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Whenever I hear a cool phrase somewhere, I like to exclaim "That would make a cool band name". This page is a list of such names.

I can not verify whether these names have been taken yet or not. If your band happens to already use one of these names sorry. If you want to use a name you see here, you'll need to verify it's not already in use.

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3 steps in Hell I was sitting here and thinking about band names for my friends and I just thought of it mike95
3+13 Actually the name of two friends who wrestle professionally here locally. I always thought it would be a better name for a rock band. WildLegend
30 minutes- 28 questions Idk if it's cool or not but i was taking this really stupid test and its timed and all and one section was 30 minutes long and had 28 questions so............. idk it just stuck with me  Im_so_awesome
3005 It's the name of a Scars on Broadway song, I thought it sounded pretty cool. xSOADFANx
30th Millenium Just about to type '30th Megastar' but my brain insisted '30th Millenium'. (Insert a huge ray of light beaming overhead and angelic music like when Lord Farquad and Princess Fiona go to marry and Fiona shows Farquad what she looks like after sunset) Am I not the greatest Inventist of ever? Oh Great no I'm not but I could Create this Band! Hah hah hah...Hah Hah Hah! Ha...oh, what's the use? (trails offstage) Elizabeth
32 Leaves I read it on the spine of a pack of rolling papers. James
33 Days Lost If you've seen the movie "Proof" starring Gwyneth Paltrow, you'll understand this. It was a quote from the movie where she was calculating how many days she had lost doing nothing. Being a lazy teenager - it kind of fits, don't ya think? tash
3MM This was my security code to put this one! wierd huh? p.S. I think this is going to be my band's name cookie monster
3mtae 3mtae>>>>>look at it in a mirror....(eat me) Barbara
3rd Drawer Down Me and my girlfriend we're at her house one day. And I said I needed a coughdrop, cause my throat was sore. She said there is a cup of them in my dresser, in the 3rd drawer down. Then she started laughing, I didn't know why at first and then she was said. That sounded like 3 doors down. Then we we're sayed oh that would be a great play on the band 3 doors down. And it sounds so funny. Lewis
3rd Element I like this name. I thinking about usin' this name for my band. I was thinking of a band name one day and I looked on my English book and it said Elements of Literature: Third Course. So I took the "third" from Third Course and the Elements ( I also took the s off of that word) from Elements of Literature and came up with 3rd Element. Madjakal
3rd Person View There are 3 people in my band that were really different, we all have diferent views. TRhe original name was The View Of A 3rd Person, but this one sounds better. landon carrier
3rd Prong Its that extra prong on the power plug in, used for keeping your amp grounded.  Roadie Joe
3x The Glory We wanted something Christian, but with some rock in it. When we heard the name we loved... Annie Fitler
3Z33N5 Read it upside-down and it spells "sneeze". Debut album: "Boogers Up My Nose" Post No Bills
4 AAAA Double Shot Say it like this, 4 aaaaa double shot. Long "a" Like heeeeer's Johnny? Anyway Thought is was cool.... :) Nick Popageorgio
4 Cents It's cool because it's like 50 Cent. We picked it because we we're thinking of 50 Cent. It's 4 of us that hang out and we just went a head and picked 4 Cents. Rebecca Johnson
4 Horsemen of Rock  I read the Bible and saw the 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse. lordryan
4 pile shower it sounds like a real ROCK BAND name dont it. it cud be used for a 4-piece band? who shower together? and have erm.... i'll leave the last bit to your imagination! jack meehoff
4 True Girls I'm a true girl Sarah!
4-ever-4 My friends and I had a group of four always hanging out and having fun and one said we should have a name & I said "how bout 4-ever-4 Ali
40 Bags of Grandma Was watching murder porn on ID Discovery and some one on one of the shows said it when his mother showed him his Grandma's dismembered body put into plastic bags. Angels & Fusilage
40 oz Of Flavor i got a 40 oz slurpee at 7/11 once and i just thought that would be a cool punk band name Aaron L
40 Watt Womb sealab 2021, loads of great sayings birth from it tom
40 West I think it's a cool name for a young bluegrass band. It just stuck with me, I can't seem to shake it. It is the title of a song by King Wilkie. blumando
404 Not many bands named after numbers, either. Besides 112, 311, and 702, of course. The significance of 404? The "file not found" error's code number in web browsers, of course! The band's sound could be like Weezer or TMBG, but with a harder edge. Olvan The Terrible
415 It's cool cos it supposedly means "disturbance of the peace" in police code. It's the name of my friend's band E
48 Hour Friday I saw it on the Myspace app game Rockstars a few years back JeReMy
4:17 It is based on proverb 4:17. I was hust looking through the proverbs for cool band names.(There are some other good ones, too.0 Daniel Lamberth
4Shot I clicked on the "Your Name" box and under history it said 'Titanium Four Shot Interceptor'. That sounds insanely awesome. mtr
4skins this is a real band and their name is the 4 skins (a foreskin is what is cut off during circumscision) Zack Klann
4th and Inches A football term its shows a pressure situation something everyone deals with in there life. Stephen
4tune I was just thinking of band names and I came up with Fortune. So I just changed it a bit and thought it was cool. So now it's 4tune. If you need to make a logo, just connect the cross of the 4 with the cross of the t. Adz51
5 Bands and Free Beer Because if you listed it in the paper or on a billboard it would say Saturday Night 5 bands and Free Beer! Rude Dogg
5 Bucks American On Whose Line is it Anyway, Colin Mochrie said on an episode that he owed $18000 to the Canadian government, but was worried because it is 5 American dollars, making fun of the weakness of the Canadian dollar at the time of the episode. JeReMy
5 Guys Who Can't Count Of course there has to be 4 people in the band. I went to a local concert, and a high-school band was named that. They chaged it, but it is still cool. Zac
5 Laws Broken it all happened one summer eve when our group of friends broke 5 laws. it was fun. drugs, alcohol, arson, vandalism, shoplifting. oh the memories. we then decided we would make a band, and decided that was the perfect name. it has a sort of ring to it. what? what?
