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New Pope condems rock music as an "instrument of the Devil". Singles out songs from Pink Floyd, Queen and the Eagles. He also claims AC/DC's name means "Anti-Christ, Death to Christ". Don't tell him what Korn thinks Addidas means.

   Full story is at London Times. Article was posted on April 24 by ChuckyG

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"The Cardies Don't Dance and the Pope Don't Rock an" by Chris Bodily TM
   Originally "Your Mama Don't Dance (And Your Daddy Don't Rock &" by Loggins & Messina
   Chris Bodily TM: This parody really gets back at the new Pope for what he said in 1996. If the Pope were to read this parody, he'd want to rate it a 666, but relent and give em a 555 because of its cleverness, catchy title, near-perfect pacing (except toward the last verse -- the MIDI got screwed up), etc. It's a must-read for rock and roll fans who are sick of conservatism.
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"Heaven Denies You ( slam on the new pope )" by Red Ant
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"Me so Preachy" by Peter Andersson a.k.a K1chyd
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"Me so Preachy" by Peter Andersson a.k.a K1chyd
   Originally "Me so Horny" by 2 Live Crew
   Peter Andersson a.k.a K1chyd: Many bands and some artists like to nurture an image of rebelliousness towards norms, moral and religion. Despite the back then just minor Pied Piper Cardinal Ratzinger's 1996 retroactive efforts to help some of the classics among them out by labelling them as "instruments of the Devil" very few can truly claim to have caused a real widespread moral panic. God unwilling or not, in that aspect of Rock & Roll the 2 Live Crew and their hit "Me so Horny" are definitely among the real McCoys.
"Ratzinger Golgotcha!" by Peter Andersson a.k.a K1chyd
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   Peter Andersson a.k.a K1chyd: In 1996 Cardinal Ratzinger branded rock music an "instrument of the Devil" and urged young people not to listen to it, also the bandname AC/DC was specifically decleared to mean "Anti-Christ, Death to Christ". Maybe he had listened to this song?
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Chris Bodily TM - April 24, 2005 - Report this comment
That's cold. Cold as ice. Ice, ice, baby. I knew there was something about religion that didn't appeal to me. This cheapskate is so ignorant! AC/DC's name means just that -- AC/DC (Alternating current/Direct current). Nothing more. Black Sabbath, contrary to popular belief, HAVE NEVER BEEN SATANIC! Their name comes from an old Boris Karloff movie. NEVER talk down to Pink Floyd, unless you want your (anus) handed to you! David GIlmour is the greatest guitarist ever! In other words, for those about to ROCK, we salute you!
Rick D - April 24, 2005 - Report this comment
I saw a headline that said "Vatican installs new Pope". I guess they must have used some threading papal and a pope wrench.
Phil Alexander - April 24, 2005 - Report this comment
"Vatican installs new Pope", eh? I hope they remembered to uninstall the previous version and run a registry clean... and is there an autorun on the CD (Cardinal Doofus)?
Jonathan C. - April 24, 2005 - Report this comment
But that article was released in November of 1996. Hopefully, as Pope, he has changed his tune somewhat, if not all the way.
Johnny D - April 24, 2005 - Report this comment
Perhaps, after installing Benedict 16.0.0, the Vatican will subsequently install improved upgrades on a regular schedule --- Benedict 16.0.1 (maintenance release), Benedict 16.0.2 (maintenance release), Benedict 16.1.0 (major enhancement release), etc.
Doug Montgomery - April 25, 2005 - Report this comment
Benedict? I've eaten some of his eggs... :D I heard stuff like that about rock groups 20 years ago. In the book "More Rumor", published in 1987, they noted that AC/DC had been accused of similar stuff; this smacks of urban legendry. I don't know what this Pope expects us to do, but he's very much miustaken oif he thinks I'm going to listen to "Ave Maria" or "Deutschland ueber Alles..."
Samantha Wayland - April 25, 2005 - Report this comment
Gee, and we thought the previous Pope was "conservative"!
