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Song Parodies -> "Springtime for Donald"

Original Song Title:

"Springtime for Hitler"

Original Performer:

The Producers

Parody Song Title:

"Springtime for Donald"

Parody Written by:

Melanie Lee

The Lyrics

trumpery: (noun) 1. Attractive articles of little value or use. 1.1. Practices or beliefs that are superficially or visually appealing but have little real value or worth.
Liberals were in a tizzy:
What a sad, sad news day!
Old school Repub leaders
Moaning over Super Tuesday!

What, oh what went wrong?

Where’s our country gone?

Some right-wing boors have voted for
The man who’d make them strong!

(trumpet fanfare)

But now it’s…

Springtime for Donald and Trumpery!
Rednecks are happy at last!
We’re losing our politest face.
Look out! Here comes the whitest race!
Springtime for Donald and Trumpery!
Muslims can’t smuggl’ in our shores!
Springtime for Donald and Trumpery!
Politicians, we need you no more!

Springtime for Donald and Trumpery!

Ballot-ting time!

Winter for Marco and Ted!

Springtime for Donald and Trumpery!

Springtime! Bling-time! Sling-time! Schwing-time!
Wring-time! Sting-time! King Time!

We want Donald, ‘cause he’s what they dread!

(brief instrumental)

I was born to kick some rump,
And that is why I vote for Trump!

Don’t be stupid; be a smarty.
Come disrupt the Grand Ol’ Party!

(instrumental break as Trump kids tap-dance…)

Bang! Bang! Bang! Oof…! Bang!

(…while security guards rough up reporters and toss protesters out…)


Der Donald is coming!
Der Donald is coming!
Der Donald is coming!

Heil Donald!

Heil Donald!

Heil Donald!

Springtime for Donald and Trumpery…

(trumpet fanfare of “For the Love of Money”)

Heil Donald!

(trumpet blast!)

Heil myself! Heil to me!
I’m the Trump who stumps with demagoguery!
Heil myself! Hear my cry!
If you’re ISIS, your wife is gonna die!
Mexicans, we’ll build a wall ‘round you!

You’ll pay, too!

I’ll go shoot somebody on…Fifth Avenue!
Heil myself! Float my boat!

Let’s vote!

Ev’ry heck and peck of Redneck, cast your vote!

Every heck and peck of Redneck!

Heil myself!

Every fleck and speck of Redneck!

Heil myself!

Every wreck and dreck of Redneck…

Cast your vote!

The Trumpster,
He speaks from the dumpster!
He got his new B.S. degree
From ol’ Trump University!
The Trumpster,
He speaks from the dumpster!
He’s not politic’lly correct.
He shows opponents no respect,
So he’s the man that we’ll select!
The Trumpster,
He speaks from the dumpster!


(instrumental flourish of “New York, New York”)

I was just a New York rich kid,
Dreamed I’d scream, “You’re, then, fired!”
Borrowed millions from my daddy,
So I…built an empire.
Built it all on fluff!
I…slapped my name on stuff!
I spread my brand… across the land,
But that ain’t quite enough!

But I wasn’t always so sleazy!
It was 2001. George W. Bush was working the White House,
And I…I was playing Trump Tower!
And then I got my Big Idea!
Somebody flattened the World Trade Center!
So…would you believe it?
I thought I could be President! President!

Dems I can pillory
If it’s Bernie or… it’s Hillary.
The thing that no one knows is:
My campaign’s all show biz!

Heil myself! Love my show!
I’m the German steering vermin toward Jim Crow!

(trumpet snippet of “Dixie”)

Your resentment festers, so beat protesters
For free!
Though my method’s vile, you will all soon heil
To me! President Me!

(brief fanfare)

Next year, it’s…

Springtime for Donald the President!
You’ll step in two-step…or else!

Patriots, stand and fight again!
We’ll make the White House white again!

(more fanfare…)

Springtime for Donald and Trumpery!
Insults and bombs will be hurled!
Springtime for Donald and Trumpery…


Soon we’ll take over!

I’m gonna take over!

You know we’ll take over!

America’s over!

