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"Lets send a country some cupcakes. You think some cupcakes would cheer up North Korea? Kill 'em with deliciousness." -Gerard Way

- Submitted by: Kaylyn

"Be yourself, don't take anyone's shit, and never let them take you alive" - Gerard Way "The best thing about wearing black is that you can hide pretty easily, unless you're in like Hawaii, then you can't hide." - Gerard Way "Hey girls, you're beautiful. Don't look at all those stupid magazines with stick-like models. Eat healthy and excercise. That's all. Don't let anyone tell you you're not good enough. You are good enough, you're too good. Love your family with all your heart and listen to it. You are gorgeous, whether you are a size 3 or a size 14. It doesn't matter what you look like on the outside, as long as you're a good person, as long as you respect others. I know it's been told hundreds of times before, but it's true. Hey girls, you are beautiful." - Gerard Way "Oh! It's for the hamster that I'm gonna buy! This is so perfect..." - Gerard Way

- Submitted by: Angelface

"Oh how wrong we were to think that immortality meant never dying" - Gerard Way [My Chemical Romance]

- Submitted by: Pansy

"One time me and Bert were making out for so long, that it wasn't funny. But then, it was funny"- Gerard Way

- Submitted by: Taylor Way

"Whats this? Pink Bunny ears? As much as I know you want me to wear them, they'll clash with my outfit, but I know my good friend Frank Iero here'll like 'em"- Gerard Way. *Gerard reading a sign some guys are holding up* 'Please sign our shirts so we can get laid'.... 'I'll sign 'em, but they won't get laid'.

- Submitted by: Keshona

"You could put a dominoe mask on anything and it would become a superhero. You could put a dominoe mask on a milkman and he'll become, like, super milkman."

Gerard Way

- Submitted by: Rebecca

'Hey girls, you're beautiful. Whether you're a size 32 or a size 18. As long as you're a good person. As long as you respect others and yourself. Don't listen to those fashion magazines. Hey girls, you're beautiful' - Gerard Way.

- Submitted by: nikita

'My biggest addictions have been chocolate cake, mashed potatoes, and butter sandwiches.' - Frank Iero

- Submitted by: Sarah

Beach balls at festivals are the work of the devil!
- Gerard Way

Cameraman: I see you lost your pants again Gerard: They always fall down

- Submitted by: Lauren

Cameraman: So, did you read Ellen DeGeneres's new book?
Frank: Yeah.
Cameraman: How was it?
Frank: It made me a lesbian.

- Submitted by: Rebecca

Dont piss your life away with suicide
- it's a bullshit way out
- Gerard Way

- Submitted by: Katey lynn d

Dude! It's for that hamster that I'm gunna buy!- Gerard Way

- Submitted by: Stephanie

First kiss. With who and where? - Leah Miller of Much Music
That was actually how I met Bob - Frank

- Submitted by: Shannon

Frank: Has goldfinger ever had a flock of mooses advancing on him? It's a terrifying sight.
Mikey: That's not the plural of moose, it's moosi.
Gerard: Fuck off, it's meese.

- Submitted by: julia

Frank: I'd date Gerard.

- Submitted by: Shelley

Heroes are ordinary people who make themselves extraordinary.
- Gerard Way

I could eat my body weight in sushi!
- Mikey Way

- Submitted by: Jess

I want to be a vampire. They're the coolest monsters.
-Gerard Way

I was like wooo, I like killed so many plants.
-Gerard Way

- Submitted by: becca

I would date Gerard.
- Frank Iero

- Submitted by: Liz

I would rather be a creature of the night then an old dude. - Gerard Way

- Submitted by: Pansy

I'd enjoy it if a guy grabbed my ass.
I guess it all depends on how he grabbed it, too.
- Gerard Way

- Submitted by: laura e port

I'm gonna buy whatever shower curtain I want.
- Gerard Way

- Submitted by: alexis

If you dont go to high school,you will definately go to jail-Gerard Way [New Jersey] is like New York's retarded brother, you know? the one they keep locked up in the basement-Frank Iero I can't imagine any other bands having better kids than ours, & if they do at least I know our kids can beat up their kids-Frank

- Submitted by: Lauren

Interviewer: How do you feel about turning thirty this year?
Gerard: I'm actually excited about it. I'll tell you why.
I always see getting older as like learning. Thirty's not old...
Thirty's like when you're twenty.
Frank: Yeah. For trees.
Gerard: ...for trees.

