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Song Parodies -> "Woe is Me - Cynthia Kinney!"

Original Song Title:

"Look At Me, I'm Sandra Dee"

Original Performer:

Olivia Newton John (In Grease)

Parody Song Title:

"Woe is Me - Cynthia Kinney!"

Parody Written by:

Linda Terhune

The Lyrics

This is dedicated to the egotistical, violent, blowhard democrat; Cynthia Kinney, (Jihad Cynthia), and her uncanny gall that dares to turn her latest assault on an officer into a race issue and a right wing conspiracy. It is more than clear she is doing this in an attempt to make herself a victim, gain politically after this "assault on her person" and with hope, stay out of jail where she really belongs. With some justice, she will get the book thrown at her, rather than use trickery and the black community to excuse her latest assault and further run from getting the help that she really needs for her continued violent attacks.
Cindy Kinney, what a "tude!
Were you born to be so darn rude?
Your violence - not new – you've punched out more than two
Is your ego consuming you?

Kinney dear, with all due respect
What the heck did you expect?
You whisk around security without your ID
And when told to stop you continue to flee?

"I was in a hurry --- a right wing conspiracy --- I'm big - everybody should know me! -–
I was late and administrant ---- So I punched the cop – he touched me!"

Handy you use the race card again
When you clearly belong in the pen
You're a little insane and a whole lot of vain
Using battery for political gain

Listen liberal Kinney just stop
You've hit many more than just this one cop
You think all should know you're important and so
If they don't you pop "em a blow!

Look Jihad Cynthia Kinney
You're an unknown lib to most everybody
Just get a clue – our laws DO include you!
And get help for violent ego too!

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Middle of the Roader - April 05, 2006 - Report this comment
DKTOS, but you've nailed it, as did Jon Stewart last night when he referred to Cynthia McKinney, actually, as "batsh*t insane."
technical issue - April 05, 2006 - Report this comment
you didn't get her last name correct. It has an "Mc" in front of it.
Stephen Harrington - April 05, 2006 - Report this comment
555, don't know about the situation, but I feel that this country needs better ways of dealing with things like this.
Royce Miller - April 05, 2006 - Report this comment
Linda, I don't know the original song either, but I agree with what you've said; Anyone who assaults someone should get whatever punishment the law hands out, and there are no excuses. I'm really tired of people using their skin color for whatever purposes they choose to.
Adagio - April 05, 2006 - Report this comment
I can't believe how people like this "jihad" presume to get away with this stuff. If anywhere else is better for a black baby than here in America...why doesn't she pay for them to move?

