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Q: What do the DIRE STRAITS and High Blood Pressure have in common? A: They are the SALTANS OF SWING
Submitted by: Jason Konopka
Why does Stevie Wonder always perform alone on stage? Because the band members keep sneaking out on him. ("Oh, come on guys! Where IS everybody?" .. S.W.)
Submitted by: Jeff Williams
Famous Initials In Television and Music - "M*A*S*H; Mobile Army Surgical Hospital" .. "C.L.A.N.; Cyndi Lauper's A Nut"
Submitted by: Jeff Williams
In 2024, Kentucky Fried Chicken will be taken over by the Fine Young Cannibals, and it will have a new name; "Kentucky Fried People" .. The business will be an immense failure, because no-one wants to be eaten by another person.
Submitted by: Jeff Williams
Why do the Fine Young Cannibals put out so few albums? It takes them that long to find new band members after they are "eaten" by the lead singer or one of the other members. (Last surviving band member gets to look for new band members. It's tough; nobody wants to join FYC anymore.)
Submitted by: Jeff Williams
My impression of overzealous Queen fans: "Adam Lambert took an axe and gave Kashmira [Freddie's sister] 40 whacks. When he saw what he had done, he gave John Deacon 41."
Submitted by: Amanda
Why can't Lionel Richie recite the entire alphabet? Because he always gets stuck on U.
Submitted by: Gusty O'Windflap
Ray Anthony (born Raymond Antonini) wrote a lot of songs and he had a big hit with the song "The Bunny Hop" in 1952. Well, you know of course that he wrote the "Hokey Pokey", the beloved children's song too, right? (It was the B-side of "The Bunny Hop"). So recently, it happened that Ray Anthony had just passed away due to old age. At his funeral, did you hear what they did with him in his coffin?? It was said that "They took his left foot in, they took his left foot out, then they shook it all about...and they did the Hokey Pokey" Haha. Very funny.
Submitted by: Codi Preston D.
Daryl Hall and John Oates had a lot of hits in the 1980s like "Maneater", "Kiss On My List", "One On One", "Say It Isn't So", and "I Can't Go For That", I'm sure you all know. Well, did you know that before they became musicians, they were truck drivers??? They were HAULING OATS!! (Hall and Oates = Hauling Oats!!). A really funny pun. Haha.
Submitted by: Codi Preston D.
What is John Lennon’s favorite time? 9:10 because it’s one after 909.
Submitted by: Emma Green

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