We’re gonna take over the…


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2Eagle - March 13, 2016 - Report this comment
I don't usually mess around with with original comedy songs but this parody equals the OS. I can't believe there are so many supporters for that clown, but how do you think Hitler made it to the top - certainly not by being a Rhodes scholar.
Rob Arndt - March 13, 2016 - Report this comment
As a Reich specialist, you are way off base 2Eagle. The seeds of WW2 were planted in 1919. Hitler, like most other soldiers and German citizens, felt that the stab in the back of the Armistice, the ACC dismantling of the German Armed Forces, the occupation of the Ruhr, and unfair Treaty of Versailles were unfair. Weimar added to the instability of the German nation and when armed Communists were in the streets harming civilians... did the US, Britain, or France step in to help? No, the Nazi SA did. Hitler was groomed for his role as future Fuhrer by the Thule Society of rich industrialists and occultists that survived WW1. The '28 Putsch also helped Hitler write his book "Mein Kampf" in prison which became a best seller. Hitler was more viable than his aging and feeble competitor and once elected delivered on his promises to eliminate unemployment, restart industry, and the Nazi Party rewarded soldiers, married couples, mothers, and community leaders. German technology advanced significantly and he restored Germany's rightful place in the world. Hosted the 1936 Olympics and was Time Magazine's Man of the Year. People around the world like what the saw of Nazi progress and innovation. But that was 1930s desperation that led to Hitler's rise in Germany and loyalty until May 1945. Trump, by comparison, is nothing like Hitler. He's a self-made Billionaire, recognized celebrity with a beautiful wife and family, who knows television and technology to get free coverage 24/7. His followers are fed up Middle Class blue color workers who want change at all cost. In stats, Trump reaches across all demographics for the same reason: Anti-establishment. We live in dangerous times worse than the 1930s with world terror, threat of use of nuclear weapons and other WMDs, and threat of the fiscal crash of the West. Technology is also out of control. You can't blame a few Trump supporters for mixing it up with protesters who seek to disrupt a rally at all cost. Unless Trump personally orders specific people to harm others, the individuals involved are accountable. You're talking less than 1% in crowds of tens of thousands. Trump has asked Security and Police to remove protesters and the Secret Service stepped in too. It's their job. Same for pepper-spraying unruly mobs that won't disperse. Hitler had protesters beaten by the Gestapo and sent to concentration camps! There's no comparison between 21st Century American politics and fascist movements of Mussolini, Franco, and Hitler. Bad media analogy.
I Am Eagle - March 13, 2016 - Report this comment
Nothing wrong with what 2Eagle wrote. But the Trump apologist who followed is all wet. The list of incitements to violence by Trump has been reported endlessly. What other candidate has talked about punching a protester in the face? What he has said as a public leader at rallies is illegal. In Brandenburg v. Ohio, a 1969 Supreme Court case dealing with free speech, the Court replaced the "shouting 'Fire' in a crowded theater" with the 'imminent lawless action' test. This new test proclaimed that the state could limit speech that incites imminent unlawful action. This standard is still applied by the Court today to free speech cases involving the advocacy of violence. Trump should be in jail and his cellmate should be a certain authoritarian "blood-German" who has been spreading his apologies and praise for anything German and totalitarian all over the Internet to fool the local yokels, with just enough lip service to humanitarianism to keep him out of the slammer.
Rob Arndt - March 14, 2016 - Report this comment
^ Bernie Sanders nutjob. Btw, if you go to a pumped-up Trump rally of tens of thousands looking for a fight, chances are you'll find it. I don't feel sorry for any of them. And I have to laugh because the Hitler linkage was spoofed on Fox. It seems anyone you truly hate can be linked to Hitler. Before that, the question was who did people link to Pre-'33? A valid question. As for your attack on me, I consider you a mouse more than any bird of prey. Pick a stronger pseudonym!
Gherman Titov - March 14, 2016 - Report this comment
^ Is this pseudonym strong enough for you? But what do you know? Wee, sleeket, cowran, tim’rous beastie,/O, what a panic’s in thy breastie!
I Am Still Eagle - March 14, 2016 - Report this comment
Pre-'33, there were linkages to Vlad Dracula, Genghis Khan, Torquemada, Attila the Hun, Caligula, Nero, and others. As modern, Eurocentric people we link genocidal dictators, like Hussein and Assad, to Hitler, a monster like all the rest. He is especially unique because he arose out of a cultured, presumably civilized state. However, more attention should have been paid to Germany's mythology.
