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Do you know why a band picked out it's name? Feel free to let us know.

I can't verify all of these stories, so do take them with a grain of salt. I try and delete the ones that I know to be bogus, but I don't know the origins of every band name (and some bands intentionally tell different stories about picking their band name).

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Lifehouse The band's name was originally Blyss. But when they got their first record deal, the company didn't like it. They gave the band ten days to come up with a new name. When they ended up with nothing, the record company named the band, Lifehouse, themselves. Not a very exciting story, huh? Leeping4lifehouse
The Lightning Seeds From a misheard lyric! Prince sang "Thunder drowns out what the lightning sees" in Raspberry beret. Chris
Lightning Seeds Ian Broudie misheard the lyric "The thunder drowns out what the lightning sees" in "Raspberry Beret" by Prince and thought "The Lightning Seeds" would be a good name for his band. Fletch
Lil' Kim She picked this name because she is 4'11 and her Name Is Kimberly, which means She's little and shes Kim so Lil' Kim is a good name for her:):) denika
Lil' Mo The nickname of female R&B vocalist Cynthia Loving was originally the nickname of 50's tennis legend Maureen Connolly. R.S.K.
Lillix Original members Tasha-Ray Evin (guitar, vocals, writing), Lacey-Lee Evin (keyboard, vocals, writing), and Louise "Weez" Burns (bass, vocals, writing) were originally called "Tigerlily"...Later they learned that there was another band already called Tigerlily, so they had to change it. They couldn't decide on anything and eventually tried Tigerlily X, which evolved to Lily X, to Lillix. LILLIX!  Chelsei
Lillix The band wanted to be called "Tiger Lilly" but it was already taken. They then changed it "Tiger Lilly X" but it was also taken. This became "Lilly X" which eventually morphed into Lillix. Lindsey
Lillix The word Lillix doesn't really have its own meaning. They looked the word up; it's a Norwegian cat, but that has nothing to do with their name. They were called Tigerlily before, but there were lots of bands out there with that name already; they had to change it for legal reasons. It went from Tigerlily to Tigerlily X to Lily X to Lillix.  Roadkill and Pen Caps
Lillix They first called themselves Tigerlily, but then for legal reasons changed it to TigerlilyX. They eventually shortened it to LilyX, and then Lillix. backstreetgrl
Limahl Not a band, but when 80's band Kajagoogoo split up, lead singer Mark Hamill set about a solo career. 'Limahl' is a rearrangement of his last name. Coleman
Limp Bizkit They actually began as Holy Moses and the Red Sea Pedestrians (see Monty Python), the when hanging out and getting high one night, one of Fred's friends (later one of the group's roadies) said his brain felt like a limp biscuit because he was so stoned. They respelled it to Limp Bizcut before using the spelling that now infurates English teachers around the world. (I met the guys and actually asked them personally) On a side note, Fred DOES have a dog named Bizkit (she's an English Bulldog) but the dog was named after the band, not vice versa, as his other dogs are named Phoenix (a Pug) and Radar (male Englisg bulldog). Hedgehog
Limp Bizkit Fred Durst was looking at a picture of a brain and said that it looked like a limp biscuit. They took that and alternativly spelt it. Chris
Limp Bizkit Lana has it right, limp bizkit got their name from freds dog bizkit that he takes everywhere, his dog was injured and started to limp and they thought that it was the stupidest thing so they picked it as their name Yesm
Limp Bizkit When asked what a good band name was, a friend said he couldn't think because his brain felt like a limp biscuit!  *tracy*
Limp Bizkit All I remember hearing from a press conference that Limp Bizkit had when their Album "Chocolate Starfish and The Hot Dog Flavored Water" came out is that back where they came from, someone had a dog with a limp when it walked and it's name was Biscuit. So they mispelled bisquit to bizkit and called their band Limp Bizkit. Madjakal
Limp Bizkit I heard in some interview that Limp Bizkit got its name cuz it was the stupidest thing they could come up with. Thats what Fred Durst said. Amith
Limp Bizkit Limp bizkit got their name for there dog named buiscut who had a broken leg and walked with a limp Marcus
