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Song Parodies -> "Poser Grrl"

Original Song Title:

"Sk8er Boi"

Original Performer:

Avril Lavigne

Parody Song Title:

"Poser Grrl"

Parody Written by:

Jin Deluded

The Lyrics

I got some of the lines from one of the other parodies, I hope the author doesn't mind
She's Avril Lavigne
She's on MTV
Can I make it any more obvious?

She's not a punk
She can't really skate
What more can I say?

You worship her
Now I freely tell
For all I care she can go to hell

Me and my friends
Stuck up our nose
At the poser who wears punky clothes

Her name is Avril Lavigne
We'll tear up her magazines
Kick her ass after the show
She's got a pretty face
But that's just not the case
Pop singers couldn't be much worse

Can't write decent songs
Can't play guitar
And she dares call herself a star

I turn on TV
Only to see
Avril Lavigne fucking up MTV

I call up my band
They already know
We got to work writing this song

Now we're onstage
Rockin' out loud
While you Avril fans turn us down

She is a wannabe
Who is she trying to be?
I'll hang her with her own necktie
Now she's a super star, smashing up her guitar
Can't they see how little she's worth?

Sorry Avril but you missed out
Being punk is not about
Saying shit and making trends
This is where your career ends
Too bad that you couldn't see
Don't pose as what you can't be
There is more than meets the eye
Now take off that damn necktie

She's just a fake
And I'm just pissed off
Could anyone make me more nauseous?

We hate her guts
Haven't you heard
How she screwed the music world?

Her name is Avril Lavigne
We'll tear up her magazines
Kick her ass after the show
We'll be at the studio
Singing this song we wrote
About a poser we all know