Jon Stewart and Middle of the Roader had it right...she's "batsh*t insane."
Linda - April 06, 2006 - Report this comment
technical issue - you are sooo right, I must have been snoozing! oops! --- Thanks - the rest of you, and I agree, of course, with the comments, it's maddening! ------------ didn't any of you see the Grease w/John Travolta & Olivia Newton John when you were kids? - It took place in the 50's ? -------- and I thought it was such a popular musical too! (or maybe you were all too young in the hmmm.... mid 70's, or ? gad forbid - not yet born!!!! OMG - I was like 10 so maybe you all WERE'T born yet!!!! ======== Shoot - I just talked myself into a real bummed mood, darn I'm old!
Agrimorfee - April 06, 2006 - Report this comment
You do seem to get upset easily, or had you noticed?
Demoncrat - April 06, 2006 - Report this comment
The funniest part of this parody is the fact that you didn't even get the woman's name right. Despite your efforts to drum up support for your failing party, Tom Delay remains on the front pages for his crimes, innocent people are still being killed in Iraq, and Osama Bin Laden is still walking the desert as head of Al Qaeda. Bush - America's worst president.
Linda - April 10, 2006 - Report this comment
Demoncrat: I spell demoncrat the very same way you spell it, what a coincidence, (at least one of us got a word spelled correctly!) Interesting how you put "the woman's name" - very telling. I wasn't really attempting to drum up anything, did this song somehow make you think it was a parody about republicans? Did it mention "go right" at all any place? I think you should read it again if you thought that... however, I don't think you did. I think you are just a typical diverter, one who sees or hears something negative, a fact that proves any of your silly notions wrong etc., then you change the subject, just like you did here! Although not effective at all and the fact that is does make you look more immature when you divert, you still use it. It reminds me of a little kid plugging his ears and singing "nah nah nah nah nah, I can't hear you!" Nevertheless and since you did bring it up, let's talk about YOUR topic, your little diversion - k? We'll set aside the fact you have no ability to address the content of the song, the fact that you needed to lie and say I was drumming up some support, the fact you are on a high horse with your "knowledgeable little self" - and I will show you one of the main differences between republicans and demoncrats, (we, I - do not back down from a topic, a parody or a post to me, no diversion worming, as you and your party use as a mainstay tool)
Linda - April 10, 2006 - Report this comment
Okay, on to your little complaints and your personal issues - as I face them, in light of your inability to do so, (which, by the way, is very telling). ---- From the top of your little sniff bit ----- ---- Senator Tom Delay --- -- I first must assume that you, not unlike most demoncrats today, are not too clued in with real news, the kind that happens in the real world, not that sort you hear on bias news stations or hate sites or blogs, like moveon org, which is run be the most deceptive dishonest people I have seen by the way) (proven of course!) Because my issue with your Senator Tom DeLay remark, is that you posted it like that for one of two reasons, that's it. The first is you are in fact, not too terribly interested in news and reality and facts etc., and truly are ignorant to the situation. The other would be that you know fully about the situation, but thought you would try to keep people who do not know about reality and facts, in the hate, in the falsehoods, in the attack mode and so chose to lie about the Senator out of pure partisan dirty politics! -- so, ignorant or evil, which is it? And if it is just ignorance of reality, why post it? Why say or write things that you really no nothing about? I think this is a valid question, gives me a heads up as to the type of person I am dealing with, so, ignorant or evil? You answer that and I will answer your Tom DeLay thing, (unless your answer is evil, in which case, you are a waste of my time). -- ---- --- Okay, the rest of your clamor, let's see, okay, next looks like your naive statement, "innocent people are still being killed in Iraq" (I'll cut that whole sentence up, since you change the subjects in it and I can only deal with one rant at a time)
Linda - April 10, 2006 - Report this comment
--- ---- --- Demoncrat -- -- --- Let's expand on your statement - On the sarcastic end, I would ask you if innocent people would ever stop dying in Iraq or anywhere else in the world. If Iraq were totally the most peaceful place on earth, people would be killed and people would die there. A sobering notion, the leaders and citizens of Iraq are saying, as are military professionals, generals and such, that it is having problems, as in any war, but a consensus is that despite that, they say it is better. If you personally do not think so, or you do not want to think so, or admit it at all, you personally do not live there, do you? You would not know how it was there before, when hundreds were killed as a common, every few months, coupled hundred here, an entire village there... I would be you that those thousands and the entire dead village of men, women and children who died in the streets not knowing which way to run to escape the weapons sprayed on their village, all those from the mass graves etc., would be very happy today, if they got some help a whole lot sooner. As a matter of fact, since we are on this subject that you had to pipe in about .... have you seen the interviews of the people done a while ago, after