Rob Arndt - March 14, 2016 - Report this comment
Your ignorance is showing again. Weimar Republic was dysfunctional, inept. There was chaos and Hitler tapped into the German need for one word- order. German mythology played little in a culture of historical Prussian militarism mixed with a nation of hunters. Neither the German soldier nor Waffen SS were fighting for Odin. They gave their allegiance to Hitler under oath. Btw, neither Assad nor Hussein are like Hitler either unless your definition is simply dictator. Hitler himself did not fit the so-called Aryan ideal man and even the SS dropped racial standards by 1943. Nazi Germany represented the furthest extension of Prussian militarism mixed with the occult foundation of the NSDAP. Fascism and Anti-semitism were nothing new in Europe. And vilification of anyone is easy unless you review their entire life. No apologies, just facts. Hitler was a boy abused by his father Alois and then his father died. He clung to his mother who encouraged him in art. He loved dogs and drawing, read a lot, but was withdrawn. Went to war on Germany's side and was hit by shrapnel in '16 and was gassed near the end, discovering the Armistice while in hospital. His world collapsed. He wandered the streets selling paintings and postcards. Then Thule came along which originated the Nazi Party. Hitler was member 555, not 7 as later adjusted. He found a home, was groomed for his role using his talents of oratory and rousing the crowds. That's it. Trump is no more a Hitler for drawing massive crowds than Sanders is a perceived Commie for doing the same with his admitted socialist agenda! Trump comes off at his worst as a rich, spoiled, bratty kid throwing a temper tantrum. Hitler was the German messiah. Trump says "Make America Great Again" to which Hillary has adapted to "Make America Whole Again!!!" Hitler's slogan was "Alles fur Deutschland" which is a reflection of the old national anthem " Deutschland, Deutschland, Uber Alles " which was tied to the German national character. There is no one Sieg Heiling Trump at his rallies. And for hate groups that like Trump, he doesn't sponsor them. In America, they too have the right to vote just as much as the lunatic fringe of the Left ;-)
Dr Giorgio Coniglio dec - March 14, 2016 - Report this comment
5s for ML. Commenters, rated on excess length, and bullying others' threads, also get 5s.
Melanie Lee - March 14, 2016 - Report this comment
I'm very pleased that my parody engendered such detailed debate! I don't know much about German history, and I doubt that it will penetrate my head, but I did note some interesting facts and theories. Some names will set off cultural reactions even if you don't know much of the history behind them: Marx. Jesus. Gandhi. Martin Luther King, Jr. Susan B. Anthony. JFK. Greta Garbo. Mary. Joan of Arc. I mean, do you have to know every detail of French history or the Hundred Years' War to have an idea who Joan of Arc was? Hitler to me means a frenzied dictator who rallied people with nationalism and who made certain people (pure-blooded Germans) feel good about themselves by turning them against other, more vulnerable, more marginalized people (Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals, Jehovah's Witnesses, Communists, and liberals). Hitler may have improved the German economy and German national pride, but at horrendous human cost--and it didn't last long. The Nazi movement ultimately brought about the destruction, or at least the fracturing, of Germany, not to be reunited until the 1990s--nearly four decades. When Donald Trump spoke against the Mexicans, I thought, "Racist". I wrote the "The Donald vs. Ugly Betty" parody. When Trump asserted that we should keep Muslims out of the country, I thought, "Hitler"--mentally comparing Trump's planned discrimination against Muslims to Hitler's discrimination against Jews. The violence Trump has since espoused--including killing terrorists' families, clearly immoral and illegal--and the roughing up of both protesters and reporters, confirms even more solidly in my mind the Hitler comparison. Trump doesn't have to be exactly like Hitler to earn the comparison. The things I've mentioned are enough. Oh--and the fact that most of his supporters seem comfortable with widescale oppression, even by violence, of minorities and dissidents. I'm ashamed that Trump hails from Queens, NY.
Melanie Lee - March 14, 2016 - Report this comment
BTW, you might want to check out online the first New York Times article about Adolf Hitler when he was just a fledgling politician in Munich. The article is an eye-opener!
Melanie Lee - March 14, 2016 - Report this comment
