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Albums aren't only known for their artwork, they can also be well known for an iconic piece of artwork that adorns the cover. Here at amIright, we're not content with parodying just the music and lyrics of songs, we need the whole package! So we've begun replacing the artwork on the various artist summary pages with new album covers submitted by visitors to the site.

The first image on the page is for Mr. Big - Lean Into It, followed by the original. Also check out the most recent parody covers submitted to the site.

Album Cover Parody

Album cover parody of Lean Into It by Mr. Big
Original album cover of Lean Into It by Mr. Big
Comments: Submitted by: White Rose

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Eye Remember Now - May 14, 2014 - Report this comment
Would you rather have Dumbya give us BOHICA again, and keep telling us to "stay the course" in a worthless money-sucking war against some tinhorn sand bandit? The economy almost collapsed when he exited the White House. Obama is no "messiah" but he's trying to get the train back on the track (I said "try"). Also, I saw Mr. Big open for RUSH (Canada's finest export today) and Mr. Big was the worst band I'd ever seen at that time. Nonetheless, your parody album art is very well done.
Yew Don't Remember Shiite - May 14, 2014 - Report this comment
Would you rather have Hussein the illegal White House occupier give us even more BOHICA, and keep telling us to "stay the course" in several worthless money-sucking undeclared and unauthorized wars against purely imaginary leftard phantoms such as Anthropogenic Global Warming and the War Against Women? The economy has never recovered from all the subprime shenanigans of this criminal Kenyan Commie and his Commiecrat cronies since the day he first illegally occupied the White House. It's he and the other parasites who caused this train wreck, and he and they who must all be purged and punished for betraying their country before we can even begin to rebuild from the ruins they've left in their wake.
House of Saud - May 14, 2014 - Report this comment
Y'know, I kind of thought this was about the roll-out of your affirmative-action hire's worthless money-sucking disastrous new Health Carelessness program... although I can see how it applies more broadly to how he's treated the rest of the country as well.
Eye Remember Now - May 15, 2014 - Report this comment
Obama inherited the money-sucking wars. Global warming is a real problem, look at the Arctic. Oil is spilling everywhere and ruining wildlife. Some scientists were paid by Dumbya's administration to lie for them and deny it. If Obama were a Commie America would be Communist by now, or at least on track. You need to read a book and not that Rubbish Limberger pulp either. Communism is an ideology based on positive roots but twisted up and distorted into a horrible monster. Obama's dad was a Kenyan but Barack II was born in Hawaii (I admit, I was astounded by that tidbit too). As for a War on Women, when will they all get maternity leave w/ pay (to give birth to people like me and YOU) and get equal pay? As for this train wreck it's been happening for a long time, it's just that America has been watching the drama of War on TV 24/7 - hey! Kick some Arab ass! - Janet's BoobGate ("wardrobe malfunction"), Paris Hilton, T & A, music + movie star worship, and beating its meat. It's a sad decline. As for "Shiite", that's a Muslim denomination that has a bad rep because of Iran's totalitarian regime.
Yew Don't Remember Shiite - May 18, 2014 - Report this comment
Hussein didn't inherit Libya, or Yemen, or any of the other places where he's been wasting boatloads of money firing missiles up camel's butts. Anthropogenic "Climate Change" (formerly known as Anthropogenic "Global Warming" and "Global Cooling" before that) is a purely imaginary problem: just look at all that increasing ice in the Arctic--and the burgeoning polar bear population. Some overpaid quacks from the Marxist indoctrination centers known as universities have been making huge money from this Kenyan fraud in the White House paying them to lie and touting their eco-fascist "solutions" to this non-existent problem which (naturally!) always have to do with increasing government control and curtailing of our Constitutional liberties.

Hussein is a Commie, and a Nazi, AND an Islamist all at once--religious and ideological syncretism are quite common in sociopaths due to what one might call their moral flexibility. If our country's not full-blown Communist yet, it certainly hasn't been for lack of trying on his part; it's certainly most of the way to being like the Euro-Commie welfare state hellholes whose repressive governments he admires. You need to learn how to read, period--all that far-left Hollywood garbage and alphabet soup television you've been watching has obviously been rotting your brains. Communism in all its forms (Marxist, Maoist, Gramscian, and Trotskyism) is an evil godless religion entirely based on the inherently monstrous and idiotic belief shared by so many other socialist fools that the price of ANYTHING can somehow be made to be anything other than what people are willing to give for it; and practically every Democrat believes this. Between Hussein's blatantly forged documents and stolen Social Security number, his constant stonewalling, and the ever-shifting-ever-conflicting stories of his less-than-reliable friends and media allies over the years, about the only thing that's certain is that he's covering up his ineligibility for his position; certainly, there's absolutely zero proof that he was actually born in Hawaii.

As for a War on Women, the only place there is one is in the White House (where the women get less pay than the men) and maybe the New York Slimes--everywhere else, there's a "mancession" on, in case you haven't heard, and neither sex can find a decent-paying job. Kind of difficult to care about equal pay when you're both equally being paid nada, capiche? If there ever were a War on Women, the women would win, just as poverty won the Democrats' huge money-sucking War on Poverty, and drugs are currently winning the War on Drugs. You want a look back to the origins of this train wreck, you'd have to go back to Bill Clinton, LBJ, Kennedy--heck, we could go as far back as Woodrow Wilson. Of course, you hypocrites have always been fine with worthless money-sucking wars and economic train wrecks as long as it was a Democrat perpetrating them, haven't you? You caused these messes, and you are clearly too evil, stupid, and incompetent to do anything but make them worse, so the only way we can possibly hope to clean them up is to have you parasitic treasonous scum and your failed state Messiahs swept out and replaced with humble and productive patriots, one way or another.
Politico - May 19, 2014 - Report this comment
Somehow I have this nauseating feeling that our resident political cretin Callmelennie is enjoying this verbal left-right exercise in futility as purely pleasurable. Misery loves company, especially amongst the mentally ill conspiracy raving lunatics and hate mongers above. Both sides need psychiatric help.

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