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(About the degree of technicality in their music) I don't think writing technical music is how we go about it, we don't write songs thinking let's make this as technical as possible so people think, wow, these guys are intelligent songwriters. It's just kind of the way it comes out; it's just standard for us. Not to sound, I dunno, like pretentious or something, but that's just the way it comes out.

- Submitted by: Katy

(About the formation of Coheed and Cambria) "The relationship between the four of us now, it's kind of funny. We weren't always in a band together. We were all in different bands in different areas. Like Travis and I actually live 30 minutes from New York, the city, and Josh and Mike actually live like about an hour, hour and a half, away from us north. I don't know, Travis and I have known each other since we were like 13 and we've always kind of played in bands together, but when Shabutie started, that was a three-piece of me and two other guys. Eventually we lost a bass player and I met Mike Todd. Mike is actually a very skilled guitar player who happened to own a bass, but because he was so good on guitar we were like, 'Well, he's got to be good on bass.' So he became a part of the band. Josh has always played in this band from Woodstock called Three … they're actually still a band, that band is amazing … but he had left the band. I've always loved Josh's drumming; I've always considered him my favorite drummer ever. I don't know, just his whole approach is amazing … as soon as he left that band we were having problems with our drummer, so we said, 'Why not? Let's see if we can get Josh.'

- Submitted by: Katy

(Asked if he preferred playing live or playing in studio) "For me it's definitely both. There is always something you can't get out of the other. But yeah, I definitely love playing in front of an audience. I mean, we have been playing these same songs for a while, but I haven't gotten tired of it. It's always different every night."

- Submitted by: Katy

(about his voice) Well, I've always kind of sung like that. For a while, I had trouble singing with my regular voice, and the first thing that happens when I sing is it just comes out like that, like a high voice. I'm into singers like Bjork and Cindy Lauper, so when I was young I would drive around in the car with my mother and she would listen to Taylor Dayne and sing along, and I would sing along with her. So I guess my mom was kind of like my vocal teacher. I ended up singing like her. I mean, she's not a singer, but she's got a beautiful voice. She could have been.

- Submitted by: Katy

(about how they got Dr. Know to play on Second Stage Turbine Blade) "Doc and Darrell of the Bad Brains, they actually live in Woodstock, New York. They've always been acquaintances with the band and Michael Birnbaum of Applehead Studios, who mixed our record, is really good friends with those guys and has done work with Bad Brains. He just called [Dr. Know] and was like, 'You like this band, they like you, why not help them out and put a guitar part on here?' I mean, he's known Josh forever, so he's a pretty good friend of ours."

- Submitted by: Katy

(asked for advice to aspiring young rockstars) Listen to Maiden.

- Submitted by: Katy

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