the last free election, (in which more people showed up to vote in their country that is the size of about the entire state of CA, than did in our entire last election for our president..... and that's saying a lot, since Bush Jr., got more votes than any president voted in office ever!). Anyway, the interviews were there were families and the men of the family, of course, were telling the camera people the same story they told the missionary (from America) who led their underground church, (because Christianity is not allowed so much). They told us that they knew that Americans were coming to get Saddam, they knew that Saddam was not cooperating with the inspectors, they knew that Saddam refused to step down and end his senseless murdering and bloody dictatorship, and they knew that we may not come too. They told us that had 'the Americans" NOT come, they would have (unknown to their wife and kids), committed suicide after killing their very own families, they didn't want to, they hoped and prayed we would come, but made a choice to end their existence, it was that bad. They said that there was not a single family there in the country who did not have a photo up on their wall with at least one close family member's picture, a dead family member's picture. History and common sense tell us leaving Iraq now would be the death of hundreds and hundreds (more than likely day after day for a while) - And those hundreds, and those thousands before and those in the village -the families, mass graves, and all the people from 9/11, those from the world war 2 and 1 etc., were innocent people. More "innocent" people died in one single day in Nam than our men have in the entire Iraq war and Afghanistan war combined. More people were killed in driving accidents last year, (and the prior years), most from drunk drivers, than we have lost in our military during these wars. That sort of made me wonder, if you are such bleeding hearts, why is there not some grandstanding each day and every day for the anti drunk driving thing? Is that too mean to the drunk drivers to go after them as criminals, you know, while you are led by a party who does not do more than bitch, you could be saving so many lives, and not be killing so many innocent babies as you would have less time to fight to kill babies and bring the president down for a future win... less time to make more babies to kill, and more innocent people in America would live... see? so what's up with this situation, is it say, election time every day with you bleeding heart tolerant folks? CONT>...........
Linda - April 10, 2006 - Report this comment
And why would you deny the Iraq people a bit more time to build the additional 20 - 22 k troops as they requested? Why would you want to 'pull out now' when you are so concerned about the poor innocent people being killed in Iraq now? It is okay for the poor innocent Iraq people to be killed in massive numbers both under Saddam and if we cut out before the Iraq army is all trained and ready --- but not okay that far far less are being killed now? Where is the logic there? The ONLY reason, (I will repeat, this is important), the ONLY reason the Demoncrats want to cut and run is to, as always, play the country for more political brownie buttons. We saw that with Murtha, who got on his soap box, (for political brownie points - playing on he people that just want them back, and have been hearing the same campaigning to that effect forever, (but STILL did not think we should pull out, the majority didn't), and he was being praised as a hero for the dem side, but....... when it came to an immediate vote, YES pull out now, or NO, do not pull out now, Murtha and 41 others, (that's 42 of the 45 dems), voted NOT to pull out. They do these political stunts all the time, they have been for the last 5 years. EVEN if you are a demoncrat, believe in the whole democrat thing, all their issues are your issues and you are true blue liberal all though and through --- you would be either lying or playing politics too if you told me that the dem party and their leaders are totally, completely desperately attempting to win, and as in all situations which are desperate in anyone's mind, regardless of the subject matter, desperate people, as humans, do very desperate things. Your party leaders may have your core values or feelings and they are fine for you to support if that is the case, however, they are truly being as ansty a party as I have personally ever seen. I never tell anyone to abandon their political core, their party is just as important as the other, they are just as passionate, hopefully, as those in the other party, no one is really all right or all wrong, the reason there are at least two parties is not because one is evil and bad, (maybe a few things they do are), but neither is really the evil party.... it's a big fat lie, a game, a trick, but there are two parties and there are a lot of different people who happen to believe different things. To run your campaign for years on end with bitterness and hype, partisan attacks, wacko groups all over the place who have nothing better to do or nothing good and valuable to say about their own party, have attacked on and on and on. It is to the point that I am certain, 110 percent certain, most of the wacko far left do not even have clue one about the facts and reality in most all they say. It was fueled by desperation, kept on fire by desperation, and it is continued on and on this bad, to this nasty arse extent out of desperation, and desperate people do desperate things. Knowing one side of every issue and especially from such as attack dog atmosphere of ill will 24/7, you cannot with all thought and logic and honesty to yourself and others, say this is right, this is wrong, time to leave, bush is breaking the law, stealing from poor, etc. etc., you cannot be honest and say those things for certain, because it is crystal clear, you do not know both sides, you do not use perspective and you are thriving on the hate, being desperate and not rational, believing things that are either proven wrong, or are completely half truths. You cannot make open claims of your hate and call yourself correct if you really do not know if you are or you are not, can you? Would you on any other non-political subject, claim to know well, judge so harshly if you really did not know the other person and just based your opinions on the best bashing of the day against that person? (GETS BETTER, hang in there, I am not done.... CONT...)
