on that f%^)#@ stupid song "Distraction." Maybe you should tell her that if she "loves Avril" than go somewhere else.
cerise - April 07, 2003 - Report this comment
oh, shut up jimmy! tell someone who cares, like your girlfreind sarah!
Sarah - April 09, 2003 - Report this comment
ohhh very insulted i am. cerise, like i said, don't bother going on a site that insults musicians if you don't want your favourite singer insulted!!!!!
Jimmy J. - April 12, 2003 - Report this comment
Thank you for telling her.
Jimmy J. - April 12, 2003 - Report this comment
Listen cerise, if you do not like a good parody, I advise you to go someplace else. You said in your comment to "tell it to someone who cares, which was actually insulting yourself. You were the only one that didn't comment on the parody, which everybody else who had commented already did. So you were the only one that didn't care, you cared about my comment. I too, have that habit, but I don't go telling stupid insults like you. If this was a bad parody, people would have to say bad things about it. But it's a good parody and I was insulting something else I had seen on the site. If you think that you are insulting me on this song, you're sadly mistaken.
Taka - April 21, 2003 - Report this comment
Finally, someone who agrees with me! Avril is a skater wanna-be. My evidence? In "Complicated," she's presumably talking about a skater guy (or, as she loves to put it, sk8rboi) who is dressing like a prep, right? Well, I don't know about the messed up world SHE lives, in, but where I come from, you're more likely to see preps pretending to be skaters than the other way around. But hey, I guess if she sang about a prep pretending to be a skater, that would hit a little too close to home, right?
cerise a.k.a blue moon - April 22, 2003 - Report this comment
Wil U peeple shut up about Avril alredy!
Sarah - April 28, 2003 - Report this comment
Quite right, Taka. Another thing I noticed: Avril is against the whole preteen thing, but in Sk8er Boi, she's talking about 5 years from now, presumably 2002, and she's 18, so the sk8er boi must be about the same age, right? So 5 years before, he would be 13. Not dissing 13-yr-olds, I myself am that old, but - well, Avril seems to contradict herself a lot.
Sarah - June 02, 2003 - Report this comment
Wil U lern hao too spel pleez?
sk8erboi - June 05, 2003 - Report this comment
i would be a lot more pissed if you parodied 'im with you' as it is this one was pretty funny.
Marcel - June 21, 2003 - Report this comment
not funny
cerise a.k.a. red jackass - July 03, 2003 - Report this comment
Hao bout u lern too spel?
Mel - July 07, 2003 - Report this comment
Hey Sarah, This is an awesome parody. I hate Avril too.. I was practically rolling on the floor with laughter from this one :). Oh, and Cerise? She was being sarcastic and making fun of u. She knows how to spell, you half-witted, ditzy loser. Cyaz, and keep up the good work, Sarah.
anonymous avril fan - July 11, 2003 - Report this comment
this is a load of crap i think avrils music is good and if u don't then u don't have to listen to it.
Sarah - July 21, 2003 - Report this comment
Actually, if you read my other parodies, anonymous avril fan, you'd know that I actually like some of Avril's music. Thanks for the comments, Mel, hehehe... I've heard lots from Cerise and I have learned not to take anything she says to heart, seeing as how I can't understand it anyway.
Cerise - July 28, 2003 - Report this comment
Wat du u meen Sarah??
Frank - July 29, 2003 - Report this comment
Sarah keep up the good work, like avril says you wrote what you felt about her, to your complicated song. And Cerise people who actually hates avril comes here. Why are you here????
Cerise - August 04, 2003 - Report this comment
Stop makinng funn uv mi gurl!?!
Sarah - August 04, 2003 - Report this comment
Well, Cerise, until I see Avril with a collar around her neck and you dragging her around, I shall not stop making fun of this girl who is obviously not yours. This is the way I feel about Avril. Please don't say I'm inferior to you just because my opinion of Avril is different. And you really should learn how to spell.
Sarah - August 04, 2003 - Report this comment
And I 'meen' I can barely decode your almost illegible typing.
caz - August 09, 2003 - Report this comment
yo sarah howz it goin? avril sucks! nice parody!
Katie - August 13, 2003 - Report this comment
This totally rocks. Cerise, you need to learn to spell you idiot. I love this parody, great job :)
Lhyviathan - August 21, 2003 - Report this comment
This was a brilliant parody by a sharp and insightful mind. Sarah, I take my hat off to you.
Cerise - September 11, 2003 - Report this comment
U guys r just plane stupid Avril h8ers!
T.J. Spindler - September 11, 2003 - Report this comment
Cerise, I think you are so right!
T.J. Spindler - September 11, 2003 - Report this comment
NOT! ha ha! What do u think i am, an idiot? Avril sucks. Get a life Cerise.
Me Meg - October 17, 2003 - Report this comment
HAHA! That is soo funny.. But i love Avril. She is a good singer and she is not a poser of anyone, But you have you're opinion. -Meg
lizzie - November 08, 2003 - Report this comment
funny-but why waste soo much time hateing on other people? she tries, and if yyou play music you should know how bad it feels when everyone hates it. anyway give her a break-if you dont like her, why do you waste breath talking about her---or MAKEING A WEB-SITE about AVRIL? thats interesting, do you have a crush on her??!!??