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Farmer 5000 - December 02, 2002 - Report this comment
Hmmm, none too impressed with little Avril? Actually I think it's a breath of fresh air from the typical N-Sync and Britney lookalikes we keep getting. But fair's fair, a good parody none the less!
AmishJD - December 03, 2002 - Report this comment
you take some lines from an another parody without asking the person who wrote it, thats wrong if you ask me. poser grrl should have been about yourself. thats my opinion. BE ORIGINAL DON'T STEAL WITHOUT ASKING
Jin Deluded - December 05, 2002 - Report this comment
Dude, all I did was borrow the idea of some lines from that one parody. All I got from that was "Pop singers couldn't be much worse", "She is a wannabe" and "Can anyone make me more nauseous?". The rest, I wrote on my own. Is that so wrong? Stop being an uptight ass. Christ.
Bee - December 05, 2002 - Report this comment
hahah thats so funny, i was gonna write a parody about avril, but i don't think i couldn't do any better than yours? Have you recorded it? If you have i'd love to hear it! My emails send it to me if you do! thanks!
clairestephens - December 07, 2002 - Report this comment
dont hass avril alright all that stuff you wrote is total shit. ok, she's not posing, she's being who she is and is not going to be defined by stereotypes. her songs are awesome, compared to all that bubblegum pop and 80s covers we've been getting lately. all the other pop stars are just a face to make money and all she wants to do is have fun and send out her messages in songs.
dan - December 07, 2002 - Report this comment
dude this song rules!!! i hate avril and i hate anyone who likes her! ive been sayin she was a poser forever!!!!
Pieter (Netherlands) - December 07, 2002 - Report this comment
Yeah sure she's all she wants to do is have fun and send out her messages in songs. And monkeys might fly out of my butt (which is a pretty bad Wayne's World-rip off :)) Anyway... Avril sucks big time. She's absolutely NOT being "alternative" or whatever, just like all other punks... Don't get me wrong, I like punkrock too, but I wouldn't like to say I am punk or whatever... It's just some stupid thing to do, calling yourself "punk". Especially calling yourself "alternative" makes you a big morron since half of the world dresses that way. Either you're dressed punk (like Avril) or you just like to listen to punkrock music, or hey, perhaps you do both things! I don't care. I just get pissed off by these 14 years-old kids (I consider Avril one of them :)) trying to impress other kids: "Whoopedoo, well just watch me wearing baggy pants and listening to Slipknot." Actually, it doesn't matter if you like R&B, pop or punk; all people can be a pain in the ass when it comes to impressing others. I just can't stand it. Ergo: Don't "brat" about your musical taste, I really can't be bothered. Music is something one listens to, it's not about impressing others. Sorry for putting my "essay" here, I got a little carried away... :) Poseurs just piss me off! "Get a job!" ;-P (I didn't write this to attack someone on this 'message board', I just wrote what was on my mind)
Biki the Freaky - December 10, 2002 - Report this comment
I sort of like Avril, I sorta don't.... But either way, this is funny :-) I wonder if there are any other songs that diss popular singers...odd that I can't find any, there's bound to be hundreds of them. Maybe I'm just an ee-dyot. Power to your elbows! -Biki
Mel Kleindienst - December 16, 2002 - Report this comment
Oh, come on, mate... if you are really going to make a Parody about someone... at least consider the facts before you trash their scene. - SORRY it just sounded good
KittenVicious - December 18, 2002 - Report this comment
The flow's not all that great, and why would you waste your time to parody it? If you record it, she get royalties for the music, or she gets to sue the hell out of you. I actually wish there were more of those little Avril punks running around, because it's so great to bloody them up in the pit at real shows.
Heather - December 18, 2002 - Report this comment
How do you know if she's faking or not when YOU DON'T KNOW HER?! She may have been that way for her whole damn life for all you know. I hate when people say they "hate" famous people, because they can't back it up with a real reason for hatred. That's just plain dumb. Plus, her lyrics are great...I can always find a song that describes EXACTLY how I'm feeling at any given time, and it's pretty damn hard to match my feelings. ...anyway, don't assume without the facts...that's really annoying.
CrazySOB - December 20, 2002 - Report this comment
YEah, great parody. I hate Avril. She's such a poser. -Jess
halfmick - January 07, 2003 - Report this comment
excellent song, way 2 stick it 2 that damn poser. she should just admit shes pop. very tru and fun lyrics
jasmine - January 20, 2003 - Report this comment
That song you wrote was full of shit Avril totally rocks you dont know her THEN DONT JUDGE HER!!!!!!
Junior - January 21, 2003 - Report this comment
Just offering my friendly insight here. :-) Heather - apparently you haven't been doing your research on Avril :-P. Actually, I don't follow her either (not at all) but according to MuchMusic, ABC News, and MTV - Avril was a country singer, kareokeing (<-- hehe, I made up a word) to Shania Twain. Then, two years ago, she "decided" she wanted to "rock out". Although I find all this "She's a punk, he's a punk, no she's a poseur, no he's a poseur" quite annoying, her styles don't match up. Her music is pop-rock, her style is punk. It just doesn't cooperate. Jasmine - "Opinions are like (butt)holes...everybody has one." And mine is that Avril sucks, unless she would just admit to the whole world that she's not punk (yes, she did it once, I wanna see her do it again and again and again...). My personal opinion is that you should do what you wanna do, as long as it doesn't involve break a Commandment. :-P As an "inbetween", I think this whole punk revolution is rediculous. About half the non-punks at my school started wearing black clothes now with this whole thing going on. It's pretty pathetic hearing them talk about two bands - Nirvana (who is grunge, not punk, yet they dont realize it), and Good Charlotte - about how much they "rock". I am still a fan of Nirvana, but I havent listened to my CD of there's but once, maybe twice, since school started. I think the only song I listen to is "Territorial Pissings". Good Charlotte I practically hate now. They're first album wasnt that bad, but the new one hurts my ears it sucks so bad. I, for one, KNOW I am not a punk. I listen to punk, alternative, emo, ska, indie, rock (in general), hip-hop, rnb, and rap. I don't dress like a punk. I wear whatever. I have clothes from Old Navy, I have clothes (that look like they were from) Hot Topic. Do I care? No. I don't have to impress anyone except myelf, and The One Above Us. Peace out.