Arthur, King of the Britons - April 10, 2006 - Report this comment
Shut up! I COMMAND you to shut up!
Linda - April 10, 2006 - Report this comment
That is highly unfair and most people in non political situations do not do that - they do not do that because it is not reasonable, you are listening to an irrational desperate person tell you they just ran over a person and killed them and it was there fault cuz they ran in front of her car, now the person is dead and rotting in the street downstairs.. You really do not know all that much, she is hysterical & desperate... as your party has been practicing and 'getting into' the anger and hate and unreasonable and illogical and proven lies etc., is not that NO. one source of information you should be basing your harsh judgmental words about... Downstairs, the person who almost ran out in the streets has since walked home and the thing that she did hit was a opossum that happened to run out in front of her car while she was watching the person she thought she hit. If you chose to believe your friend in her unreason and desperation, and you hung on all her emotions and really got into all she said, you would have faulted the women, found her guilty, and she was NOT at fault and in fact actually saved herself from being hit.... you would have perhaps called 911 to come out and pick up a dead, and really ugly - rodent, you would have expected a person dead, and seen no one at all, and in the end, no prison! NOW, had you gone and seen it was a opossum, had you seen that a person was not around the area, noticed there was not a lot of blood, BUT your friend still continued to say and in all hysteria show you by reacting the scene, swore she did hit her, it was the jaywalkers fault, she saw her coming and choose to take her on over who would be the one to chicken out, there was no opossum there but there was a dead woman, she now doesn't know what happened since the dead lady was left there, she suggests that ...... a. some person came along and removed the dead lady, killed a huge rat looking thing and put it there, cleaned up some of the blood, and staged this whole thing --- and she would get to the bottom of this with you or without, and she continued on thought the night and every day after, she would have you convinced. Even if no body showed up, her car had no marks or damage that would tell the police, (who thinks she may be nuts so she says they are 'in on it too'), your pal is not going to stop, she is going to prove it come hell or high water... She has finally convinced you with her passion and you swear to never disbelieve her again. You fight for her, you trust her, you tell off anyone who has any real evidence against her and not for the 'carried off dead lady' theory ... Her pure emotional case, her over the top story is drilled in your and the repetition is daily. You know it happened, you are not going to ever think it did not - you know she is telling the truth by now. You go along with her, you know now someone is out there and they know about this missing body, you ignore the evidence and chosen to believe your now nuts over the thing friend, and you are committed to the point that you will support her with all you have inside and outside, even put up the flyers you made all over the neighborhood about his.... And 3 months pass and there is a knock at your door and it is an investigator hired on to this case because of the pure determination of your pal, he sits down with his laptop and shows you a tape from the liquor store parking lot that showed the friends car, the woman not getting hit, the opossum darting out and getting hit, what do you do? ..... Cont....
Linda - April 11, 2006 - Report this comment
--- ----- -- Arthur, King of the Britons ---- --- ---- If you are a king, then you certainly are not a fearful person, therefore, why would you want to shut me up, are you really just a coward in king's clothing? I can write forever, I don't have a long forever, but I can write for my personal forever forever......... you have a lifetime, I don't ---- don't be a chicken, read it or just leave and keep your rulings to yourself, one should have some rights if the long drawn out saga is on his/her own parody page, right? ------------ ---------- ----- -------- CONT. ----------------- You are so certain, so dedicated to your friend's entire story... she even saw the tape and assures you it is a conspiracy way beyond them, this is a BIG one! What do you do? Do you help her out a bit and say this is a conspiracy? Okay, fair enough, what if they say the lady has been found and is alive and told them that yes, she was there, almost hit but did not get hit and walked home... would you call him a liar? Okay, he is a liar, so what if he shows you that she is okay by showing you the actual woman alive? Then what, are you going to tell them and her that the women is