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Song Parodies -> "Teddy Kennedy - The Conscious of the Liberals"

Original Song Title:

"The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia"

Original Performer:

Vicki Lawrence

Parody Song Title:

"Teddy Kennedy - The Conscious of the Liberals"

Parody Written by:

Linda Terhune

The Lyrics

On the way home from Chappaquidick
With a crowd all night & this chick
He drove her away a bit drunk but he'd sure get him some
"The that's too fast Ted, please go slow"
Straighten the wheel, Oh God Oh No"!
They drove off the bridge and into the water below
They were both alive when the car came to rest
Out through the window - he swam his best
It wasn't too deep - but she couldn't swim worth a lick
In the car on the river's bed
left all alone, she soon was dead
Thinkin 'bout HIS future, Teddy just ran away


That's the man called the conscious of the liberals
That's the one that they named their party's good man
Dont' trust your country with no bitter dying party
Who's conscious is a man w/ bloodstains on his hands

Leaving her to die and save himself
He was fixed all up with his families wealth
Like when
His high school failures made college impossible for him
Parties and poor grades in college too
School said, "No more fails or you're through"
And with all his finals coming up, what could Teddy do?
Found this kid - a college brain
Said, "I'll fail Spanish, to my families disdain"!
Had the boy take his final - a good grade he'd make
And turning in the test the professor swore
"Hey kid you're not Kennedy and once more,
Cheaters will not mock this school you both have to go"

This Massachusetts man - senator clown
Spent life drinkin, cheatin, playin around
And bitter that John made president - and he couldn't do it

When Teddy says guilty, there is no trial
Runs good families to the ground with a smile
And says
"Trusts overseas are illegal, but not when I do it"


That's the man called the conscious of the liberals
That's the one that they named their party's good man
Dont' trust your country with no bitter drying party
Who's conscious is a man w/ bloodstains on his hands.

Well if you don't know he's an oil tycoon
Charges the same as big oils do
Even though the wells don't have import costs
And land for the wells - 'stolen' from black men
And this lying cheat has trust money to spend
He keeps it in Fiji just like he says cheaters do


That's the man called the conscious of the liberals
That's the one that they named their party's good man
Dont' trust your country with no bitter drying party
Who's conscious is a man w/ bloodstains on his hands.

That drunk old man's an icon to the liberals!
That man who cheats on taxes - cheats you too
You can't trust this man or his desperate dying party
Especially this group with w/ bloodstains on their hands