Amphiaraus - December 15, 2003 - Report this comment
THIS IS FRIKIN HILARIOUS!!! hey i was wondering... could i use this for our school talent show? of course ill use ur name... (sarah) but if u dont want me to use ur parody i understand.... btw... thanx meg for not putting crap up even tho u like avril unlike SOME people *glares @ cerise* T_T
Sarah(this is another sarah,not the one that made the parody) - December 22, 2003 - Report this comment
Hey this is a hilarious parody, but i have to admit I do like Avril she is a good singer/songwriter/guitarist.And yes I do own her CD but I realize everyone has there own opinion so I'm not going post anything against other people's opinions like some people...*cough,cough*Cerise*cough,cough*>.<
Sarah - January 04, 2004 - Report this comment
Amphiaraus - go ahead, I don't mind at all. I'm glad you liked it that much. Ok, my opinions of Avril have changed, I do think she has a pretty voice, but I play guitar better than she does and I've only been playing for a year and a half, when she's supposedly been playing for 7 years... but yeah, I don't really care anymore if other people like her, to each their own.
brett - January 24, 2004 - Report this comment
sarah,u rock,avril sux cunt!r u really only 13?man thats really good for a 13 year old,i mean like im 13 yr old girl ad my songs suck!well bybyes and avril sux kill
anon - January 24, 2004 - Report this comment
Hey people, leave Avirl alone! She ain't done nothin' to you!
Bob - January 24, 2004 - Report this comment
Brett, how did that one get past the censors? Anon, chill out and get a sense of humor.
turkey - January 24, 2004 - Report this comment
I think Anon makes a fair observation.
Chris - February 27, 2004 - Report this comment
Great job on the parody! I read your parody, now how bout you read mine? "Come On Over" to the Shania Twain section and "Check It Out"
Pimp Juice *ha ha * - March 05, 2004 - Report this comment
Gr-8 job sarah i love your song Avil is such a huge poser!! gc kicks a**
avrilhater - April 11, 2004 - Report this comment
I really loved this parody. I hate Avril, as you can see by my name. She kind of brought back the whole punk look and i hate it. now the only thing claire's sells is Gothic aparrel. (sp) It was about time somebody wrote a good parody to complicated. And Sarah, right when I thought it was impossible, you revived my thoughts. Thanks!!!! Be back later. I guess. If I'm not on IM.
Whatever - June 14, 2004 - Report this comment
Yeah avril sux. I can't stand her. I still can't believe she insulted the only people who brought and probably will ever buy her CD. Or the fact that she insults other punx. Saying that she thinks she is. I mean, that's just something you don't do. 'Cause, usually, your fans are fans of other bands and if you insult that band, you're most likly gonna loose fans. Now, Avril ain't too bright is she. I'D SAY NOT!!!
Michael Pacholek - June 14, 2004 - Report this comment
If all you Avril-haters said such things about Bryan Adams, at least you'd finally be sticking it to a Canadian singer who deserves it. (The only thing that looks good on him... is a muzzle.) Avril will be making great music long after you've started hating someone else more talented than you are.
Scrawny Johnny - June 19, 2004 - Report this comment
Wow! This good of a parody written by a 13 yr. old? Well, I'm sure your more than likely 15 now, but still...that was an awesome parody! And the, it's like a war! Personally, I'm more of a heavy metal fan (Metallica, Megadeth, Pantera, etc...), but I do have Avril's CD. Funny thing is though, I've only listened to the first five songs and then got bored with it. I've never listened to the entire CD! But, I kinda like those first five, but ONLY when I'm not in such a heavy metal mood (which is rare). Anyways, whether anybody is an Avril fan or not, this a very well-paced and humorous parody from someone who shows parody talent at a young age.
Anneliese - August 02, 2004 - Report this comment
That is soooooo funny! i truly laughed out loud! Good jod! I hate avril. My friend and I did voodoo on her. hehehehehehe.......
~AuTuMn~ - October 16, 2004 - Report this comment
hey, i like avril but i also like this parody, i think its really funny! lol ~LaTeRz~
kels - February 16, 2005 - Report this comment
hey i love avril.....i reckon she the same time i think it's important for guys like sarah tosay that she sucks because everyone has the right to an opinion im sure if more kids new about how you were saying bad stuff bout avril more of em would come on the site and fight against it!
Leila Chan - September 05, 2005 - Report this comment
I'm with Cersie. If you idiots are gonna diss me and Cersie, then I'll talk about this girl who is 1: not a poser 2: a very good guitarist/singer/writer and 3: certainly not a punk, but she never said she was. I'll chat with Cersie, becuase she has a nice taste in music, unlike the rest of you dumb asses, on AIM. Cersie, AIM me at pilze6502. No AIM, e-mail a Hope to hear from ya! The rest of you. . .suck. When Sydney San hears about this, you are so dead. And just to show off my rebel type and maturity, I'll tell you that I am only ten. And lay Avril off already! I think she's got plenty to deal with without you guys. Really. Any other Avril-obsessions out there, contact me so I can feel like I'm not a freak. ^^;;
C.J. Spindler - September 06, 2005 - Report this comment
I echo anon's 1/24/04 comment.
Leila Chan - December 18, 2005 - Report this comment
Change of mind. I love Avril now.
ladybird_beetle - October 14, 2007 - Report this comment
nice parody! avril certainly is a stupid pop poser. Thank you sarah!
white trash - October 17, 2007 - Report this comment
good job sarah i should hang out with people like you do you have a myspace

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