Your Worst Nightmare - April 25, 2005 - Report this comment
Hey, I hardly listen to anything BUT rock. And if you have something against rock, you have something against me! :D

I'm not even going to talk about the stupidity of claiming AC/DC is an apocalyptic threat.
Your Worst Nightmare - April 25, 2005 - Report this comment
AC/DC chose the name because they saw it on the back of a vacuum cleaner and they thought it sounded cool. Although Benny's version is cooler and much more imaginative.
Just Wondering - April 25, 2005 - Report this comment
Did anyone ever notice that if you turn the first letter of pope upside down, it spells dope? And yes, with rampant pedophilia in the Catholic Church, bet his Holy Ratzo Rizzo-ness will be calling Michael Jackson to borrow his little black book, and the recipe for Jesus Juice. And I hear he is trying to move the Vatican to Neverland Ranch, though one can never count on rumor. And if he hates ROCK MUSIC, why is the Catholic Church theme song Bill Haley's "ROCK AROUND THE COCK"? Anyway, I was just wandering.........
Aaron Dodson - April 26, 2005 - Report this comment
I desperatley wish I could find that footage of him swaying to something or other with John Paul II - and then mix it with "The Lemon Song" and some nuns in bikinis....
Diddims - April 27, 2005 - Report this comment
Who made this guy the Pope?! And I thought Jonh Paul II was conservative! Where's a (more) progressive pope when you need one? It could be just his generation, but how can anybody have that intellect capacity?
Diddims - April 27, 2005 - Report this comment
"ROCK AROUND THE COCK"? Must be a new gay anthem that I haven't heard of. Or it could be a misspelling of "clock". Could be wrong.
Michael Pacholek - April 27, 2005 - Report this comment
Joey the Rat said that about rock music? Somebody should shake him all... night... long... and not in a good way. But he's right about Pink Floyd, the Alex Rodriguez of rock bands. That was not a compliment: They suck so much, the only "devil" they can be connected with is a Dirt Devil.
Kevin Breslin - April 28, 2005 - Report this comment
Gosh! No Self Indulgent Nihlism here then?
Jay D - April 29, 2005 - Report this comment
These religious groups sure get their jollies playing rock records backwards and thinking they hear satanic messages. They're always singleing out AC/DC, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd. I wonder if any of them have tried to play a Lawrence Welk record backwards?
Andy Senior (aka The Carpal Tunnel Kid) - May 02, 2005 - Report this comment
As Bill Hicks said, "If you play your records backwards to hear Satanic messages, you are Satan." The only secret subversive recorded message I have ever heard on the 1930 Hoagy Carmichael recording of "Barnacle Bill the Sailor." It's a doozy! (Ratzi Nazi will want us to give up our jazz next!)
The Skuz - May 02, 2005 - Report this comment
I didn't read the parody, but I have to agree with Doug Montgomery & Red Ant on this issue, although I don't necessarily think Benedict XVI would be much of a fan of "Deutschland uber Alles," myself. Does anybody else remember the rumor that KISS was an acronym for "Knights In Service of Satan?"
Andy Senior (aka The Carpal Tunnel Kid) - May 03, 2005 - Report this comment
Ratzi wasn't even born when Irving Berlin wrote "Pack up Your Sins and Go to the Devil." Talk about Satanic messages! Irving had Ozzy and all the other Heavy Metal boys beat by a mile. Paste this into your browser:­to_the_devil.html
Jack DeRippa - May 03, 2005 - Report this comment
Right, I knew Catholics were a bit weird when it came to free speech, but this takes the cake. Funny thing is, it's Strairway To HEAVEN, folks, it's about the Second Coming and everything, so get over the dumb rumours. And do any of the bands mentioned look like Satanists? Nah. Rat is just looking for a handy scapegoat.
Susanna Viljanen - May 06, 2005 - Report this comment
Interesting. I always thought AC/DC means bisexual.