Limp Bizkit 'Limp Biscuit' is a Scottish game involving guys ejaculating on a biscuit. The person who finishes last gets to eat it. Gross, isn't it? Kitt
Limp Bizkit there guitarist was dunkin his biscuit in his tea and it went "limp" go figure yob
Limp Bizkit Limp Bizkit was on Fanatic when their fan asked them how they came up with the name. They explained that they had asked a friend of theirs what a good name would be and he said "I don't know. Right now my brain feels like a limp bizkit." Koren
Limp Bizkit Anyone familiar with this bands music will agree that the lead singer is oftenly angry and seemingly full of rage. Could the name have come to be because of the cause of all this anger? Perhaps the lead singer has a bit of a problem "down there"?  RIOTGRRRL
Limp Bizkit The Bizkit part is named after Fred's Bulldog:Bizkit. Once Bizkit had a limp, so Fred took him to the vets, and the vet said 'It looks like you have a 'Limp Bizkit' here!'and thus came the name for the band! The Gurl who got away with Frankie Muniz
Limp Bizkit Iit's a game in england where guys gather around a bizkit and try to 'whack' it (if u get what i mean..). whoever whacks it last has to eat it. Dj
Limp Bizkit I heard someplace that Fred used to have this dog named Bizkit. It got hurt or hit by a car or something, so it couldn't walk right. Hence the name Limp Bizkit, b/c it limped around. Lana
Limp Bizkit They asked a friend what they should call their band. He was on speed and just said "My brain feels like a Limp Biscuit"  Bobo
Linear They saw the word "Linear" on the back of a piece of music equipment, and decided that "Lin-EE-r" would be a great name. (The word is actually pronounced "LIN-ee-ur." They were a band out of the 80sm and their big hit was "Sending All My Love.") - hbz hbz
Link 80 They're from Berkeley, CA. Interstate 80 runs through it and was the "link" between them all. Verbal Kint
Linkin Park The band Linkin Park's name (before the addition of Chester Bennington) when they first formed in 1996 was Xero, at that point they had made a four track demo tape. They had later (after the adittion of Chester Bennington) changed their name to Hybrid Theory and recorded the Hybrid Theory EP. Due to legal conflict with the British electronic music group Hybrid, they changed their name to Linkin Park, a name paying homage to Lincoln Park, located in Santa Monica, CA. Danny
Linkin Park They were driving down the road and saw the name Lincoln Park by the Lincoln Memorial. They took it to their advantage. natalie
Linkin Park The lead vocalist of the band usually drove past a park called Lincoln Park. It grabbed his attention and he told the rest of the members of the band about it and they liked the sound of it and then they changed the letters and made it Linkin Park. There was a band also called Lincoln Park so they had to change the letters to make it legal. tasha
Linkin Park Okay. The real reason their name is Linkin Park was because their new singer, Chester Bennington, had to drive from the recording studio to his house and he always passed this park, called Lincoln Park. As a joke, when they were thinking of a name, he suggested Lincoln Park, and to his surprise, the others took a liking to it quickly. Of course the other suggestion was 10 PM Stocker (because they used to meet their to record). Anyway, They thought it was a good name because almost every state has a Lincoln Park, and they'd think it'd be a local band. The spelling change was no to be near Limp Bizkit, it was due to legal issues, ( is too expensive for them to buy) not popularity. Charnette
Linkin Park The lead singer of the band, Chester Bennington, said that they couldn't stick with the band's original name, which was Hybrid Theory, because of legal issues, so they were forced to change it. Chester came up with the name, because there was a Park, near Santa Monica, that he would always drive past, called Lincoln Park. It was filled with homeless people all the time, and when he saw it, he liked it. It didn't have any special meaning, he just thought it would be a good name for the band. He wanted the name of the band to define the music, rather then the music, define the band. Tiffany
Linkin Park Referring to the 'chain linkin' concrete. It's actually chain link AND concrete. So therefore their name could not have come from a song. Thank you! :] Kazz.