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Illiterisee - January 11, 2006 - Report this comment
Conscious? I think the word you're grasping for is "conscience."
Michael Pacholek - January 11, 2006 - Report this comment
Which, of course, begs the question... Who's the concsience of the conservatives? It can't be Georgie Bush, and as that stupid pretzel excuse proves, he ain't their "conscious," either. And by the way, this was another poorly-written, poorly-constructed, poorly-rhymed parody. And Newt Gingrich and Henry Hyde are still fatter than Ted Kennedy, the greatest Senator of the last 150 years. And was it Teddy or Georgie who was convicted of drunk driving? Give it up, Linda: You're no Ann Coulter, and she's no Kate O'Bierne.
Immoral Liberal - January 11, 2006 - Report this comment
How many innocent people have died because of Dubya's unjust war? Shouldn't we be talking about current events - like the Republican Culture of Corruption? Oh, were you semi-conscious when you wrote this?
Ahwhaa - January 11, 2006 - Report this comment
How many innocent people have died because of Democrats' "peace in our time" schemes? (Hint: tens of millions.) Shouldn't we be talking about current events - like the 40 out of 45 Democrat Senators who took money from Abramoff and his cronies and the 68% of the public that agrees with Bush that the NSA program should be continued (read Rassmussen, you AP-Ipsos whores), and those New York Slimes leaker traitors who're about to go to jail for their crimes? Or was Idiot Liberal just being a mindless jackass as usual? Yea, there is no DUmbshit like Michael and carol is his affirmation whore. Blow up your TV, throw away your paper, and start reading Powerline and Instapundit, you fossils.
Immoral Liberal - January 11, 2006 - Report this comment
Ahwhaa - you can't talk Abramoff without talking Republicans. Is Tom Delay in jail yet? How is it that a great president is impeached for having consensual sex with a woman but someone who may go down in history as the worst president ever - stealing a presidential election and starting an unjust war (based on lies) resulting in the deaths of tens of thousands of people continues to "lead" the country? Could it be, oh I don't know - KOOL AID? To quote David Letterman cutting down your mentor Bill O'Reilly - "I think that 60% of what you say is just crap." Enjoy your time now cry baby because your own Republican Culture of Corruption is taking you down.
carol - January 11, 2006 - Report this comment
good god this is the year 2006, we are dealing with unauthorized spying, reauthorization of the UNpatriot act, illegal war declared on Iraq and soon Iran, and this is what you come up with???
Immoral Liberal - January 11, 2006 - Report this comment
It's all smoke and mirrors, carol. Remember, if you're not with them, you're against them. Their excuse for wire tapping is "if you're not doing anything, you have nothing to worry about." Do you remember President Nixon? And the Republican Culture of Corruption marches on.
carol - January 11, 2006 - Report this comment
I know you're right IM, but her stupidity and blatant idiocy is astounding.
Jethro Tull - January 12, 2006 - Report this comment
It's called, "Living In The Past", carol. One of our better tunes, by the way.
Michael Pacholek - January 12, 2006 - Report this comment
Rasmussen? Wasn't that the poll that had Bush beating Gore 49 to 42 percent on November 7, right before Gore beat Bush 49 to 48? This Ahwhaa character probably thinks the New York Post and Newsmax are reputable journalistic sources. On the other hand, if Letterman thinks 60 percent of what O'Reilly says is crap, then he's clearly not paying attention to the other 40 percent!
Linda - January 22, 2006 - Report this comment
Illiterisee -- - You know what, you are right about that! But if you think about it, both terms fit! Thank you for taking the time to point that out, what a great comment it was too, I should have noticed it -I am scum! I have one for you too; did you realize that the word grasping technically is either an adjective that means "greedy or selfish" or a noun with two separate other meanings? I bet not since adding the 'ing' you assumed it would remain a verb and stick with it's org. meaning, (that's an easy mistake you prob. picked up from listening more to people who do not know any better and less to your school teachers - oh well). Now then, does that make you feel good inside today genius? Can you 'grasp' (verb) that one dear?
Linda - January 22, 2006 - Report this comment
