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Steven Tyler is not "gay" by ANY means, but he does not go out on dates with women anymore. Every time he does, he gets mistaken for her grandfather. ( Joe Perry? Same thing. )
Submitted by: Jeff Williams
Bob Dylan has been seeing a psychologist because he has been having mental and social problems. The doctor says to Dylan, "Repeat after me .. Your Name is Bob Dylan." The problem started when Dylan said to the doctor, "Your name is Bob Dylan." The doctor says "No. YOUR name is Bob Dylan." Dylan again says "Your name is Bob Dylan." This went on repeatedly for several moments. ( The doctor has since resigned and is now seeing another doctor himself. )
Submitted by: Jeff Williams
Why did Cage The Elephant quit performing live? Because they got tired of playing for peanuts.
Submitted by: Rock Maninoff
Why does Aerosmith not sing "Walk This Way" anymore? Because THEY can't walk anymore.
Submitted by: Jeff Williams
Q: What was Chopin's favourite food? A: Spaghetti Polonaise
Submitted by: Moritz Wagner
GENERIC (Rappers)
NAME A "LIVING" RAPPER ====================== Day 1; ?? Day 2; ?? Day 3; ?? Day 4; ?? Day 5; ?? Day 6; ?? Day 7; ?? Day 8; ?? Day 9; ?? Day 10; ?? Day 11; ?? Day 12; ?? Day 13; ?? Day 14; ?? Day 15; ?? Day 16; ?? Day 17; ?? Day 18; ?? Day 19; ?? Day 20; ?? Day 21; ?? Day 22; ?? Day 23; ?? Day 24; ?? Day 25; ?? Day 26; ?? Day 27; ?? Day 28; ?? Day 29; ?? Day 30; ?? MY theory? They've all been shot.
Submitted by: Jeff Williams
Why is Paris Hilton in the hospital? - She got hurt raking leaves (Fell out of the tree.)
Submitted by: Jeff Williams
Celine Dion had a bout with amnesia a few years ago, but, thankfully, she has made a full recovery, and is perfectly healthy. She even wrote a song about it; "It's All Coming Back To Me Now"
Submitted by: Jeff Williams
The members of The Rolling Stones are all scared of Kenny Rogers. The thing that frightens them the most is Kenny's song "The Gambler". The one verse in particular that bothers them is " . . . and the best that you can hope for is to die in your sleep." After hearing that verse, they all say to themselves "That can happen."
Submitted by: Jeff Williams
Korey Cooper
Wow, "Monster" really rocks you to the 'Kore'. Yeah, I went there.
Submitted by: Relith Kanima

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