5 Nerds With Too Much Free Time This phrase is commonly used to describe a group of friends I have while we are at school. nerd down the street
5 Seconds To Dodge I was playing Super Smash Bros. with some friends, and one guy was playing Captain Falcon. The guy kept using a move called Falcon Punch, which is really powerful if it hits. But the problem with it is that it takes a couple seconds to charge up. And as he's charging, he says "Falconnnnnn Punch!" so it's pretty easy to avoid. Anyway, I was like, "Falcon Punch sucks, you have like five seconds to dodge it." And then as soon as I get done saying that, my friend KOs me with a Falcon Punch and he was all "What's wrong, Anthony? YOU HAD FIVE SECONDS TO DODGE IT!!!!" ANd the rest is history. Anthony
50 flashbacks and a cup of tea  ella
50-50 Well, I am sort-of the trouble maker and the others girls really are angels. With my trouble, I even them out and my mom said one day" You guys would never win. It's 50-50." So we became 50-50. But we never became good. 2 of our band members moved and we couldn't replace them. :(  Guitar Babe
50/50 Angel Well see me n my friends made this and we came up wif it by like we all are 50 percent angel and 50 percent everything so yea lol Brittani
5000 Screaming Sitars of Sin Sounds like a swank Bollywood music ensemble.  Chuck Fensch
5318008 Because it spells boobies upside down (on a calculator). Cygnet
5445 North Park Drive I think it flows well. I saw it on SNL, but the whole name is "5445 North Park Drive Community Vigilence & Restoration Committee". Great metal band name, I think. The Desert of the Real
56 Chevy A running joke between me and my friend. But ask yourself one question, have you ever seen a 56 Chevy?  phc70
57 Chevy The coolest band name from the coolest car in American history. The guys in the group could be in slicked back and black leather jackets. They would be like an old 50s doo-wop band or modern dance techno group. Oh by the way, I think Dream Theatre is a real band, or was the name of an album by some group back in the 80s but I can't quite remember Ed
57 Varieties I was looking at an old yearbook from 1957 and the theme was 57 Varieties. Weeiird. Cessi
59 Shades of Monkey I don't know. I just don't know. IHaveNoBrain
5ive Po1nts  I have Irish in me, and there is a place in New York City where the Irish people lived when they moved to New York. It was called Five Points. CJ
6 And A Half Stars I was thinking how I wanted to make GREAT songs that everyone would like. I thought of the ratings of songs on my Zune and how the most was 5 out of 5 stars. Then I thought of how I wanted my songs to be rated 6 and a half. So 6 and a half stars it was. tyler
6 Dildo Bob and the Greasy Lesbian Hamburger Fight "6 Dildo Bob" is a song from some shred band, and "Greasy Lesbian Hamburger Fight" was a comedy song by some guy. But together, they form the best band name in the world. Rick
6 Hour Nosebleed My friend had one of these. It could mean many things like: annoying, hard to get through, need more tissues(songs) turkeyman
6 Pairs of Courderoy Pants 6 Pairs are better than five pairs but 7 pairs would just be too much! The idea came to me while i was destroying a pair of the above mentioned! Courderoy is just a way cool fabric and any band would be lucky to be named after it! Pigertaws
6 Toes We were laughing at my niece because she had a really bad bunion on her foot..we started calling her 6 Toes and it just stuck...sounded like a cool band name..say it really slow and in a dramatic voice..sounds really awesome..sounds like Sex Toes...i love it... Sylvia
60Wattage Bass Recoil I saw this on a sign in a Tunisian airport when I was on holiday. I don't know what it means, but it sounds cool.  Barnz
66Sixth Sense I combined 666 and Sixth Sense. Cool for a satanic/metal band. SamVK
6FooT MiDGET Hey this is my band name visit we got the name coz our drummer called our guitars a 6 foot midget and so we kept with it. Jack Parkinson
6String Good for people who have more than one guitar players and have lots of solos.  Alex M.
