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Song Parodies -> "Gee, President Trumpy!"

Original Song Title:

"Gee, Officer Krupke"

Original Performer:

West Side Story

Parody Song Title:

"Gee, President Trumpy!"

Parody Written by:

Melanie Lee

The Lyrics

The revival and reworking of West Side Story on Broadway in 2009 introduced a new character, The Kid, a preteen white boy who tagged after the Jets and sang "Somewhere". For our purposes here, The Kid can be young or old, male or female (or other), rich or poor, of any race, nationality, or ethnicity. The Kid is Us--or at least some of us! OS (screen): OS (stage):
Hey, you!

Who, me, President Trumpy?

Yeah, you! Give me one good reason for not kicking you out of the country, you loser!

Dear wealthy Donald Trumpy,
Please help me understand:
Your attitude is grumpy;
Your tweets are out of hand;
You’re vicious and vindictive;
Your alt-facts are untrue.
Uncle Sammy!
Why’d they vote for you?

Gee, President Trumpy,
We’re really upset!
You’re not the kind of leader
That this land often gets.
You have no decorum;
Experience, nil!
That’s why we cast our votes for Hil.

Votes for Hil!

Votes for Hil! Votes for Hil!
Votes for Bill’s own Hil!
So we shilled the people’s vote to Hil!

That’s a Fakey News story!

Still, I’ll tell it to the Web!

Just tell it to the judges…


Dear Supreme Court, Your Honors,
You’re stalled in parking gear.
Scalia, in pajamas,
He bought the farm last year!
You still have no replacement;
You’re stuck with only eight!
Merrick Garland!
Congress messed your fate!

Dear President Trumpy,
This kid makes us sick!
This court don’t need a Justice
Who is Obama-picked.
We need a replacement
Who’s ultra-right-made:
Kill civil rights and Roe v. Wade!

We got played!

Roe v. Wade! Roe v. Wade!
Roe v. Wade, Wade, Wade!
We’ve waylaid Black votes and Roe v. Wade!

Hear ye, hear ye! In the opinion of this court…this court can’t cast an opinion on account that we’re still split four-to-four.

Hey, you can’t decide on account you’re one-deprived!

Go blame it on the Congress! Go!

Go here? Go there! Go there? Go here…!

The Demmies hate the Repubs.
The Repubs loathe the Dems.
They down their drinks in he-pubs,
Then point and say, “Blame them!”
The Nazis hate the left side;
The Commies hate the right!
Lady Libby!
All you do is fight!

Dear President Trumpy,
You’re finally here!
Now we can give those libtards
Such a kick in the rear.
Republican Congress, Republican Court…
Who needs to listen to their sort?

Screw their sort!

Screw their sort! Screw their sort!
Screw their P.C. sort!
No report will we hear from their sort!

In my opinion, our just-over-fifty-percent majority doesn’t need to listen to the left half of the country at all. Corporate-driven culture has replaced the social contract.

Hey! We had a social contract?

What happened to the social contract?

Or social working…?

Dear angry Trump supporters,
Why did you choose this man?
He’ll grope your wives and daughters
With tiny grabby hands!
He won’t release his taxes!
He doesn’t pay for work!
Livid white folks!
Why’d you pick this jerk?

Hey, President Trumpy,
Get rid of this schmoe!
This kid don’t need fair wages,
Just a trip to Git-mo!
It’s them and their kind
Make America fall.
Get rid of them, and build that wall!

Oh, that wall!

Build that wall! Build that wall!
Build that yuge, yuge wall!
Screw them all, deport them, BUILD THAT WALL!

Hey! The trouble is, Trump’s hazy!

The trouble is your race!

The trouble is, Trump’s crazy!

The trouble is your faith!

The trouble is Trump’s ego!

The trouble is, you’re here!


Please, President Trumpy,
Give ear to our pleas!

We want the social contract…

They’re the social disease!

Dismiss them, deport them…
Yeah, that’s what I’ll do!

Gee, President Trumpy…

Thank you!

Trump you!