MrMacphisto - May 06, 2005 - Report this comment
You know... this is funny folks, because I always thought religion itself was the instrument of the devil.
dan - August 11, 2005 - Report this comment
smoke crack and worship satan
peter mcallister - August 18, 2005 - Report this comment
Catholics are not weird. If most of anti-catholic bigots who posted some small minded white trailor trash rhetoric instead of getting your facts straight and not allow yourselfs to be infleunced and impressed upon by hearsay, subposition and sounds bites try and research the subject before you decide to attack it. Or is the attainment of knowledge a little alien to you American folks. Your Country USA would not have half the problems it does now. And it would not cause half the problems in the world today with that lame half cocked adolescent foreign policy. No section of the worlds population has a monopoly on child abuse. It is an evil that is prevalent in all societies throughout the world, including white Protestant fundalmentalist organisations. Acquire sound knowledge of the subject or thing your going to attack before striking. Otherwise you just look so stupid and so American.
ram - March 02, 2006 - Report this comment
What the Hell, you foolish people can't accept when you are corrected! All these rock/metal bands are associated with some or other way with 666-anti-christ. YOu must read some of their lyrics and interviews to get the white clay in your mind to understand things well! Look at all their devilish cd covers, and their sexual, drug-addict personal life. Go through the history if you have some white stuff left in your heads.
ArtyCat - May 27, 2006 - Report this comment
McAllister, me laddie, ye shouldnae be the one tae be shootin' off yer big trap aboot Americans being "Anti-Catholic bigots" who are "influenced and impressed upon by hearsay, subposition [sic] and sounds bites [sic again]". I am damn sick and tired of Euromerde telling us how ignorant me and my fellow Americans are. You defend a sect that has committed some of the most heinous crimes against humanity in this planet's history (the Inquisition, etc.) and whose leadership has deliberately hidden the Word of God from its people for the sake of absolute authoritarianism for centuries, until Martin Luther led the effort to return His Word to the masses for whom He has meant it. Your beloved Pope still has not renounced infallibility, a blasphemous claim that only God Himself has the right to make. We founded this country for the sake of religious freedom. What freedom of religion do they offer over there, when you people fight and kill over what faith should be allowed on your little green rock? Is it a religious fight disguised as a political one, or vice versa?? I am Protestant--United Methodist, to be exact-- but some of my closest friends are Catholic, regardless of how much I disagree with its doctrines. Our church often conducts ecumenical services with Catholic churches here, most often during Lent; and their priests are surprisingly open-minded (and yes, they listen to all kinds of rock music and do not necessarily agree with the Pope!). The idea that sects that claim to be Christian should fight and kill each other over who should control the country could not possibly be more ludicrous to us. However, when a religious sect such as Islamofascism threatens the well-being of every non-Islamic culture on the planet, the problem is blatantly obvious and we take it seriously. The idea where the price of faith is the absolute subjugation and subsequent annihilation of non-believers is one which has no place on this planet. In this philosophy lies the destruction of humanity. I do not expect the brainwashed Euromerde to understand this when your elitist goverments and media indoctrinate you to hate America from infancy on up. America was created to be the antithesis of the Great Elitist Serfdom of Europe and, thankfully, will remain so as long as people who love liberty remain in control, both in office and in the voting booth. So, have another pint of that 90-weight drain oil you call Guiness and cool off, laddie, and ye'd best be taekin' yer ain advice. Otherwise you just look so stupid and so European.
smoke - June 10, 2006 - Report this comment
the pope sucks. he has no right to blame rock for the things happenin in the world. he should be doin other things than insulting rock. how does he know that these bands are anti-christ and that they worship satan. i dont think he even knows the names of the band members.
steve h. - July 10, 2006 - Report this comment
rock musicians, and in particular, the writers of the lyrics, should be adult and mature enough to realize the impact that they have on the psyche of today's youth. as adults, most of us don't buy into most of the b.s. and see it for what it is , nothing more than musicians trying to outshock the others. i dig ac/dc cause it seems they think all the satanistic stuff that seems to be attached with their name is comical and i tend to agree. good musicians are good musicians , plain and simple. however ; their has to be a line that is drawn as far is what is being pumped into the kid's heads. on the other hand , people like marylin manson are just in it for the shock factor and make alot of money doing that, but have no talent whatsoever and is nothing more than a satanistic scum bag. oh and one more thing , smoke you are a stupid m f'er . saying the pope sucks. your a brain dead bump on society's ass. keep rockin' world !!!
