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Song Parodies -> "Such Luck-Superstitions Imperiled"

Original Song Title:

"The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald"

Original Performer:

Gordon Lightfoot

Parody Song Title:

"Such Luck-Superstitions Imperiled"

Parody Written by:

Christie Marie M

The Lyrics

NOTE: I’m not really a superstitious person. But I did remember that I broke a mirror as a kid and not once did I catch a stroke of bad luck. This is my first attempt at The Big 7.

Christie Conquers The Big 7 #1.
It started one day I threw a letter of chain
The next day everything’s dark and gloomy
That rack through my brain, causing lifetime of pain
Never thought I’d feel clammy and woozy

With a crashing on my floor,
Mirrors shattered, shards and more
Superstitions in peril gained plenty
My pure soul trapped true,
Shattered pieces, I'm bruised
As those fragments are scattered in twenty [1]

A Friday away I had dreaded that day
Why'd that number have to be the 13th?
Outside I'd never go might as well just stay home
Won't encounter those dangers I'm flirting [2]

Inside flew a bird hoped for great news to be heard
But it wasn't great news I'd be hearing
And later that night when that bird was trapped
Could it be my grandma who'd be keelin? [3]

(Short Instrumental Break)

I stepped on a crack broke my poor mother's back
As her screams broke over she's ailing
If only I'd knew I'd be facing more doom
Heavy bills from hospitals I'm paying

That black cat strayed as it walked along my trail
Out of nowhere I'm feeling the thrashin'
As that midnight came I felt throbbing pain
Other cats came attacking and slashin'

(Short Instrumental Break)

Shortly bedtime came, found a hat on my bed, layin'
Now I'm finding myself itchin'[4]
At 7 a.m. I awake in my bed just to
Find all my hair that's gone missin'

That sidewalk I'm strolling under ladder I've walked in
I had crossed through that evil triangle [5]
And later that night spirits haunted out of sight
Just my luck superstitions imperiled

(Lengthy Instrumental Break)

Does anyone know where four-leaf clovers grow?
Will my bad luck fade couples of hours?
The old wives' tales say knock on wood every day
Evil spirits won't bother to linger

I went and opened my umbrella inside
Learned my luck was "raining" with danger
Now what I had faced was a face supplied with rage
From the God of the Sun, angry stranger! [6]

(Short Instrumental Break)

Passing the salt I clumsily spilled
Now those diners' impressions were colder
I found a cure that will make my luck pure
Tossed pinches of salt o'er my shoulder

And farther below flew a strange sparrow
Known to carry souls that's not living
Death by sparrows and crows [7]
Do we kill birds with one stone?
It's those lives of those humans we're killing

(Lengthy Instrumental Break)

Would an apple a day keep the doctor away?
It is possible to be more careful
Wear lucky charms, knock on wood as many times
There'll be no superstitions in peril

Those omens live on makes you either smile or frown
Not every one of them is so dooming
Superstitions claimed, aren't truly believed
You can wake up living your life daily

(Instrumental Solo goes on till it fades to the end)
[1]It is said that "because they thought the image in a mirror, contained our actual soul. Thus, a broken mirror, represented the soul being pulled from your body and being trapped in all the shattered pieces."

[2]Unlucky #13: Some people avoid driving or going anywhere on Friday the 13th.

[3]If a bird flies through your house, it indicates important news. If it can't get out, the news will be death.

[4]Some sources cite that the hat-on-a-bed superstition has its roots in practical hygeine. Hats are a good source of head lice, and laying down naked on a bed full of head lice is bound to cause some itching.

[5]Common folklore has it to be bad luck to walk beneath an open ladder and pass through the triangle of evil ghosts and spirits.

[6]Open an umbrella indoors and bad luck will "rain" on you. The most common stems from the days when umbrellas were used mainly as protection against the sun. To open one indoors would be to insult the local sun god (especially Ra) and invite his wrath on everyone in your household.

[7]An omen states that sparrows and crows are signs of death. Also, killing sparrows is considered to be bad luck.

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AFW - September 30, 2010 - Report this comment
Hey Christie, this is Super Good !!! Definitely, a great contribution to the classic "Big Seven"..Most entertaining idea, to play off all the old superstitions we grew up with...Congratulations !!
Michael Pacholek - September 30, 2010 - Report this comment
It wouldn't be a proper "Edmund Fitzgerald" parody if I didn't at least comment. After all, we don't want to take any chances, do I? You can take 5 points on this parody, just don't take 5 oranges in Little Italy! (In "The Godfather," oranges meant death was in the air.)
Andria - September 30, 2010 - Report this comment
These superstitions are super-good. I broke a mirror at the age of 7 and had bad luck until I was 14, and I got in a car wreck that totaled my dad's Buick Regal on Friday, November 13, 1999, so at least those two are true. (I did not cut myself on the mirror, nor was I injured in the Buick crash). Speaking of Friday the 13th, my dad was born on a Friday the 13th in 1939. He is OLD but doesn't look it. :D 555 voodoo spells to keep away bad luck.
Mark Scotti - September 30, 2010 - Report this comment
Super FIVES for a Super SEVEN!!!
Old Man Ribber - September 30, 2010 - Report this comment
As Michael did for me, welcome to the Wreckers Club! It's my turn to pay your first year's dues. Great idea and super execution...this song is trickier than first appears. Nicely done. ;D
Ann Hammond - September 30, 2010 - Report this comment
good gob
2Eagle - September 30, 2010 - Report this comment
Oh, pity the poor black cats - what do they have to do with evil anyway. They are the most affectionate of cats. Anyway, your parody went well with the OS.
Christie Marie M - September 30, 2010 - Report this comment
Thanks lots for your support, everybody! :)

AFW - Thanks for your awesome comment as always! I'm so glad to have written this parody! I'm very speechless I don't know what else to say...but, you da man! (salutes).