- Submitted by: Brie

Interviewer: So how did you feel about the hugs after that?
Gerard: The hugs were sweet

- Submitted by: lizz

Interviewer: What happened the night you kissed Frank? Gerard: Magic, fireworks...

- Submitted by: Maddy

Interviewer: Why should the world give a damn about My Chemical Romance?

Gerard: Because we give a damn about it.
Frank: Save your life.
Gerard: Yeah. Good enough for me, and there are so few people that actually do give a damn about the world.
Frank: Yeah.

Interviewer: Very true.

Gerard: I have a nihilistic attitude so it's like, the new's popular. You know what I mean?
Frank: Popsicle is the new black.
Gerard: What did I say? Oh yeah. Screaming is the new gay, everybody's doing it.
Frank: I wish it were Popsicle.
Gerard: Popsicles?
Frank: Popsicles should be the new black and then everyone would have one.
Mikey: I like Popsicles...

- Submitted by: Shelley

Interviewer: You know this interview is on a porn channel? What do you guys have to say to all those guys out there who are watching this and just got done jacking off? Gerard: Uhh...YOUR MOM'S COMMING!!!!!

- Submitted by: Hannah

It's me and Gerard on the porch, talking about how Gerard isn't cool!

- Submitted by: Cally

Just cause you're bigger than me, just cause you're smarter than me, does not mean.. no way, no how.. I'm sucking you off.. for any amount of money!-Gerard Way

- Submitted by: Lozz

Leah Miller Of Much Music: Do you guys have any fetishes?
Bob: Beards.....
Frank: Yeah, beards....

Look at me, with my pretty bracelet and tiara... I'm a f*ckin' princess!

- Submitted by: Candice

People think we're rich vampires.
-Gerard Way

So how was Christmas for you guys? Did you all get lots of nice black t-shirts?
- Gerard Way

So many people treat you like you're a kid so you might as well act like one and throw your television out of the window.
- Gerard Way

Suicide is a serious thing. And if you know anyone who is suicidal, you need to get them help. No one should be in pain. Everyone should love themselves. Like I love you all.
-Gerard Way

The Devil got landed with a shitty job, he has to deal with assholes everyday, he's probably bored as hell.

- Submitted by: Candice

The world is less violent when people are using hula-hoops.
Mikey Way

- Submitted by: Mr Roboto

There's a guy in sweatpants and a hockey jersey and his name was Howard Benson! Gerard Way

- Submitted by: Chandni

This band is metal in that we have a lot of metal in our instruments and there's quite a lot of metal on my belt buckle as well.
- Mikey Way

- Submitted by: Candice

We just have to watch Mikey and make sure he doesn't put anymore forks in the toaster
- Frank Lero

We're very attractive to them because we dress like homeless people.
-Mikey Way

When the water touched my balls, that's when I got scared.
- Frank Iero

- Submitted by: Joe

Which of your band mates is most likely to accidentally stick a fork in a toaster?
Frank: Mikey.
And who would yell 'Hey! It's still plugged in!'?
Mikey: That would be me.
Gerard: I would definitely be the one yelling. I think we're all very protective of Mikey for things like sticking forks in toasters.
Frank: It's funny because when we were recording, me and Mikey lived together and I would go to Gerard after and be like, 'I can't believe he did this today.'
Mikey: Yeah, I would leave the tea on overnight.
Frank: God forbid that kid ever lives alone!
Gerard: He had to promise he would watch him because he likes to do this thing where he'll take a heater into the shower and plug it in...
Frank: Oh god!
Gerard: ...and there's water everywhere!
Mikey: I did that one time...
Gerard: What about the times with the radio?
Mikey: ...and I was pretty warm when I did it though.

Who wouldn't want to catch a guy in a bear suit?
-Gerard Way

Women being objectified and all the bad things that are just inherit and ingrained in it that don't have to be that way.
- Gerard Way

- Submitted by: Shelby

You should see me as a chick. I look hot as a chick
- Gerard Way

The interviewer: Cat or dog? Frank,Gerard,Ray,Mikey:Dog. Bob:Cat... oh jeez.

- Submitted by: isabella

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