linkin park ok this is a direct quote from mike... "It's kind of funny because it's a question that comes up a million times and everyone gets sick of answering it, but it's kind of important, especially for people on the web. When we originally got the name, it was just the name, it was like Meteora, we just saw it. We were like, "Ah that's a cool word. It has a lot of energy, it has this power that we like." And what it was, was a sign for Lincoln Park… L…I…N…C…O…L…N in Santa Monica in the L.A. area that Chester drove by, showed it to us, and we were like, "This is cool, we should see if we could use it as a band name. We checked for it online, and of course Lincoln Park was taken. So, we wanted our own website, 'cause our main channel to talk to our fans was on the web, we're very active on the web, so we needed our, so that's why we spelled it that way, so we that we could get Now we have our message boards and our chat rooms, and our fan club through We can talk to our fans directly online, I mean we go onto all the time and talk on the message boards and chat rooms." aliferous
Linkin Park Linkin Park was originally called Xero, but when lead vocalist Chester Bennington joined, they renamed their band Hybrid Theory. Due to legal issues, they could not keep that name. They experimented with a few different names, and decided to name the band Lincoln Park after a park Chester would pass as he drove to work. They wanted to make a website for their band, but they found that was already taken. So they changed the spelling to Linkin Park. Tim
Linkin Park The guys of Linkin Park would hang out at Lincoln Park. They mispelled it so when band names were listed in alphabetical order they'd be near a band with a good following: Limp Bizkit. Susan
Linkin Park They used to be called Xero. Then they changed it to Hybrid Theory. The band ?Hybrid? told the members that they couldn't use that name. So LP had to change their name. Chester always drove past Lincoln Park on the way to band practice and he just kinda brought it up and they liked it because they wanted the music to define the name, not the name to define the music. After playing shows and stuff as "Lincoln Park", everywhere they went, people thought they were a local band because there are Lincoln Parks EVERYWHERE. Also, they wanted their own web domain name, so they changed the spelling to "Linkin Park". Jester
Linkin Park Now, I must clear up this rumor about Linkin Park choosing to mispell their name so they would end up next to Limp Bizkit. They didn't. The reason it's mispelled is because it was cheaper to buy the web domain for that, seeing that "Lincoln Park" is a common name for parks. And Tiffany got a bit mixed up. I quote Chester - "It leaves the music to define the name rather than the name define the music." HybridObsession
linkin park when the band found out they couldn't use thier original name they all set out and wrote down the names they wanted the band to be. when they got back together they found linkin park on chesters paper and liked the catchyness mel
Linkin Park Many speculate they named themselves after Lincoln Park in Santa Monica where most of the boys hail from...if they misspelled it, it would be easier to get a website AND since there seems to be a Lincoln Park everywhere, they'd always sound like a local band...though in an interview on their DVD, lead singer Chester said the name means nothing...go figure? Sean Foley's Victim
Linkin Park Linkin Park were originally called Super Xero. Which ended up being the name for the demo of "By Myself" on the first album. They then realised that they could come up with a better name. In the song "Papercut", the lyrics are: "Chain linkin' concrete, a little piece of paper with a picture drawn floats on and on.....". This shows that Linkin Park is literal, and is named after a view of America. All the parks are made of concrete. pikel
Linkin Park Chester wanted the music to define the name, not the name to define the music.  Raven
Linkin Park Linkin Park is farther down an alphabetic list from Limp Bizkit than Lincoln. The guys of Linkin Park would hang out at Lincoln Park. They mispelled it so when band names were listed in alphabetical order, they'd be near a band with a good following: Limp Bizkit.  jakubz
Linkin Park The guys go past a park every day called Lincoln Park. They spelt it like "Linkin Park" cos they thought it would be easier to get a website Krista
Linkin Park Sorry, but Lincoln Park (Capitol Hill) is on the other side of town from the Lincoln Monument (The Mall). Joe
Linkin Park The Guys tried to come up with another name besides Hybrid Theory because of legal issues.they went through many names like AND ONE,Xero,and then Chester said what about Linkin Park.Named after a park in Santa Monica Jonathan
Linkin Park Dude, even if they were called Lincoln Park they'd be near Limp Bizkit. The reason that holds most water is cos was taken (although it appears to be free). Maybe they just wanted to be different. Steve-O
Linus It was the closest thing to "anus" the lead singer Jason Allen could come up with that the band would agree on. Mix Master Marky DEEE
Linus' Blanket They picked the name because their songs are meant to be comforting, like Linus' and his blanket. ashley
LIT It's their idea of an ideal live show. Ready to explode, full of energy. LIT. Aubrey
LIT Acronym for Long Island (Ice) Tea. Onkel Buck
