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Q: When do you know that the Crash Test Dummies are satisfied with their food and when making love in the bedroom ? A: MMM MMMM MMMM MMMM MMMMMMM
Submitted by: Jason W. Konopka
After every Rolling Stones concert, Mick Jagger used to take a nap, but this is no longer true. The other band members became concerned that he may be "deceased", and they had to cancel their shows.
Submitted by: Jeff Williams
What happens when the Def Leppard members get in a war An Armegeddon it
Submitted by: John
A Young Child Having "Rock-and-roll Nightmares" ( Child talking to his mom ) CHILD: "Mommy? I just had a horrible dream." MOM: "A dream? What KIND of dream?" CHILD: "I just dreamed that a 75-year-old was trying to sing to me." MOM: "Mick Jagger of The Rolling Stones is a 75-year-old who tries to sing to EVERYONE." CHILD: "That's what I thought. Now how am I going to sleep?" MOM: "Would you like to sleep with ME tonight?" CHILD: "Yes, Mommy, thank you." MOM: "Goodnight, honey." CHILD: "Goodnight, Mommy" (Kisses child on cheek; both go directly to sleep.) ( And everyone lived happily ever after. )
Submitted by: Jeff Williams
"Dylan" English - "I vee-veesing a new alvum." "Regular" English - "I'm releasing a new album."
Submitted by: Jeff Williams
Q: What time is it when you discover that Donald Trump is eligible to be President of the United States but Elvis Costello isn’t? A: Time to change the Constitution!
Submitted by: Elsie (formerly Alex) Aerni
Poem by Elvis (This is TRUE; Look it up.) "Ode to A Robin" As I awoke this morning When all sweet things are born, A robin perched upon my windowsill To greet the coming dawn. He sang his song so sweetly And paused for a moment's lull I gently raised the window And crushed his fucking skull.
Submitted by: Jeff Williams
Q. Why is acetone no longer performing? A. Because they dissolved.
Submitted by: Roxanne Drake
Why is the music of The Temptations banned in the Rolling Stones recording studio? Because every time the song "Papa Was A Rolling Stone" is played, Mick Jagger has "flashbacks" of his father.
Submitted by: Jeff Williams
Q:What happens when Ben Franklin flew his kite A:he got thunderstruck
Submitted by: Alex

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