Michael Pacholek ---- Nah, I read it, wrote it and thought about it and it really doesn’t ‘beg the question’ at all. It’s more of a statement of fact, as he is named that by his peers. So, sorry, not a beg there to be found, (even though I understand how desperately you need to be right all the time, you are simply wrong here). ............................ . Your diverting the subject away from one of the most hypocritical, treasonous, negative, double-standards king " horrid old man Kennedy, is severely weak. I am worried that your defensive attacks when faced with truth you do not like, are only getting worse with time, as if you are growing more stupid than more wise. You may be a little on the “over the top” obsessive brainwashed sick souls who thrive on this stuff all the time, (that or perhaps you have some brain tumor and should see a doctor soon, really, it’s almost as if you lost another five or six years of adult life in one response! ,,,,,,, , , I mean, come on Michael, you sound as if you are in the fifth grade and plugging your ears to a kid on the playground and you are humming ‘nah nah nah nah nah, I can’t hear you” with that response, (and most I have seen are like that too). Are you losing all your marbles to this stuff, I didn’t think you had many left to spare, now it’s even more apparent! “Newt is fatter, whine whine whine… “My senator is the best in 150 years because I know everything in the world that is true for every moment the world ‘was’”, and your rhymes are poor and so is your construction and writing” whine sniff whine, “and then there is the pretzel evidence, yeah, that’s the truth right there, the pretzel lie” sniff whine some more, “and you ‘ain’t’ ann coulter” and whine whine “Hyde is fatter” bitch-whine, “and I say so because I am the king of the right knowledge and I own this place, so there, how’d you like them really soar apples?” -- You are a card to be sure, hysterical little mad man you! . ...... . And seriously Michael, did you have some brain trauma that led you to think that I suddenly cared what your little pretzel proving jaded ‘less than honest’ as usual self thinks about my parody songs? ==================== . Did you think that some how I suddenly need or want the egocentric know-it-all, (without a clue), obsessed, immature, attention and approval seeking little minded boy telling me what he thinks about my stuff? It is very clear that you have a severe narcissistic personality disorder and your emotional state is very much shaky. So I seriously think that there are not a whole lot of times I am going to go to you for advice, well, never is more like it and I thought you knew that too. Gosh, I have obviously given you way more credit than you can live up to your entire life, you freak. I know I rhymed, I know I counted the counts and checked all the lines at least twice or more and the writing is adult, which ou can’t even claim that much (the adult part) for the sorry slobbering pliical parodys you attempt! ........ . .And the low scores you democrat groupies put in the score box, they are fine just like that, keep it up! All the ‘ones’ that your negatives, loser party want to give me, go for it. There is nothing better than first hand knowledge of the true democrat in action, nothing better than documented bitterness and revenge " people hate that and your party has loads of it for us to share!
Linda - January 22, 2006 - Report this comment
"""""Immoral Liberal - writes; " How many innocent people have died because of Dubya's unjust war? Shouldn't we be talking about current events - like the Republican Culture of Corruption? Oh, were you semi-conscious when you wrote this?"""" ... .... .... . Yawn to you little bore! Infantile redundancy must be your very favorite hobby, right? So I'll enduldge by asking you how many millions of innocent babies have you killed with your votes? Or how about his one, "how come you use the demoncrat's 2003/2004 playbook of nasty hateful comments still, are you that far behind the facts, did you enjoy them so much but it took up until recently that you were able to memorize them due to your twisted little remedial mind and you just now are getting the personal joy of posting them, (as if we have not heard them and you are some clever original ) ..... . .... . And no, we should be talking about what the song is about, not deflecting and turning the tables to feed your seriously starved ego that protects your pathetic self from your huge pride problems. Grab a therapist for your issues, don't attempt to resolve them by handing me a bunch of old songs and dances - I am not here to support idiots like yourself. ............ .. And as for your last 'question' / attempt at sarcasim to make yourself look lke a big shot with at least some real point to offer; my answer is "no, ares man, I was not semi-"conscious" when I I wrote it! What's wrong with you anyway, did your mommy accidently feed you draino for a few years or what?
linda - January 22, 2006 - Report this comment