a double, a fake, party to the conspiracy? You can be your pals best friend forever, but there is some point in time when this story needs to be enough to show you that regardless of her desperation to prove a huge conspiracy against her, you cannot support her fixation on this whole thing, her attacks of the officers of the city, her day in and day out harping on it and you have to have enough balls to say, hey, this is not reality, not real, your attacks are unfounded, wrong, the constant crap is wacko, knock it off.. you are there friend, you will always be their friends, you have a lot in common, but you need her to stop this. This doesn't mean you are over as pals, you are just doing what is right by the officers attacked all the time and your pal who is being crazy, out of control, getting worse, and NOT looking at the facts and refusing to look at reality and she has lost perspective on the whole matter...... If you cannot step back and look at the entire situation, if you cannot take the wild stories, the stealing from the poor, the DeLay thing, the entire movies from Moore, the Iraq war, the things going well and not well, the facts on both sides and how they came to those facts, then you really do not know anything about it. Your pal would be believed to this day with her fanatical behaviors and all, had you never spoken to a cop, investigator and never walked downstairs to see the opossum. You already believed a lot more than most would, after all, you are pals... But pals do not mean you go and light the police department on fire for your friend, doesn't mean you are going to call the women a liar and a double and stalk her until she confesses she was bad or wrong, she's innocent, you'd thought her to be criminally involved in the scandal. That's what happens when you are desperate, when anyone is about any situation at all.... you can either face it and be real, or continue on with your trained and learned beliefs and to hell with facts, perspective etc. You do not have to agree with the republicans on issues or anything else if you choose not to, but you really do not know, so why spread the hate and the 'worst president' and the misleading stuff, when you just do not know. Do you have such blind faith as to believe anyone on the left and hate all the right and think they are all dishonest and your side is all holier than though? Can you just say "this is the way I believe, they believe that, they can believe what they want, so can I. Can you just check the facts rather than do the normal thing of joining in on the sheep and getting in on the fad and mass desperation? Do you really need to join in on the police attacks, or can you be a bigger person and reality no one on any side in any country is all good all perfect all sane and your best bet is to be a bit more open, honest, use a tad more perspective and don't believe everything you hear from the over emotional desperate people in your world, politics or not.... it's not healthy, not ethical and you're re not helping your sick friend, you are not helping the investigator, you are hurting those who may be telling a whole different story with the real facts, as they maybe not be so desperate for years as the other side -- CONT.--
Linda - April 11, 2006 - Report this comment
cont..... -- I used to think that the democrats were all bad, they were horrible the lot of them for saying things that had been shown untrue, backing fads and disrespect when they issues were already shown fabrications, mistakes untrue, half truths etc., and I hated the fact that their followers were so dedicated that they were tossing ethical situations just to support the party they had to support and in doing that, they were following people that were saying and doing wrong things. Only recently have I just changed all that, I am frustrated that everyone, both parties and in all situations even non political are too human and they will believe anything if exposed and told enough and long enough and brought to sincere feelings of anger over those things. I believe that once they are 'outraged' -even without reason or logic to be outraged, they will tend to go with all information that supports that outrage and build on it and get all crazy and more passionate. I think that is far more logical than to think a lot of people are basically bad and spread things that are not true in all their personal evilness just to win. I already knew desperation in theory makes good men toss in their own values and it's natural, but it was hard to apply it because I was outraged by the attacking and the massive gang on people who were so willing to get to that hate point and to the point of no return -- loss of reason and inability to even seek the reality in any situation. The right has not been right on all the issues and all the steps, (who has in any situation or job or life for that matter), but the hard core accusations are untrue, those things still whining topics from the rank and file that have been proven wrong a few years ago, still used.... and it does make me mad, but if I don't think for a moment and reminder d myself that it is not done out of evil people tyting to win using evil tools and they were just bad for doing it.... & it s all natural, I feel better. I still do not like it, I mean who would? I actually do go out and read both sides, I get move on newsletter, I read the their site, I get the DNC newsletter, the dem senator's newsletters, (well, only the two from my state, Kennedy, Clinton, Kerry's, (although I do not think I asked for that one), (and the equal on the right side of course) I get a lot that this stalking lefy wing total nut signs me up for... and on the uward of 2000 or so personal email, 20 gay rights newsletters, 3 death threats, 2 open threats & about 5 virus' or attempts (a loon), and I go to official sites, not right, not left, the facts sources, the docs, all the places that do not give opinions, just raw data or copied docs... I take the time before I come out and say something that I am making up, hearing from total right wing loons, I do, you do not, michael does not... riding on the wave of hate and desperation is not the answer, it's the problem... one of them that is. -----cont.. so what? ------