Mike - I knew you'd comment on this parody! :) I love it when you say that for every TWOTEF parody on the site since this is your favorite song...and mine as well. Your comments will always bring good luck to the site! Thanks for the 5 points and not to worry. I haven't touched some oranges in ages! Hope to see more of your TWOTEF parodies soon! Got to start reading them and commenting them.

Andria - Girl, as always, your comments are way past cool! Nice to see you back again! I'm super sorry to hear of your car wreck a long time ago and glad you were OK. Also nice that your dad looks great for his age from what you've told me. And thanks for the voodoo spells as well. I'll no longer have bad luck. P.S. Hope to see you write the Big 7 parody someday, of course only when you feel like it.

Mark - Super thanks for your comment as well as the super FIVES for super SEVEN!! Glad you enjoyed! You da man!

OMR - I'm deeply honored to be in the Wreckers Club! Yeah, it did take me a long while to complete this parody, but I did it! Took lots of patience and commitment, just like when you write most of your parodies!

Ann - So honored to have you commenting on my parody! Glad to have done a "good gob!" LOL!!

2Eagle - I guess the fact that black cats were connected with evil have to do with the fact that the legend tied with witch hunts from long time ago. In folklore, black cats transform into human shape to act as a spy for witches. But don't worry, not all black cats are considered to be evil. I had a black cat once and it was quite an angel and very friendly. In other cultures, like Britain, some black cats are considered good luck actually. And while we're in the subject considering this nautical song, sailors considering a ship's cat in general and a black one in particular as luck for their ship. Sometimes, fishermen's wives would keep black cats at home too, in the hope that they would be able to use their influence to protect their husbands at sea, according to Wikipedia. But all in all, glad you enjoyed and glad to have written this parody!
Fiddlegirl - September 30, 2010 - Report this comment
CMM-- an entertaining take on a tricky song. This one makes the "Big 7" list not only because of its length, but the challenge of maintaining the pace and (ideally) internal rhymes of the OS. Rhymes/Schmymes, as they say... however, the pacing seemed slightly bumpy to me, though close enough that it wasn't hard to sing through. So I gave the pacing a 3. I'll throw a 5 in for content, though, for your comprehensive coverage of various superstitions (and the line about the apple a day made me LOL!) :) Overall score: 4. [And congratulations on your 1st of 7-- looking forward to the rest!) :D
Christie Marie M - September 30, 2010 - Report this comment
Thanks lots, Fiddlegirl! :)...Yeah, I screwed up on the pacing a little since this is one of the hardest OS' to spoof. Plus, this is my first time writing a Big 7 parody and I'm still on a Level 1 mode of acclimating the pacing for this song. But all in all, glad you enjoyed this anyways and hope to see more parodies from you soon! Nice to see you back here again!
WarrenB - September 30, 2010 - Report this comment
Very clever adaptation, and especially liked the "four leaf clovers grow" line; it really fit in well with the motif. Congrats on #1. 6 more to write, so toss a little salt over your shoulder, point the horseshoe in the right direction, and make sure you don't say 'Candyman' three times while looking in the mirror!
DJ Blaze - September 30, 2010 - Report this comment
You showed us... the ultimate parody. Thank you very much! I can't stop crying buckets of tears! SOB

DDR announcer aside, this was an epic parody. Introduced me to quite a few superstitions I'd never heard of. 1 down, 6 to go! I recommend Bohemian Rhapsody if you try another. It was actually easier to me than "Take You There" by Sean Kingston, and maybe "Shining Collection" by Iceman. 555
Edmund Fitzgerald - October 01, 2010 - Report this comment
Dang it! I *knew* those sailors on me shouldn't have taken a black cat on board, should've thrown the salt when they spilled it, not walked under the ladders -- they did all that stuff, and look what happened to me! -- Wrecked!!!! :-(

Great to keep finding new twists on this tale. Fine analysis by FG, silly comment by MP - it's a proper EF parody regardless of who does or doesn't comment on it, right? ... Not many tackle this puppy on their 27th post, so one free pass on the pacing. Great concept overall. 555, and looking forward to the next six! ;)
SamuraiMaster - October 01, 2010 - Report this comment
Look who's writing again! Nice work here! 5's
Christie Marie M - October 01, 2010 - Report this comment
Thanks lots, gentlemen! :)

Warren - Glad you enjoyed and glad to have written this parody. My experience in poetry as well as creativity has adapted my parody skills. Yeah, it wouldn't be a superstitious theme if I didn't add four leaf clovers to the mix! Yeah, I'm going to need to toss salt over my shoulder if I'm to write the next Big 7 and I would never summon Candyman in a million years.