The Lit-Up Goose The band was hanging out in one of the member's basement, looking through a pile of old toys, when they found a plastic goose that would light-up when you push a button on it ... and The Lit-Up Goose was born ... alchemist
The Lit-Up Goose  Anyways, the true story is that they were eating next to a pond, when Alan took out some Fillet-Mignion and was OWNED by a goose, and then a lamp lit up, so they were like, The Lit-Up Goose. Nigg0rz
Little Feat Frank Zappa's drummer Jimmy Carl Black remarked about the size of Lowell George's feet ( "e" changed to an "a" in possible reference to The Beatles).  Eric
Little River Band Glenn Shorrock said in an interview the band needed a new name as Mississippi sounded too American. When they were driving to a gig in Geelong, they passed Little River and they agreed to call themselves the Little River Band. Nick
Little River Band This Australian band was named after a sign post on the road from Melbourne to Geelong. Scott
Little River Band Traditional history has it that the band were travelling between Melbourne and Geelong in Victoria Australia, en route to a gig. At this time they were nameless. Glenn Shorrock saw a road sign pointing to a place called 'Little River' (which is still there) and lo the band name was born..... Ellamsy
Little River Band They originaly named themselves Mississippi, but were told that their name sounded too American. So they changed it to The Little River Band. Rich
Little River Band The other explination is wrong. Little River Band was named after they drove past a sign saying Little River, between Melbourne and Geelong michael
Little River Band Took their name from a river just outside melbourne in Victoria called Little River. Found out this fact whilst researching for an Australian Rock show I was performing in Brett
Live The band was called "Public Affection" for several years. It was during the recording of their first major label album that they realized this was a stupid name and quickly chose the name "Live" in order to get it to the press in time to put on the album cover. bt
Live They were originally called "Public Affection", but they didn't think it would be clever enough. So, they came up with "Live", and it stuck. It makes for some interesting discussions when talking about them. Beau McClelland
Living Colour Guitarist Vernon Reid was watching a program on NBC-TV and before it began NBC made a PSA that said that the following program is coming via satellite to your home in stereo where available IN LIVING COLOR. Vernon suggested that phrase for the band name, they liked it and adopted it. Living Colour Rocks The House!
The Living End Chris Cheney (the guitarist/vocalist) was at a friend's place getting blind drunk and they decided to watch the old movie "Rock Around the Clock". At the end where it says "The End" the word "Living" pops up in the middle.  Jejune
Living Sacrafice Jesus was the ultimate living sacrafice, so they named it for that Bethanie
Living Sacrifice Romans 12:1 (Read it and you'll know.) ryan
LL Cool J Ladies Love Cool James. On an interview many moons ago, as he came on the scence Dave
LMC Initials of and members, Lee, Martin and Chris. sonikal
LMFAO Despite popular belief, it is short for "Laughing my freakin' ass off", not "f**kin'" JeReMy
Local H The members of Local H were once big fans of the band R.E.M., and derived their name from the R.E.M. song "Oddfellows Local 151", in which the lyrics mention a fire-House. Wholias. Pete Thompson
Local H According to their Twitter account, they named themselves after two REM songs, "Oddfellows Local 151" and "Swan Swan H". Brian Kelly
Local H The band got its name from a sign on the side of a road, directing you to a " Local Hospital" You know, the blue sign with a big H on it? Hence, Local H. Thank you for your time. Adam
Local H About the smack(H) they were scoring alpal
Lois They originally called the band Courtney Love, but when the real Courtney Love threatened to sue them for using her name, they changed it to Lois after lead singer Lois Maffeo. Nolia
London After Midnight Industrial/death rock style [ although they are much more }; took the name from the silent Lon Chaney movie " London After Midnight ". Kaenan 1340
Lonestar They're from Texas, which is known as the Lone Star State. TCfan
Long-view For £1,000,000 how did this band get its name? You guessed it, the Green Day song of that name. Alan the Ottoman
Longfellow Longfellow, a popular Orange County punk band from the mid to late nineties, took their name from Longfellow Road, a street, near their high school in Placentia, California, on which band members used to deliver pizzas. The street was named after the famous American poet, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. The name is also a sexual reference, being a moniker for ones penis. TKS
Looks Kill from the saying "if looks could kill" matt
Lorde Ella Maria Lani Yelich-O'Connor chose her stage name due to her fascination with royals and aristocracy. She added the "e" to make it sound less masculine. Brian Kelly
Los Amigos Invisibles when they were little, they played a game of superheros, calling themselves los amigos invisibles,hence the name in english,'the invisible friends.  hannah jude
Los Lobos Spanish for The Wolves Bobo
Lostprophets Lostprophets is spelt without a space because "spaceisforlosers" ...Or so they think... wouldn't u like 2 kno?