Linda - April 11, 2006 - Report this comment
cont.. -- I did not write this parody to save any party, that was not my motive, by the way. Truth is I was pissed off there were funny songs here and there were anti-Bush, anti-right etc., knock down hard arse, unfair, untrue, mean to the core etc., bashing / trashing -- yet none to speak of on the right, certainly no fan club gang of thugs who get off on complimenting and giving high scores to the one who bashes and trashes and guesses and acts like kids on a school yard who are just immature bullies! All those out right - just hate attacks unreasonable crap... not nice... So I posted my first to stand up for what I believe is right, what I think was fair, what I thought was a drop in the bucket, I am going to stand by the facts, I am not going to watch bashing trashing shows and know they are wrong, and sit by and pat them on the back and laugh at the expense of the president who I know has done incredible things - outstanding things not accomplished for years, some not even addressed, things you think are bad, that are great, it's your source of info, your judging a man, a person who is a good an, making him worse every day you wake up and that is just wrong! It's like a massive sickness of people getting off on the negative, the bad, the things that go wrong for us, our country would be the things you cheered about cuz it brought you one step closer to your goal, take over without regard, you know, like a violent takeover without the swords at hand, just as mean, dirty, hurtful to several dozen famiies (to the core), slander, feeding off each other and then CAPITALIZING on it all! You anti capitialists are all the sudden majority capitalist in sheeps clothing! Books, web sites, stickers, t-shirts, songs, concerts and a whole lot of orgs that many of which are crooked and the most popular, is the most hateful and tells the most lies, so hell, CAPITALIZE tax free! You think it's all a really positive, union, ethical, nice, decent, fair, helpful to the country etc., way to live and make money and spend your free time.... what a super fun uplifting hobby, making the coutnry and world hate more & hoping for the worst so you can blame the other guy and win! -- pretty bad. ==== ===== ===== Anyway, I can try, do my best, hope people will at least think a bit more than they once did, regardless of their personal opions re. me or bush or the left or right, what ever, life happens to be short, believe me. And I think anyone who does not know both sides, BOTH sides, has not room to be an attack machine and make others believe bull and then have them bash. Maybe you or they want to win by that - win by any means needed, ethics or truth are thrown out.... not corrected when found out, what ever.. that kind of win is not really a win, not in the hearts of those bashing and trashing, (if they have one in the end, when its all over). That is a 'default win' - a fake one, not won because of your leader's ideas, visions, hopes, plans, solutions, ideas, goodness etc., but because you made the choice between some monsters that would eat the world alive, all of them, and feast on the poor's body parts when they die... or, the guys who are totally negative, dishonest and whine a lot, but DID cause enough hate to look like the lesser of two evils, super! They can celebrate, especially knowing that they used dirty politics to win... shady, not real, not benificial, (the next right guy or girl may have incredible ideas, super solutions, everyone would love them, perfect would be near..... who knows? But if that person ran against a full on liar, a kiss arse, a man who drank way too much and killed old ladies in secret, the partisan crap is so bad, the left would not care if he ate everyone's first born as long as he won! Same in reverse too... that's the problem with a mob mentality of building up untruths and hate and stuff that is not real, it hurts us, (all), you, me, the country... no one cares if anyone is doing a good job in office and hate it if they do someting good if they are not in their party that term... it's crazy --
Linda - April 11, 2006 - Report this comment
Delay, is you recall, was in a TEXAS convention speaking the day that the press announce the monica w/clinton deal. He came back after lunch and after hearing it --- and rather than using that for his personal politcal benifit, he asked the people at teh convention to pray with him for Clinton, you know, give him strength cuz he knew this would be long and hard, he's seen it, now living it. The guy who did not come out punching, who has had more bills that you could imagine, who has doen a LOT of good things to benifit the entire country == for two decades he has been nothing but effective and dedicated .. EFFECTIVE is not good for the desperation on the left, this was what they wanted, to find him bad, corrupted, evil in your eyes, even if at the end, he is innocent, but... by then, (now), the damange is done, you already judged him and brought him down == YOU found crooked, corrupt and unfitting people... guilty long before you even knew what the crimes were they were charged