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Albums aren't only known for their artwork, they can also be well known for an iconic piece of artwork that adorns the cover. Here at amIright, we're not content with parodying just the music and lyrics of songs, we need the whole package! So we've begun replacing the artwork on the various artist summary pages with new album covers submitted by visitors to the site.

The first image on the page is for Bush - The Best of '94 - '99, followed by the original. Also check out the most recent parody covers submitted to the site.

Album Cover Parody

Album cover parody of The Best of '94 - '99 by Bush
Original album cover of The Best of '94 - '99 by Bush
Comments: Oh, the good old days. Submitted by: Conteptuous Crackpot

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Contemptuous Crackpot - October 21, 2006 - Report this comment
Hmm...on one hand, I did not do this one because I would have at LEAST spelled my name right. On the other hand, I like what it says. Whomever used my name in vain on this one, I like your style!
The best part of 2001 to present: - October 21, 2006 - Report this comment
No BJ Clinton!
dude - October 22, 2006 - Report this comment
Are you saying a pointless war costing the US trillions of dollars is a better alternative to someone having consenual sex? I guess you're just jealous you didn't get a BJ too.
up your dude - October 23, 2006 - Report this comment
So, you're saying trying to distract everyone from your sex scandals by pointlessly bombing innocent Iraqis and firing missiles up camel's butts in response to terrorist attacks is fine as long as you're a Dimocrat?

I'd say destroying a genocidal dictator (known murderer of millions of his own people) with known terrorist ties (to both Iran and Osama bin Laden) and tying up all his terrorist buddies in a giant cockroach hotel such as Iraq has a lot of point to it. I'd also say that you don't really give a damn about any of the DNC talking points you're spewing and that if Clinton were doing the exact same thing as Bush is now, you'd be ecstatic about supporting the war.

By the way, heard about the NYT's recent retraction of all that crap it said about Bush and the NSF three months ago? No, of course you haven't. Traitors never put any admissions that they lied and that Bush was telling the truth on the front page, after all. Bush keeps being found to be right about practically everything... several months after your lies have done their damage. Screw you, traitor.
dude - October 23, 2006 - Report this comment
millions? try 100,000 by Saddam's hand. 600,000 by Bush. If I were an Iraqi I'd take Saddam over Bush any day. Bush is right? right-wing nutcase maybe, but correct? never.
MrMacphisto - October 23, 2006 - Report this comment
Bush sucks, but Saddam sucks more... Then again, Iraq was pretty pointless. Bush should've just stuck with Afghanistan...
up your dude - October 24, 2006 - Report this comment
Still citing those fraudulent statistics, huh, dude? Shouldn't you be chaining yourself to a fence at a pro-terrorist rally somwehre? Or going on some 9/11 truther site to tell us all that 9/11 was an inside job and Bush has somehow paid off all the five million people or so who would have to have been involved in it? Or breathing out conspiracy theories at some fever swamp like DU about how Bush somehow used his mind-control rays on judges and voters and "stole" both his elections?

You didn't even check to see whether those far left nutcases at the NYT had issued the retraction I mentioned, did you? Well, the fact is they did, just as the fact is that all terrorists and half of Americans agree that Iraq is the pivotal battle in the whole war on terrorism. Another fact is that translated documents from Saddam's archives keep revealing more and more of his intimate relationship with the terrorists who attacked us on 9/11. As always, Bush turns out to be right even about claims your kind attributed to him that he never made, while everything you moonbats say turns out to be lies, delusions, and just plain delirium.

Like all Bush-hating lunatics, though, you'll never let any facts get in the way of your deranged fantasies, will you? South Park had it right: at least 1/4 of the population is retarded, and apparently you are in that quarter. Fortunately, people like you tend not to reproduce, so--by one means or another--we'll be rid of you soon enough.
Far right nut cases are no better - October 24, 2006 - Report this comment
Up your're mixing up your ponderables and making no sense! I'd advise you think about the 9/11 thing REALLY CAREFULLY! That's right, whether you want to believe Bush & party were behind it or not, you have to admit the official story doesn't add up right at all! If a plane crashes into the TOP of a skyscraper, how does it (IMMEDIATELY and WITHIN MERE MINUTES) melt the BASEMENT?!? This isn't about Conservative or liberal. It's about globalists! True conservatives AND liberals alike should be aware of this!

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