go to hell avril - February 02, 2003 - Report this comment
this parody was ok but not oscar winning or anything. the flow of the words arent great but over all it says just about everything i say to my friends. i listen to rap punk emo ska country rnb alternative and rock. i dont think im punk or black or gothic. i wear what i want but i dont pretend to be someone im not. anyways i agree with that person that wrote opinions are like butt holes everyone has one. that is so true. anyways avril sucks and she needs to die.
TripleXtC - February 28, 2003 - Report this comment
it was a funny parody! i liked it. and most of it was true. and for everyone who says that she IS punk needs to go look at the Grammys!! she was nominated for POP catagories. HELLO AVRIL! sure we all don't know her in person, but she contradicts herself CONSTANTLY. she's the worst bullshiter i have ever seen on national television. sure... she looks punk... but you know what? like Junior i wouldn't consider myself punk but a lot of my friends are[and they have been... long before you baby Avril worshipers came along] but they don't have to look punk ALL the time and CLAIM they are... they just... ARE. you don't become something just because a rich man from hollywood tells you that you are the starter of this new trend. Sorry Avril Lavigne lovers... you ARE wrong.. she IS posing... but i would too if i made the money she did! but i wouldn't lie about it. which she does. constantly. Lying to America... the world... isn't there a word for that?... yah... it's called LIFE IN PRISON! because America includes the government! treason Kiddies! anyhoo... i'm not saying that they'd send her for jail for it... but for breaking our ear drums... maybe. --xtc--
yoohoo - March 02, 2003 - Report this comment
hmm. mildy funny. read better :p but it's good enough, though. well, as long as she makes fun music... we can't do anything about it. it's what sells. oh well.
i luv benj's hair! - March 08, 2003 - Report this comment
woohoo!great parody,and ppl who comment saying avril isnt bubble gum pop,she f*cking says she made punk,riight.she made punk for sure.she doesnt even know how the sex pistolds are!!!!!!!!i mean how stupid can that be?!?!but w/e if u wanna argue wit me on that IM me on aim at Ox PuNk MuZiK Xo......yea but to all the ppl who hated on the parody,KISS MY @$$!!heh,n dont talk bout good charlotte like that!there great guys n i luv em,and avril says she's not punk but wears a pin that says "kiss me im punk."yea wuts dat supposed to mean huh?huh?huh?tell me!thats wut i thought!,ok wel this gettin to long so just IM me n ill make sum points to ya y she sux,niec parody!!!
hottopicfairy - April 09, 2003 - Report this comment
Nicely done,Heather
saunders - April 24, 2003 - Report this comment
i understand that u dont like her everyone has their own opinion i think she is totally cool but its my opinion. avril rox and u dont so theres no point dissin her leave her 2 her music and u can go and try and make music if its good and u get in the music industry then u will see how much hard work it is wivout people slaggin u off and avril just ignores all this so theres no point writin it she wont actually read it.
Goodboyo - April 24, 2003 - Report this comment
This is one lame ass parody, if you can call it that, at best. If Avril has at least one thing going for her that none of the other girls her age have going for them, its a little thing us big people like to call TALENT! She can ACTUALLY play a musical instrument, its called a guitar!! The only people that have even heard Avril's music and dont like it are over-the-hill uptight self righteous twats or itty bitty teeny bopper britney wanna bes with no talent or a face even a dog would adore. And if that wasnt enough, Avril CAN skate, only its called ICE skating, yes kids, thats right, Avril plays hockey with BOYS!!! And just to stick it to all you lame ass barbie dolls out there, not only is Avril HOTTER than britney, christina and any other tart you wanna throw in there, BUT SHES CANADIAN! and from some of us up here, those of you who dont like Avril can GET BENT!
TripleXtC - May 05, 2003 - Report this comment
um... no she cant play the guitar... okay she can strum a few chords... but i can do that too! but i dont claim i'm awsome at the guitar. and WHOO HOO!! she can play HOCKEY! first time on ice skates for me was EASY, i played hockey that day WITH BOYS. OMG! whats the deal? Boys... great... she can play with boys... doesnt mean shes good. and if she can, then she needs to be showing that off istead of trying to skateboard on her music videos -which she CANT do-. And goodboyo, the only good thing about Canada is it has hot guys... the girls like avril suck. i'm sure you have other nice things... but... sorry, i'm American. and if you can make statements that you use your country to support, then so can I. oh and Avril... ever seen her WITHOUT makeup? you can find pics i'm sure... she looks RATTY. and sound HORRIBLE on stage. so there. she has no talent, and that talent she may have she doesnt even USE, she lies, and is a hypocrite. okay? and most of that isn't my opinion... its a fact.
Kate Un-Heney - July 01, 2003 - Report this comment
*sigh* I'd just like to step in here - -I'm not a big fan of avril, but this parody is a bit of a cheap shot. Nonetheless, people can't just freak out while trying to stand up against this song when, in fact, she is NOT the only one who has parodies that critisise her attitudes or quality as an artist. For Jin, I think it would be a good idea to put down a premise of what you are setting out to do with the song--it IS pretty offensive to fans. If you simply wrote in your starting comments that it is just your own personal opinion of Avril and that you don't mean to offend her fans, then you'll get fewer complaints...this comments section is unecessarily long!! ~K~ 14
Woola - July 10, 2003 - Report this comment
hey hey hey...Avril may have a lot of fans but looks lyk she has the MOST amount of non fans too(whatever is the opposite of fans) SO lay offffff this guy ok? he has talent..and how come I haven't seen parodies of other authors????????????
kyleaie - August 31, 2003 - Report this comment
hahaha great!!!!!! i love it soooo true
Azmo66 - October 24, 2022 - Report this comment
I can't stand Avril Lavigne, but this was dumb. Not funny, not clever, just dumb. It's almost as bad as the Actual Avril Lavigne. Leave the parodies to Weird Al.

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