lostprophets lostprohets - no "the", no spaces no capital. They got it off a Duran Duran bootleg. They said they also liked the name because it's a bit of an oxymoron, because "prophets" are suppose to lead people, but their "lost" "prophets". So the two words contradict each other.  tia
Lostprophets Its the name of a live Duran Duran bootleg album. jei
Lostprophets the band are all big fans of duran duran. and the lead singer owns a copy of a duran duran live album which is titled "lost prophets". simple mat
lostprophets lead singer ian watkins picked the name because he is a big duran duran fan and they have an album called 'lost prophets'  mat
Lostprophets lead singer Ian Watkins was trying to think of a name for the band and he was out walking one day when he saw a local shop being robbed he ran in to see what he could do but it was too late the theif ran out the back the shopkeeper then said "thankyou you scared him away but now ive lost all my prophets" mat
Lothar and the Hand People Band member Richard Willis had a dream in which an enslaved race called the Hand People was saved by a hero named Lothar. Later, well after the name had been chosen, they decided that Lothar was the name of the theremin used by member John Emelin. Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Lotus Band As we know, the lotus only blooms in dirty, impure pond water. The lotus is a symbol for awakening in Buddhism because awakening (symbolized by the beautiful lotus) is only received through our encounters with difficulties and adversity (symbolized by the dirty pond water). Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Loud Family Named after the family on the 70s PBS documentary An American Family, the Louds. snork
Love This legendary psych/garage band have actually asked their audience what the band name should be, "Love" or "The Love". Well... as we all can see... (In loving memory of Arthur Lee, poet, madman, genius, true artist) Eric
Love And Rockets Love And Rockets is the name of an underground cult comic book. vacuum kitty
Love and Rockets Jay is wrong about the comic getting its name from the band, it's the other way around. The first Love and Rockets comic came out in 1981, and the band formed in 1985.  Mighty Flying Nickster
Love And Rockets The underground comic Love And Rockets got it's name from the band (the comic appeared in the late 80s early 90s and the band formed in about 1983). The band L&R was basically the band Bauhaus without Peter Murphy and chose the name from the movie Doctor Strangelove. I don't remember the exact quote, but watch the movie, it's hilarious. Jay
Love and Theft Country music trio. They took their name from the Bob Dylan album of the same title. They just thought it sounded cool. Edward
Lovin Spoonful Supposedly from a line in an old R&B song, "My baby loves me 'bout a lovin' spoonful." Dan
Lovin' Spoonful I heard an interview with the band some years ago. I don't know if they were just being polite because they were on national radio. But they claim the phrase "lovin' spoonful" refers to that last bit of coffee left in the cup, which tends to be extra sweet due to the fact that it contains all the extra undisolved sugar. They said that when taken from the coffee mug in a spoon, this became known as the lovin' spoonful. Mo deLaun
Lovin' Spoonful A "lovin' spoonful" is a slang term for the approximate amount of semen in the typical male ejaculation. Tim
Lovin' Spoonful From the lyrics of JOHN HURT's "Coffee Blues". It's also slang for sperm.  Bobo

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