for, --- -- nice you've learned this guilt first, reality later, hope you don't have to expereince it's hell someday. --- shame on you, shame on your party leaders (most of them anyway) - --- Bush, is a good person, yes, that guy "worse than hitler" ---- who does illegal wire tapping that is "worse than watergate" *but NOT according to fienstein, D-CA, nor a half dozen who tend to support it on the left, here about them? He has done great things, made super accomplishments and I would be you did not know of two of them - you re in the game, one of the grand stander bashing trahsers - what a lovely place. You can wallow in pride, self pity, total righteousness and despeartion while your leaders let it go on, (they care so much) they allow you to suffer hate when they really know the truth, wow. .. .. But bush has done much more than you know, I am geting pooped, but ask me and I'll tell you all about them, see how many you know! BUT HELL IMPEECH the ANTI Christ - Some people quit their jobs when their boss yells at them once - some sue! Bush is doing well, especially in light of this all. Disrespect is easy, it's easy to trash and keep the pride, no sacrifice and you can maybe be right about kerry later, good deal... make the place more miserble just to help you deal. ---There is NO REASON to call him worst.... If he had never been born so was not president, there would STILL BE NO REASON say ANY of them are / were worst and then go online on some high horse, "I am better than bush, the lowlife scum, I am judging him, I am above him and then put that crap up!!! = = = You can say Clinton did well with the national debt , job creating, AND that he screwed up with the bin situation and screwed up with the lie on camera under oath ... He was not the worst president then, nor are any other one of them now. Why does there even have to be, are you all shooting to stay like kids on a school yard or what? "The worst" nah nah nah nah nah! NO HUMAN, no person, who goes though the unfair, mean spirited crap they all do, and work at the same time responsible for a gazzillion things and their own families are the WORST of ANYTHING, they should be admired for all they put up with and thanked and supported -not killed. Did your parents say to you and your sibblings "this is the worst one, ever" --- cuz there had to be one, even though mom and dad loved him/her, he was the one, the WORST EVER IN YOUR FAMILY! They don't know why, but surely, that one's the WORST... gad. How much effort is your job and how many low lifes make hate songs about you while you work, how many say you are a hilter, anti chirst and then expect you to wipe their butts, hmm? You, the worst EVER in HISTORY = = Anyone in that job working hard and then also having to deal with constant attacking every day by these he is trying to help in various ways and has had huge successes in domestic accomplishment we are and will benefit from a whole lot..... and you have a party who is this desperate -- while he is being what he thinks is a good and honest and trying person, you sit back on your high horses like some Satan sent judges from hell. ... you are not being real, honest or fair... good choices, great help, super for the country! MY opinion. I wonder, do you think you are a nice, fair person?
Immoral Liberal - April 11, 2006 - Report this comment
Bush = Evil. Terhune = crazy. Yes, hopefully we will impeach and then have the senate throw the anti-christ out of office. Dubya started (and continues) an unjust war resulting in the deaths of innocent lives throughout the world; not to mention the senseless maimings that he's caused. It is apparent that his most recent crime is treason. I think he'll be executed for this. Yes, Delay also is a criminal. You fascists may continue to invoke god - you made him in your own image - but you're all going to hell (if there is one). Linda, you seriously need some psychological help; I hope you get it.
Demoncrat - April 11, 2006 - Report this comment
Linda - what drugs do they have you on? I just want to make sure that I never take whatever it is that you're taking. Hey, you might want to try smoking a little grass - I think it will ease your mind a little - it will certainly make you a better writer; although that's almost too easy as anything would be an improvement. Really, you should think about cutting out the Prozac or the booze - they appear to be much too mind altering for you to handle.
Linda - April 23, 2006 - Report this comment
Immoral Liberal = Not Much! ---- --- --- -- By the way, you do not believe in God, remember? So using your "anti-Christ" attack, (which is not really an attack but more of a display of your stupidity), is hypocritical. And you say the same thing, month after month, I am surprised you are not dead as I would think you would have long since bored yourself to death w/all your endless redundant gloating and conceit. There is no 'impeaching' that is or will go on, again, that's just you wacko extremists showing off more of your incurable temper tantrum abilities. Yeah yeah yeah, you called me fascists, you have called names, told me to get psychological help, (I believe you really have very little room to talk since you do not retain information, you have no reading comprehension, you are scared to death of reality and facts, living in some la-la land of your very own and you are basically, ignorant and like it that way. You really do not need to comment on or in any of my parodies because really, all I need to do is pick any of my parodies and read any of your silly juvenile posts and get the same old crap, line per line, like you are a robotic sleep enhancer, that or you had a lobotomy in the last couple