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Jeff "Dr Chordate" Moran - February 03, 2017 - Report this comment
A monumental effort.
Phil Alexander - February 03, 2017 - Report this comment
This is truly brilliant. Exceptionally well done.
JAB - February 03, 2017 - Report this comment
What Phil said.
New Republic - February 03, 2017 - Report this comment
Wow! Comments from two liberals and a Eurotrash GMO consumer!
Steve S. - February 03, 2017 - Report this comment
It's a shame how some people can't see beyond their narrow reaction viewpoints to appreciate the talent on display in this and other parodies that may not track to their outlook.
Larry Hensley - February 03, 2017 - Report this comment
Amazing work and good summation of the current situation
Larry Hensley - February 04, 2017 - Report this comment
I have no idea what you want but get off my case. I don't deserve this. No one on this site deserves this. This is supposed to be a supportive creative community and you're destroying all that. I have a B.A. (yes, from a good university). I don't need anonymous, insulting, unwarranted comments against me. What is YOUR problem? I specifically try to post extremely intelligent comments because of these crazy comments now directed towards me (which I've never seen directed towards ANYONE before and I've been looking at this site for years) and you STILL complain and insult me
Rexall - February 04, 2017 - Report this comment
Larry, take you meds.
Friend - February 04, 2017 - Report this comment
Larry, obviously your critics are cruel, but they are frustrated by your nightly comments which amount almost entirely to platitudes. Even comments are held to a standard of thoughtfulness and entertainment. Always put your best foot forward, even though your detractors often don't. Here, you are what you write.
Larry Hensley - February 04, 2017 - Report this comment
I'm nowhere near as repetitious as I used to be (I try not to be at all). I try to make every comment as long as possible. I say every possible thing I can at the time and try to be as original as possible. And still they criticize. How much time do they expect people to put into making comments? Comments aren't even the main thing on this site, the parodies are. I'm eagerly anticipating the day (which will never happen) that these anonymous jerks will astound us with tons of amazing parodies. There's no pleasing some people, especially losers with no lives who have nothing better to do than to complain about comments on some site where they're not even an author. Disturbed people like that have no place on this site and will be the destruction of it.
Really? - February 04, 2017 - Report this comment
People with no lives? Larry, you and Susanna need to share a hot tub! Birds of a feather indeed! Btw, everybody has a life for better or worse. You can't seem to take any criticism. Go drink another glass of wine.
Larry Hensley - February 04, 2017 - Report this comment
Do you really want the site to essentially be nothing within a short amount of time? That's what this is going towards. If you're bored by my comments, you'll undoubtedly be bored by other's comments which are often usually just as "boring" as mine (especially my more recent ones, where I really have been trying a lot more). And you'll feel you have to lash out at them constantly because of it too. This will eventually cause people to stop commenting, stop people allowing comments even, and probably then stop parodies altogether. Whoever you are (and you probably are just one person, or just 2 or 3 at most) you're deeply disturbed. You're picking unnecessary fights with people you don't know for no good reason. I've been not posting parodies for a long time, and never expected my return to be greeted by such unnecessary hatred. I've never seen such hatred before on this site, and essentially for no reason at all. You have serious hatred/anger issues you need to work out, and this is not the way. Seek help. Seriously. It's better than destroying sites that mean so much to people. This is my final comment.
Peter Andersson - February 05, 2017 - Report this comment
Taking a multi-point view to caputure the worst of both worlds is IMHO under the current political situation simply brilliant. 555!
CML - February 05, 2017 - Report this comment
Whoever called Larry Helmsley a Nazi just gave away the whole game. Larry is clearly just an average guy minding his business, trying to be positive on a site that desperately needs it. Then some absolutely vicious little tw@t starts in with horrendous personal attacks, and then calls HIM a Nazi. This is projection on steroids. Even the Brownshirts of the 1930's had enough respect for human rationality not to call their Jewish victims "Brownshirts" ...... Whoever this troll is, I have one question for you -- How are you able to post these comments with your hands strapped to the walls of your padded cell? Do you dictate them to your mother when she comes to visit you? And does she send the out on her smart phone?
The Real Really? - February 05, 2017 - Report this comment
The second comment is not mine, but that of an imposter. I stated my opinion on Larry's statement about his critics having no lives (an echo of Susanna Viljanen). It is valid. I also do not care for the abuse of derogatory names like Nazi and Commie. Nazi is short for a member of the National Socialist German Workers Party and Commie is short for a member of the Communist Party. Rivals Democrat and Republican frequently use these to describe the ideologies of each side. Online, liberals and women use Nazi against anyone conservative or against male chauvinistic pigs. None of this applies here. Btw, I don't care if Larry has a BA and drinks wine all day. I only mentioned the latter so he could calm down. This is a mere comments section. People say all sorts of things out of hostility, insecurity, pettiness, etc... no reason to get so defensive. Larry says he's never seen such comments. Is he kidding? Political parodies have volumes of hate speech on all sides. And when SV put people down, she got hammered as expected. Negative comments come with the territory of anything competitive. I might add that I'm sick and tired of CML butting in as some form of self-appointed Parodist Advocate. Maybe he should concentrate on writing more parodies rather than stating his opinions or giving lectures on etiquette and protocol. As I recall, many of his own parodies have been labeled racist and Islamophobic. He is not a judge of anyone here.
