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Mary Wells was standing in line at the punchbowl, when some guy cut in front of her. Angrily Mary said, "You beat me to the punch!"
Submitted by: S. Tim Wood
You better watch out before I Five Finger Death Punch you.
Submitted by: Toby Tanner
What is the difference between humans and bullets? Humans miss John Lennon.
Submitted by: Erick
'Live' is one of the stupidest band names ever. Here's one reason why. Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen. From the United States of America - let's give a warm welcome to LIVE! Audience member: Who's live? Announcer: LIIIVVVEEE!!! Audience member: I'm asking ya, who's playing live? Announcer: LIIIVVVEEE!!! (*smacks the announcer*)
Submitted by: Live Is a Lousy U2 Imitator Band
We know about how when a TV program bored or pissed off Elvis Presley he'd shoot the TV with a pistol. SO - Q: what does Peter Gabriel do when the BBC airs some rubbish that he don't like? A: he smashes the telly with a sledgehammer! Ha!
Submitted by: This Time You Gone Too Far!
The label is putting out a new 3 cd Rush album. 200 minutes of music. They just have to figure out which song it will be.
Submitted by: Nor4d
Your momma’s so stupid that in 2001, she tried to kill Michael Jackson because she though he was ‘invincible.’ (“Invincible” is MJ’s tenth studio album) Q. What brand of beer does Michael drink on Halloween? A. Miller Lite.
Submitted by: Logan the Amazing
What is flowers do you bring to a kiss concert two-lips
Submitted by: Petra esparza
Dave Gilmour
Did you hear about the man who spent 24 hours listening to all of Pink Floyd's albums? He hit the wall.
Submitted by: Duncan Musgrove
Dire Strait's & Chris Rea
Dire straits & chris rea are going on tour together, it will be called the dire rea tour.
Submitted by: Jason

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