years and you do not know any better than to remain the most redundant and boring person I've read comments from, ever! But you continue on honey - you make more of a statement for the Republicans than your own demoncrats! I mean, who would want to be in a party that had such freaks as you? Anyone one in the middle of the road who reads your comments (over and over with each new page), is bound to sign up for the Republican party is they are democrat and double check with the registry if they are republican just to make sure! To be associate with such a classic example of a fried brain is really not on the top of most people's list of 'to do' items - As far as your "I hope you get it" --- golly, Immoral, you are so believable! (not) Tell me, why would anyone in their right mind listen to such a fibber and a loon like you when you couldn't tell the truth if you tried and tried for days and days?
Linda - April 23, 2006 - Report this comment
Demoncrat (or Carol or who ever you are, I don't care), you posted that exact same thing in one of my other songs, did you think it was that great? Were you so proud of your fantastic literally skills and self proclaimed wit that you had to post it again and again? Gosh, the conceit in your party is huge, (among other unethical, immoral, evil, rotten issues you have). Seems you like to all get together and same pretty much the same bunch of nothing... angry, spitful bunches of nothing.... as if you are winning some brownie points for your team! You look like despreate, mean, sucker bully morons, yet, you keep coming as it that is a good thing! I would worry more for your own tharted mind than jumping from one parody I write to another and pasting in your grand display of conceit and self promotion... not that pretty. Golly, Carol, you sure have one big chip on your shoulder, think maybe your pride may not be able to be buried after all and you may have to grow up and act like an adult? I can't even imagine that possilbe... the libs in here are thick with immaturity, games, manipulation, (carol, that's you department especially), and attack any song that is not on their side... gad, pathetic -- your party would even try to dump your arses, they don't need your vote that bad! What ever floats your partisan, evil, unethical boats.... ----- ----- --- Carry on, you bleeding hearts you! -- ---- --- ---- --
Proffessor Cheese - June 24, 2006 - Report this comment
What better way to avoid negative comments then eat up all the comment space with your own never ending babbling.
ChuckyG - June 27, 2006 - Report this comment
I'm going to block your IP if you keep reposting the crap I remove
LINDA - November 04, 2006 - Report this comment
----------- So what do people think about John Kerry's $100,000.00 0 pay to Cindy Sheehan while he ran for president? Pretty sad user I'd say! I bet we find out that he paid his sole military buddy to lie for him too - cuz what's 100k to this multi million dollar military dogging kept man? ---------------
The Truth hurts . . . - November 04, 2006 - Report this comment
Doesn't it Linda? Referring to a post by Immoral Liberal Linda states: "I mean, who would want to be in a party that had such freaks as you?" I'm sorry, did I miss something - I thought that Foley and the head of the evangelical christians were republicans, no? Let's see, Internet sex initiated with teenage boys by a Congressman who touted how he could help their careers. (But he entered rehab and invoked the flag and the Lord, so that's ok). And the head of the bible-thumping evangelicals - an outspoken anti-gay (marriage) preacher - out buying crystal meth to increase his pleasure with his male prostitute. Oh, but he's a man of god, he threw out the drugs, he "DID NOT HAVE SEX WITH THAT MAN", and he'll apologize to Jesus Christ by giving a Swaggart speech - so it's ok, isn't it? Let's not forget Abramoff and the CONVICTED republican from Ohio. You may want to look up the definition of hypocrite. Thank you - extremists like you are why America is finally waking up to the right-wing republican lies and hypocrisy. Enjoy election day babe.
Ter-Loon - November 06, 2006 - Report this comment
Linda Terhune talking about the "Demoncrat" party - "among other unethical, immoral, evil, rotten issues you have." Ah, no, Linda - that would be the republican party - your party. Please explain the actions of Pastor Haggard for us. Please explain the actions of Mark Foley for us. Please explain the actions of Abramoff for us. Please explain the actions of Ney for us. Do I need go on? Are you the "Do as I say not as I do party"?
The American People . . . - November 08, 2006 - Report this comment
We have spoken.Ï
Hope - November 08, 2006 - Report this comment
I'm still alive.
Robert J. Pagliaro - November 08, 2006 - Report this comment
Linda - thank you. The fact that you nut jobs stayed on message was a big key to our success - "it's the war, stupid." In the House, we no longer have the "unethical, immoral, evil, (and) rotten" members; they've been voted out. When faced with voting for corrupt, perverted and drug taking republicans, America just said NO. Welcome to our new country.
Morning After Pill - November 08, 2006 - Report this comment
Ter-Loon: Don't you wish that I was available so that you could take me and hope that last night could be aborted? M.A.P. P.S.: Stem Cell Research Lives.
Missing Person - November 09, 2006 - Report this comment
Has anyone seen this person? Funny how her vile mouth has been quiet since the election. Actually, we haven't heard a peep from the twit since Haggard was CONVICTED of snorting crystal meth with the male prostitute.

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