7 B.C. (or Seven B.C.) This was a security code I had to type in. Cool for a metal band. SamVK
7 By 11 It's close to the slang "7-11," meaning blabbermouth. DJ Kaito
7 car pileup  Justin
7 Miles South of Astoria When I was little, I used to always watch the movie The Goonies, it was one of my favorite movies. Anyways, the town that they lived in was Astoria. Then, I thought, it can't JUST be Astoria, it has to be something more, so I came up with the idea of it being a certain amount of miles away from Astoria in a certain direction. I just happened to chose 7 and South. I guess it could be in any direction and any amount of miles, so pick your own if you want. Superherogurl
7 More Blank Pages you should change it if there are say only 6 of you. Lena and Eden
The 7 Penis's Of God I was hanging out with my band trying to come up with a band name and I thought of this Robert
720 Rocket well... when i was playing tony hawk's pro sk8er for psx.. i did a 720 rocket air... then.. i thought that 720 Rocket would be a alright band name... iOx
777 Memory Lane My band and I were singing a song. The song was written by us and it was called Memory Lane. So we googled it and the first one that popped was 777 Memory Lane, so from then on our band name was 777 Memory Lane. Kyler Nixon
7BarSeven Slot machines rule! Originaly it was 77bar (bonus!!), but 7BarSeven sounds better. That's It! Zeonardo
7DS (Seven Deadly Sins) Sounds cool like 7 members in a band each made a sin Core of InSaNitY
7th Flavour Of Quark I think it's cool because, in particle physics, there are only 6 kinds of quark. So the 7th is something really incredible. Joel Smith
7th level That'd be the seventh level or sphere of the nine Dante's hell has, where war makers are supposed to go... Yes, it is in Roll Call by Rage Against The Machine. Meaning aside, it sounds cool. Maybe the band could have a song that wiith the lyrics "I hope you rott in heaven cause I'm the one that's going to hell..." Gabriela
7th Sense People always talk about a mysterious 6th Sense. So just imagine what a 7th Sense would be like! Goldenshot777 = aim
7th State Good for a Greenday, Blink 182, American Hi-Fi Kinda band. I was tryin to think of a name to call my band & my uncle was tryin to make a list of all the states in the USA & i asked if he had put down Nebraska & he pointed to it on the list which happend to be the 7th one he'd wrote down. borin story but a cool ass band name! Sellick \m/
8 Car Pile Up I was watching Scrubs and they said 7 car pile up and i think theres a band called 7 car pile up so... Amy B
8 Limbs I watched a martial arts movie. It was a Thai martial arts film and it talked about how the elephant and the warrior were one in the same> So watching that and hearing that, made me think of an eight-limbed warrior, thus came the name 8 Limbs. Bradlee W.
80 cents a day its how much the christian childrens fund charges for the little kids. ~*pixy*~
80-hd one day i was naming off mental disorders and my friend asked how to spell a.d.h.d. (bieng sarchastic) i told him it waas spelled "80-hd" and since then thats been the name of my skate team. 80-d
9 1/2 Inch Nails Thought this would be good for a cover band of 9 inch nails. Todd
9 Bloody Knifes Sounds cool I guess. If you have 9 band members and you all wear shirts with bloody knifes on them Core of InSaNiTy
9 Inch Heels Perfect name for an all girl band, taken from the heavy metal band 9 inch nails. We thought it had a really good ring to it, not too serious, for a band who just wanna have fun! Tamsin&Flick
9 Second Speedfreak Applying that someone was able to move at extremely high speeds for an extremely short period of time. Like an adrenaline burst. G
9 Sided Circles I was thinking about when will circles ever have sides. am
9 to 5 to Life Sometimes a day job can feel like a life sentence. RevengeFromMars YouTube
90 Bears In college, we were sitting on the green between classes and this guitarist named Paddy (who was baked at the time) saw this hottie walk by and he said to no one in particular, "I'd fight off 90 Bears to f*** that chick." We just thought it was the best name for a band... and the origin was an inside joke...  Freddie Flash
92 Stitch I read an article in the paper about a man getting 92 stitches from a riot at a live concert. Chris
976-Pigg a reference to an untitled dead milkmen song. to quote: "He'd Call Queer and unnatural numbers like 976-Pigg and 976-Sheep... Which has five letters, I know, but he's a SICK boy." Whale
99% Angel me and my friend thought it was a cool name we were gonna make a band and name it 99% angel... the 1% left over was going to be one boy in the group!~!~! lil devil
999% Fat  In grade three, I said I was 999% fat. phamilto
9mm Hate I got this idea off of Nine Inch Nails and thought it would be cool. Rhyse
:'( It looks like someone crying JeReMy
<:( It looks contradictory, since it looks like a person who is sad at a party. JeReMy
> 10 (Greater Than Ten) If a band is really confident, then they believe they are better than perfect. SInce the scale of 1-10 is so popular, with 10 being perfect, it would make sense to name a band a number greater than 10. Lance Crackers
>3 (Greater than 3) Since <3 (heart emoticon) and =3 (Ray William Johnson's YouTube show) are already taken...why not >3 JeReMy
@15Ok came up whit it after i was being lazy in pushing the space bar in my chat ,we where gana meet in 15 mins .but it sounds like a kool name for a experimental band  IrvingMakeMe

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