Also, those of you who rate our work are free to dislike the authors' politics and find our work unfunny. However, please give credit where it's due. My pacing was practically perfect and deserved 5s, or at least 4s. Isn't anyone here fair enough to dislike someone's message and still give good marks for pacing when deserved?
I Am Eagle - March 14, 2016 - Report this comment
M. L., your comments are right on. I gave you 5s. You received many 1s for your excellent pacing to compensate for all the 5s Arndt gets for his lousy pacing. You were, as usual with these things, graded on your message, not your craft.
Callmelennie - March 14, 2016 - Report this comment
But the mystery remains -- who the hell are all these rabid supporters of Trump to be giving Melanie SEVENTEEN thumbs down based solely on message. They surely haven't made themselves known with any supportive comments of trump
Rob Arndt - March 15, 2016 - Report this comment
Melanie, you are welcome to your opinions and flawed comparisons when historically filtered, but Jews were just a "perceived" internal threat to not only Germany in the 1930s, but with most of Europe, the USSR, etc... Even America carried the Anti-semitism as far as it could go in limiting Jewish immigration to the US pre and post-WW2 as Britain and France did. Radical Islamic elements (which originate in Islam as a religion) pose a DIRECT EXTERNAL THREAT with intent to destroy everyone who does not adhere to the Quran and Sharia Law. So your linking Trump to Hitler on illegal immigration and a temporary Muslim ban is proof that you haven't thought things through. You also ignore cartel violence, the drugs, human trafficking, anchor baby road to US citizenship, and the Mexican Army providing maps of the US and water stations to illegals and their transporters! With any other nation, this would be an act of war. But being the gutless liberal you are, you make excuses for your weakness. Trump fans admire his no BS approach to tackling these issues. Sanders or Clinton will do nothing about national security, rebuilding our military, or restoring the power projection of the US. So they play games with rhetoric and who, driven by the liberal media, are magnifying anything to do with Trump to the extent of painting him with a broad brush as a racist, a bully, and a potential Hitler, which is nonsense. The Klan? Trump doesn't endorse them at all and has disavowed 5 times on record. Rally violence? Comes from paid outside Leftist agitators who come to heckle and start fights with Trump and his supporters. The Black Lives Matter movement has morphed into a fight the police movement that approves of cop-killing. Why are they not under scrutiny? They provoke violence and harass Trump supporters. But punch one in the face out of tens of thousands in attendance and it's headline: "OMG, Rampant Violence at Trump Rallies!" WTF??? Did you notice that today with increased security and busing to the location, that there were no conflicts? That means the troublemakers were not successful in infiltration. And lastly, strong nationalism should be part of the character of anyone who wants to lead a nation. Nazism preaches the superiority of the German people over everyone on this earth. Trump saying he wants to make America great again and a respected power worldwide is not the same. At all. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a fool, even though America historically HAS committed genocide against Native Americans AND endorsed chattel slavery for HUNDREDS of years. Nazi Germany lasted 12 years. Learn some history ML.
Phil Alexander - March 15, 2016 - Report this comment
I can see you're way down that rabbit hole, Rob.. a bit like Trump, I'm guessing that if you read it on the internet and you want to believe it, then it's true, right:?

Excellent parody, Melanie (just over ten years ago, I did "Springtime for Bush and America", this is a fun sort of song to do)
Callmelennie - March 15, 2016 - Report this comment
Actually it's no mystery at all, Melanie. All you need to do to register multiple votes is take your PC to multiple IP addresses and vote from each address. All of your negative votes could be the work of a couple or even ONE troll. If you live in a built up urban area, you could find one at a street level cafe every hundred feet or so ..... A few months ago, ChuckG himself called out a troll who had posted about 35 one bombs on one of Susanna V's parodies
Phil Alexander - March 16, 2016 - Report this comment
CML - you don't even need to go that far, just clear your cookies and re-vote. Of course, that does mean it is very obvious if anyone looks at the logs which have IP addresses against both votes, parody submissions and comments... Of course, a matching IP address doesn't guarantee it's the same person; just as different ones won't prove it's not (what with internet cafes and proxy servers), but we're not in a court of law, after all.
David Nicholl - August 17, 2017 - Report this comment
Has this been ought to be...preferably in front of Trump...maybe with some tap dancing KKX

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