Aquadeeps - August 31, 2006 - Report this comment
Actually i love eagles' songs. Just can't imagine that they can be anti christ. I believe in christ a lot. And i think that whatever good has happened in my life is all because of him. Just because eagles is anti christ, and i love it, doesn't mean that i'm being separated from christ. Does it in anyway mean that way? Our beliefs and likes are two separate entities. I don't know what the pope says. But i believe in whatevr i think is right.
Rev.Mgr. Alistair Green - September 14, 2006 - Report this comment
I can't help noticing how most of you younge people treat the Pope. It is disgusting and you should be ashamed of yourselves. I will pray for all of you to find your way to the church. I could help some one who calle his holiness Pope Benedict XVI ( Jozef ratzinger_ Joey The Rat. i am sorry but this must stop! this is the holy father you are speaking of!! not your dog or pet rat!.I can imagine how much fun you are making of me right now but not to worry. if you think your life on this earth is for ever.. you are mistaken because one day when you all come to your death beds you will realise your fear for God. but its not to late!! repent now !! you ar still in time!. Please also keep in mind that the Pope is representing Jesus Christ so please treat him with utmost respect. God bless -Bishop.Alistair Green-
CatRider - January 27, 2007 - Report this comment
So is Christ your God or is the f***** pope. You catholics are all makin the pope out to God and the pope is obviously lovin it cause you just buy into it all the time. I'll keep listenin to whatever music I want, and it hasn't hurt my relationship with God so far. I'm not goin to let some dude that thinks he's God tell me what music to listen to
Seamus Breathnach - December 30, 2007 - Report this comment
Imagine, the Pope, true to his Hitlerjugendliche geschicte, hates this: And he thinks he civilises the pagan peoples of the world! If anything needs to be banned , its the Pope and his universal brigands! Seamus Breathnach
joel sachin - July 27, 2008 - Report this comment
look its foolishness to correct anyone allright i m also a catholic i obey all the 10 commandments. but it's foollishness to say that some songs are satanic, there are some freaks in my church who keep yelling don't listen to antichrist songs. Then i consulted a priest, he told me that it's a sin if the person after listenening to that song goes in the wrong path. No living person in this world has the right to judge a person, not even the pope does not have that power. If i am not wrong even jesus said that no living being can judge a person, only god has that authority.
Skittle - July 28, 2008 - Report this comment
i agree 110% with joel it is not right to critsise somone for the music they listen to I also heard that AC/DC's "Highway To Hell" song and album as singing about devilish things, NO, that sugnificantly states that HE is on the highway to hell not anyone else. It's there album they can call it what they want! Some bands are pretend satinist, it's a style not a belief, hello people, have a sense of humor. IT'S JUST NOT RIGHT WHAT THERE DOING TO HEAVY METAL AND ROCK MUSIC!!!
Amel - August 02, 2008 - Report this comment
No, actually Jesus is a Rock Star :D Anyone who tries to tell other people what to think and what to do is certainly not representing God. Skittle's right, where has humour gone? Or the mere shadow of intelligence? People who don't even listen to what is being said in a song lyric and confuse widely different concepts, then go and declare what ultimate meaning it has. It's preposterous to assume it works that way - if Satan really wanted to achieve something through that channel, then certainly no Pope would be able to actually detect it
7PZ - August 02, 2008 - Report this comment
Did we forget that Andrew Lloyd Webber made Jesus Christ a superstar?

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