And in case your slow mental capabilities are keeping you from realizing reality and so stuck on stupid for a lifetime, here is the truth; Clinton was not impeached for having an adulteries affair (his FORTH in public office), and not impeached for showing our children that it’s okay to have affairs " even presidents do, and they are still admired for notching done of any merit! He was impeached for being a friggin LIAR, which he still is, and more than likely is still committing adultery too! He got on TV and raised his hand high and swore to tell the truth on a Bible, (which I am amazed did not burn straight through his hand when he touched it). And the only reason that your silly misguided party loves Clinton so much, (other than he is a sinning little immoral wheisle) is because you have no one else to even compare or hope or pray would be a legacy, Carter was your last man up " a chicken who was a peanut farmer in the job of the president and too weak and lilly livered to even try to save our hostages, (you pick real winners) ------------------------ -- And again, Bush did not steal the election, ditto-head bore, he won in the electoral college, you are just a sheep following as black herder who cannot get over at loss and so still after all these years, still cries and whines on and on like a spoiled temper tantrum tossing 3 year old child using that tired crap to back your sorry arse up. Gore’s party even got to count their precious Chad cards twice and they would NOT allow our own military men who were overseas to vote in the election in Florida or the counting " they knew they’d lose, at least by cheating a bit and throwing a fit cuz you lost, there is some slim chance of declaring victory, but even your demoncrap leaders know the truth, they like you just the way you are though, ignorant of facts and hot headed overly emotional follower…. You are just a used number to them, nothing more. And finally, you half truth pushing idiot liar, (you are in the right party for that), Letterman said that and then, the part you so conveniently left out, he said he never watches the show, never saw it! So your hero, the guy you count on for great insight, told someone else he was wrong just to get some audience approval pats, when in reality he did not know at all. He was talking out his preverbal arse and has no clue, just like you and your 2003 ideas already proven to be false long ago! Dream on about the Demoncrats coming back into power or the president’s position, you need that to help with the pride! But if you wish to view your baby killing socialist Marxist piniko commie corrupt desperate evil little party a winning one, you are only fooling yourself. --------- --------- - They are a minority for good reason, people do not want to elected more of the same sort as your drunken killer Kennedy, your thief Hillary, your cowardly kerry, your KKK man senators, your passing cash to his kids Reid, and they do not like the look of hate for the future of their children, the hate that seeps from your party and voices back that crap up, just look at the likes of your leaders, I mean, Dean, geepers, what losers
Osama bin Laden - January 22, 2006 - Report this comment
Boy, do I love it when paranoid right wing Americans turn on the rest of their people. More! MORE! (As for the parody - Ted Kenny was an imperialist too, but at least he managed to have an exit strategy when he drove off the high end and submerged!).
Linda - January 24, 2006 - Report this comment
*** NOTE: It's Amusing to Read the DEFENSIVE Posts which DIVERT every time.... what is wrong folk, you can't really say much about the subject other than to whine more about your fav topic... (and lie on the ranking thing.... once a liar, always a liar, you are big far demoncrat liars.. your mommies should be so proud! **************** ------ -- --- - - Carol.... --- why do you use the word 'god' (in small letters) and say he is good? Isn't it a bit strange to you that you use that phrase when you are a democrat? think about how dim that is! And as for your wonderfully insightful post; I do not need reminding of the year or the date. I have come pretty far in my lifetime and managed to figure that out all by myself without the help of some crabby chick telling me that info. I would venture to say most people know the date and year, so you may find people in general won't really value your help in that matter. Is that the only knowledge you have worth passing on? ------------ ---------------- I asked that last question because aside for your telling me the date and telling me that God is good, which I know already too, you are just a victim of the snow job your leaders give you. For example, they're piling on a bunch of bullwhip 24/7, they never work for the country - they do not do sheet, just keep up the whining and ranting just to make things appear the way they wish. The "unauthorized spying" is the concept that the demon cart leaders want you still pride filled hot headed ignorant to spread. They are just trying to paint more chapters of distrust and such in our lives... they pretty much get paid to keep as much bullwhip toeing as possible.. such is the most desperate party, (well in trouble, with no platform other than baby killing and the most double-standard disrespectful group of so called "leaders" we've seen in our history). If you think what they feed you is true, you really should be careful in life of used car salesmen and folk who have swamp land to sell. ------------- -------- -- Those "unauthorized spying' (gad, you are pathetic), was not spying unauthorized, (although it feels good to think that and you lay in bed at light dreaming of that bad stuff to happen..). You will find out, unless you are so far gone you can only receive crap news in your partisan - no perspective, pride filled loser head, will be all laid out, and just like when your idol do nothing of a president Clinton and many more before him did, this is legal, (you just hear bull sty to make you mad and the people mad so that they can do well in elections this year, idiot. ---------- ---------- --------- -- --
linda - January 24, 2006 - Report this comment
