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Eminem is in trouble over racist songs he wrote over ten years ago. I'm amazed that Eminem would ever record anything controversial.

   Full story is at Detriot Free Press. Article was posted on November 20 by ChuckyG

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Doug Montgomery - November 20, 2003 - Report this comment
Eminem is no favorite of mine but there ought to be a statute of limitations on political correctness. We do after all have an Ex Post Facto clause in the U. S. Constitution.
FuNkY mOnKeY - November 20, 2003 - Report this comment
Is this story really anything new, once you think about it?
AmishJD - November 20, 2003 - Report this comment
This Benzino guy is one of the dumbest people on earth. He said that "We got to make this the same way you treated Mike Tyson, you guys are treating Kobe Bryant, you guys are treating R. Kelly, O.J. Simpson." First off, this is about racial slurs that happened 10 years ago when Eminem was angry about breaking up with his African-american girlfriend. This isn't even close to the same category as Mike Tyson, Kobe, R. Kelly, and O.J Simpson. Mike Tyson raped someone, Kobe is on trial for sexually assult, R. Kelly is on trial for having sex with an underage chick, and OJ was on trial for murder. How can he even compare this to what they did. He's such an idiot. This is the only way Benzino is gonna to get famous because his rap career sucks. I hate people like him.
thrash1033 - November 22, 2003 - Report this comment
I completely agree with AmishJD. Who hasn't gotten pissed off at someone and written or said something that they didn't mean? The only difference is that Eminem is famous and has a lot of people hating him who would do almost anything to hurt his career. I'm disgusted that retard benzino would compare a racial slur, no matter how cruel, to rape. He should just stick to praising himself and his crew in The Source, and leave the talented artists to someone else.
angie2342 - November 23, 2003 - Report this comment
im an african american girl and i think eminem was anout 20 years old when he made that comment.If his views have changed at all I could only say it because he is making money through 'n######' as he refers to us. Its so racist and I feel veery insulted cause I always liked his music.
thrash1033 - November 23, 2003 - Report this comment
It is very racist, that is undeniable. But what is also undeniable is that Eminem's lyrics are extremely misogynistic too. Why did you not hate him, or at least feel insulted, when he put down your gender? Another thing to think about is the context that the rhyme was said in, if what Eminem says about it being for an ex-girlfriend is true. I, for one, would understand if a woman got in a fight with her boyfriend and proceeded to rant to her friends about how moronic, ugly, and lazy all men are, without thinking that she was a vicious man-hater. All I'm saying is that people say things that they don't mean, and if this makes people hate Eminem they probably should have hated him long before this news was released.
vondakaquarius - November 23, 2003 - Report this comment
I just read the lyrics to Eminem's song and I'm not sure what I think about them or him. As a black female that likes some of his songs, I am more than a little bothered by what he said. But on the flip side, he was young and dumb and hurt, and when you mix those three things together, something that you regret is usually said. And what he said was racist and discriminating. I just hope that he apologizes and means it.
sexy1000 - November 23, 2003 - Report this comment
I already hate em!!!But all those songs made me hate him even more!!!I just hope that he apologizez cuz it is not right and it is not nice!!!
rebel - November 24, 2003 - Report this comment
i didn't like him until i can say hell yeah emenim!!!!!
AmishJD - November 25, 2003 - Report this comment
Thrash1033 made a good point. Like you women have never bashed men after a bad break up. He was young and dumb when this happened. He apologized for making the racist remarks. Its not like he put this on one of his albums. So whats the big deal about? I want to hear other peoples opinion about this.
chels - November 25, 2003 - Report this comment
I agree with amishJD, you usually get really pissed off wen you break up with someone, specially if you were dumped. Even tho i dont like eminen i can see were he is coming from and while racism is wrong you cant dig out and attempt to ruin somebody's career with something stupid he did wen he was a teenager
lunacee - November 25, 2003 - Report this comment
look he is a master mind, ight cool he made a tape a while back but hell you have got look and see what the man was going through. why does every one want to hate on em for any way. and for all those that do your just mad cuz your not there with him
carlos - November 25, 2003 - Report this comment
if you dont like eminem just turn off the radio or tv or just walk away. if u dont like him pretend he doest exist. and leave the people who like him allone
Eboneswt - November 25, 2003 - Report this comment
I'm a black female. I really could care less about anything that Eminem currently or has said in the past. I don't take any entertainer's words as "gospel". What I do find interesting is the way people are blowing his lyrics off as "he was young" because he was talking about black females. It seem to me that since his anger was geared towards black women's o.k. Hmmm. I guess the white girl he is married to just put us to shame if you go by the lyrics he has used for her. Eminem is an entertainer. Even if he does have those views currently ,he will never in his right mind admit to them publicly.