I Can't Believe It's The Real Me! - February 05, 2017 - Report this comment
And who voted for Trumpy, or rather Trumpsky? Here's the word from The Brookings Institute: "The less-than-500 counties that Hillary Clinton carried nationwide encompassed a massive 64 percent of America’s economic activity as measured by total output in 2015. By contrast, the more-than-2,600 counties that Donald Trump won generated just 36 percent of the country’s output—just a little more than one-third of the nation’s economic activity." It seems that all those little rural counties that voted for Trumpsky consisted of losers who got their nutrition from government surplus cheese and RC Cola, their mental nourishment from the Cartoon Network (which they watched on their 1953 B & W Dumont TVs), and their exercise from walking back and forth to adjust the Vertical Hold.
As Opposed to? - February 05, 2017 - Report this comment
Feminazis, SJWs, minorities, LGBTQ, pot-smoking non-working douchebag males, PC losers, Abortionists, leftie lunatics, illegal immigrants, and scared seniors???
ICBITRM! - February 06, 2017 - Report this comment
^ Ah, a microcephalic Oreo-eater of the Nincompoopracy has issued a reply from the fastness of his trailer.
Trumpy - February 06, 2017 - Report this comment
^ Fake news folks
Melanie Lee - February 06, 2017 - Report this comment
First of all, thank you to all those who left positive feedback or constructive criticism. Second, I'm glad that this little parody of mine generated so many comments! Thirdly, once again, please, people, give credit where it's due! My pacing was nearly perfect--including much of the song's dialogue--and deserved better than "1's".
Melanie Lee - February 06, 2017 - Report this comment
Now I want to address some issues raised here. Yes, some trolls, or maybe one, have dedicated themselves to destroying the spirit of constructive, creative community that we've had here at Although we didn't always agree politically, by and large we provided detailed commentary on why we felt the way we did or what in the parody worked and what didn't. These days we've disintegrated to giving all 1s or to casting insults. And folks, the insults are coming from both sides of the political spectrum. Do you know how you respond when you're insulted? How do you expect the other side to react when you insult them, you Nazi/Commie? (Just kidding there.) People, try to keep your insults light and your analysis honest and helpful. Own who you are, but let others be themselves, too. Give the respect you want to get.
Melanie Lee - February 06, 2017 - Report this comment
Lastly, I want to address As Opposed to? The person before AOt categorized Trump supporters as rural rubes who live off welfare and who have the artistic/cultural depth of Elmer Fudd (or not even). AOt then listed the people I suppose he/she thinks vote Democratic. Now, I'm left-leaning (surprise!), and I'm an African-American, part Native American and Latina, 60-year-old Christian feminist from Queens, NY, so I fit a few of AOt's categories. I also observe that AOt equates "minorities" and "scared seniors" with "pot-smoking non-working douchebag males". It seems that to AOt, being a minority or a non-wealthy senior is as bad as being a (supposedly) white male who wastes his time. That's what bothers me: a young white male has to prove his unworthiness, whereas a person of color or an older person is intrinsically and automatically unworthy. AOt, do you really believe this?
? - February 06, 2017 - Report this comment
^ what are you talking about? Stereotyping shows up everywhere, but within the last 8 years I'd say that the label-making company in America is the DNC. It was Democrats in this last election that divided people up into Whites, Blacks, Hispanics, Women, Men, Gay, Straight, Young, and Old. Hillary counted on those votes to landslide Trump. It didn't work. Trump simply wants to make America great again. He uses the word American.
Dr Giorgio Coniglio dec - February 06, 2017 - Report this comment
@ML - February 07, 2017 - Report this comment
Betsy Devos got through! You Demonrats have no power. Trump rulz! Nothing you can do but protest. I'm gonna eat some Oreos and drink a soda!
Melanie Lee - February 07, 2017 - Report this comment
I'll quote myself here: "In my opinion, our just-over-fifty-percent majority doesn’t need to listen to the left half of the country at all. Corporate-driven culture has replaced the social contract."
D9d - February 07, 2017 - Report this comment
^ you were so scatterbrained with your three previous responses in a row, that I feared a tirade this time. Thank God, just a pathetic attempt at a response! Sorta reflective of your party's attempts to block Trump. Futile indeed!
Up The Revolution - February 07, 2017 - Report this comment
Melanie: Sadly, there has never been a strong social contract. Had there been, there would have been liberty and justice for all. Any meaningful social contract was subsumed long ago by Capital vs. Labor, Landlord vs. Tenant, Suburb vs. City, Religion vs. Religion, Propagandist vs. Sucker, etc. We have to listen to the fewest of us and the least of us. Do not adopt the Public Enemy's strategy of Divide and Conquer. Unite!

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