So, bottom line Ms. "know very little" arse kisser, we are really NOT dealing with any spying, (and that wire tapping thing was/is for A Q calls into the US and call to the A network. Unless all you blabbering liberal hotheads have personal dealings on your phones with AQ members, you have nothing to worry about except for the fact that you did not "get the president" again. You'd think that you would have some hobby that had merit, but hate seems to run in hobby choices around here... Ive seen your praises of the dumbest political songs, and you are such the kiss arise when you do it too! It's laughable. Then you turn around an put down BETTER written songs cusp they are not your on the side of the fence you think is the correct one.... what happened to the tolerant bleeding heart liberals.... Got Satin? Oh and the patriot act, (cute little UN before it, did you think al that up by yourself?). First of all, it was backed fully by many of your own heroes in the senate, (those who are not partisan only politicians like Kenney, the drunken killer cheat double standard areole) .... They are STALLING IT, the patriot act has not received a single complaint while in effect.... Your stinking little party only wants to make people think it's all dirty underground crimes and sheet, I can't blame them for treating the people in their own country like genie pigs, (they are up for reelection), but I do blame the morons like you who are either NON caring enough to seek the truth - but rather take propaganda by a desperate party and call it real and true and then take it to the streets. It's just that with things as important as go. and laws etc., people should take more care to know what the hell they are talking about before they go and promote their evil that just aunt the true story.. like you, Michael... hey, he's single, you two should get married and have a really tight hate thing going on, you can even raise what possible may be the most ignorant kids in the world too! ------ ---- ----- - - The illegal war thing, come off it. If you still say that, (gad you r so dim), then you are prob. past all hope of achieving adult skills and maturity in your whole lifetime... but I figured you were way too stupid to get there anyway. The US won't be the leaders into dealing with Iraq, why? Do you want them to have NUKES you moronic hate filled, disrespectful, sheep of a person? If you listened to credible news rather than - what - hate bogs and Michael the moron for your information, you would know we are not the ones that are currently thinning about the Iran thing... DUH DUH, but we are at the sides of all the big countries and nations, and you really should skip the TV and PC ... it's just so sickening to read that some people are so stuck and so loving their life of "is" and not knowing any better... So YES, that is what I came up with, have you seen the topics on your sweet party side and complained about them? No, you are the same double standard liar you have always been... And who cares if you think it is not timely, I think it is..... Your pillar of perfection, Kennedy, spent what, 30 min. questioning a judge by making statements and not real questions? He spouts off to the news and the world the most bizarre and hateful and wrong stuff, it's just an embarrassment to our country to have him in office. You prob. love him for his hate, you people thrive on it... yummy - what a joyful life in the gutter you all must enjoy so much you are willing to eat, sleep and breed in it ------- ------ I would say to learn how to laugh at yourself, (good advice for most people), but I think that is in the Democrat Party New NO NOs Playbook for 2006, "nothing is funny at all, nothing" --- (nothing except you all)
carol - April 08, 2006 - Report this comment
that's ok we're having our fun every time we see one of your long winded crazy rants. preach on bitch, but no one is listening.
Linda - July 23, 2006 - Report this comment
Apparently you are Carol, you pop in to whine every three months or so... Oh well, so much for the brains of a potty mouthed truck stop/personal hotel proprietor.
Patriot - July 24, 2006 - Report this comment
Back from being institutionalized Linda? What anti-depressants do they have you on now? Ignorance is bliss, isn't it? Why don't you nut jobs just go and make your own country and leave the rest of us alone? Really, we could be the free country - America - and you can be the "un"free country - call it "TheoAmerica" or "Godmerica" or "Christ's America" or "Amerigun". Perhaps, Ameriwar? Or Warica? You could have a some great slogans: "A gun in every house" or "More guns, fewer Dildos" or "Anti-Choice, Anti-Vibrator, Pro-gun and Pro-beastiality."

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