DJ - Great DDR announcer quote, though I can't find it on YT, but I did hear it last time I played the game! Also looking forward to writing more Big 7's as well. I might just think of BoHo Rhap, however, I still have several incomplete parodies in the back burner. Plus I was working on this AmPie parody that I never got around to yet. I'm also thinking of Blinded By The Light as well. Regarding superstitions, I did research from and Google'd most superstition websites as well. Thanks for taking the time to comment on this one!

Edmund Fitzgerald - Nice to meet you! LOL!! Yeah, that sure explains the tragedy of your sailors passing on your ship. I also look forward to writing more Big 7's as well. And thanks for the free pass on pacing, even though I should've known to listen to song carefully, so I'm going to have to read again your parody guide...Thanks for stopping by, TT. On to your Big 7's now!

SamuraiMaster - Nice to be writing again! Glad you enjoyed this one! I was very excited when I worked on this one and posted on AIR the first time ever. Hope to see you write other Big 7's as well, since you did great on the last one.

Continuing my comment to OMR...late thanks for paying my first year dues!
SamuraiMaster - October 01, 2010 - Report this comment
Funny, I actually didn't know the Lancelot parody was a big 7 thing until you just mentiond it. Anyway hope to see some more stuff soon!
Christie Marie M - October 01, 2010 - Report this comment
@ SamuraiMaster: No, actually, the Big 7 of yours I was referring to are your "American Pie" parodies: One for "Remembering Dime" and "Who Shot Mr. Burns?" Not Lancelot/Piano Man. I myself hope to write an AmPie parody real soon. More of my parodies to come, though.
SamuraiMaster - October 01, 2010 - Report this comment
Oh lol. Mr Burns was a fun but tough write now that I think about it lol. I shoulda entered that in SOTM when I had the chance....
Below Average Dave - October 15, 2010 - Report this comment
I have always hated this song, of the big 7 it is my least favorite. . .very good job on it, but the song puts me to sleep, it amazes me one bad crash ship gets a 6 and a half minute dedication (albeit with mis-details) when most other tragedies of much larger scale get half-tributes with little to no actual reference to the tragedies or the victims at all. . .enough rambling--your parody is good, and in my opinion this horribly rhymed original song deserves to be skewered. . .No disrespect to the victims, I just wish someone would have written a more tolerable song for it
Peter Andersson - October 18, 2010 - Report this comment
I'm working in an Emergency Ward, we don't have any more casualties on fridays the 13th than any other days, but of course those who do come think we have...
Claude Prez - October 19, 2010 - Report this comment
I hear it's bad luck to be impolite around you, so I'll try to behave....this is very impressive, and I liked the idea. You covered a lot of stuff Stevie Wonder missed on his Superstition song. Anyway, good luck on that Big 7 thing, I think BoRap is the only one I ever did. Well done.
Matthias - October 19, 2010 - Report this comment
Very impressive, I've always hated this song but I did do a parody of it once "Wreck of the Ronald McDonald". I don't really like most of the songs on the Big 7 which is why me and Dave started the Epic 40. If you haven't heard of it check it out.
SamuraiMaster - October 22, 2010 - Report this comment
SOTM - Count on a vote from me :)
Christie Marie M - October 23, 2010 - Report this comment
Very late thanks to everybody! :)

Samurai - Thanks 3x for your comments. I agree that Mr. Burns was a tough write and there's always plenty more SOTM contests you can enter, and I can always count a vote from you anytime.

B.A. Dave - Not everybody digs this song. Your opinion is understood. Yeah, I suppose they should've had a tolerable song for the victims during TWOTEF.

Peter - My mom's a nurse and well, the Emergency Ward does contact her for medical attention. Hope you enjoy your job as well. I agree with you on the fact that there's not most casualties on Friday the 13th.

Claude - Glad you enjoyed this one! This was one of the hardest songs to work with, but I did it. Yeah, glad to cover most superstitions while writing this song. Got more Big 7's coming up soon, but may have to write "Supercali-" again soon, since I screwed up on the stressing part of the pacing.

Matthias - Like Dave, your opinion is appreciated as well. As I've mentioned, not everyone digs this song. Some find it boring, some find it depressing, some find it scary. I may have to check out your version of TWOTEF as well as the Epic 40 thread you and Dave started. Very interesting! Glad you enjoyed my parody as well.
bobpiecheese - October 30, 2010 - Report this comment
(SOTM) Wait, TWOTEF was based on real events? I didn't know that. But then I don't know most stuff, like most of those crazy folk superstitions, but even then I thoroughly enjoyed this parody. 555 horseshoes for you!
Christie Marie M - November 23, 2010 - Report this comment
Very belated thanks, bobpie/T-COP!! :)....Sorry it took me mad long to respond to your comment. Yes, TWOTEF was based on real events, but that was before my time. Glad you enjoyed this parody and thanks for those horseshoes!

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