Wolveroses - November 25, 2003 - Report this comment
what a joke. I'm a huge Eminem fan and I never heard anythingn like this from back then. I have his older stuff like from his Infinite album. it's funny on how they don't release the name of the song title, wouldn't tjhat make more sense? maybe he was just freestyling somewhere or just starting out. leave it alone people.
HUB - November 26, 2003 - Report this comment
Look man what really pisses me off about this whole thing is not what Eminem said. It's how all these white folk are trying to convince us black folk it's not a big deal. If yall were as outraged as us I could deal with it, but you guys seem to think that's acceptable because he was mad. I mean both my parents have been convicts since I was 3 and I've lived on my own since I was 13. But that did not give me a pass to do and say whatever I wanted to, why should he get one because he was upset. As a rapper I really have always like Eminem his creativity and respect. It would have been better for his first use of the word n*gger to have been in a playful context to one of his homeboys. Like that's my n*gga. But this makes it seem like the only reason he avoided the word is because deep down inside he doesn't really like us. Sure he likes our money, but I don't know. This is seriously disturbing, and as a black man I am terrified by the number of hicks that are all like in support of the racist comments. This is a huge problem. And yeah it would have been cool for Em to be mad a make a track degrading women, come on we all do it. The problem is he threw in the race card, and when you think about it when have you ever heard about Em and a black chik together? Even in 8 Mile, why in a movie with 90% Black People did that pale ass non acting Britney Murphy get that role as his boo? I'm really going to have to think about buying another Em Record or Shady Record Period.
dustin - November 26, 2003 - Report this comment
Hey HUB, it's not like it's never been said before, and the only reason everyones makin such a big deal about it is because he's a celebrity. Give him a break, he's an entertainer and if u don't like him don't listen to him it's that simple.
Joeybear - November 26, 2003 - Report this comment
Eminem is a no talent punk; and not worth debate. And if he is in fact a racist, that makes him a STIUPID no talent punk. What surprised me most about that article was "The Source". A magazine about hip hop and rap? I didn't know hip hop and rap artists (and fans) could read!
BlaccDayz - November 26, 2003 - Report this comment
This song isn't bad at all. Everyone is acting like an african-american hasn't had a song about white people. This is just stupid. Anyone heard remember the song "What If I Was White"? Eminem made that song.....telling the differences between being black and white, but no one made a big deal about that. Can't you'll see how stupid this shit it. This isn't just about eminem, its for the fact that he is white. Benizo has had beef with eminem forever...this shit will just blow over. Rap is a way to express yourself. If I broke up with a white or black girl (no matter) or get dumped, I would be pissed. If I could rap I am sure I would write something about it. I am just surprise it took this long for it to come out. Bezino must be paying somebody good loot to search like this...........
Serial_T - November 27, 2003 - Report this comment
U safe Blacc? Seriously doh, i beg u shut up, u kno Y? Even if black peeps made statemements like that about white peeps, which is uncommon 2 da degree that em used: it still wouldnt make up 4 all the sufferin that black peeps hav experienced, n every black person knows dat. I mean look at def comedy jam n dem tings dhere, they joke about white peeps, but it cood neva b the other way around bcoz every1 knows wot blacks hav been thru, that's why its a big deal
BlaccDayz - November 28, 2003 - Report this comment
Necro - "It's very apparent Eminem is not a racist as his whole crew is Black. It was ten-years ago, he was annoyed and it wasn't released on an album. It's just some shit Benzino is using against Eminem because he has nothing else and is grasping at straws. Black rappers diss white people all the time in Hiphop; songs that are released and you don't see it get press like this. Matter of fact all the white press does is give love to black rappers that straight up diss white people, but when an old Eminem demo from 1993 pops up, where he is talking gibberish, it makes him a racist? I heard a guy on Hot 97 (NY) talking about it and he said Tupac called black women bitches and there's a laundry list of other emcees that do the very same thing and no one says shit---basically if your white you can't say anything so called "racist," but black emcees do it all the time and it rarely raises an eyebrow. The fact that the Source has turned from a monument in Hiphop into a tool for Benzino to diss Eminem (or anyone else he has conflict with) is a disgrace to every issue that ever dropped. It's like Rolling Stone Magazine all of a sudden having beef with Ozzy Osborne and dedicating all their time to bringing him down. It wouldn't happen because it make's no sense and is not remotely objective (which all magazines are supposed to be, right?). There is a huge difference between Eminem and David Duke, but if Benzino can make Eminem look like David Duke he will."
Cim Southpaw - November 29, 2003 - Report this comment
Considering all of the assorted misogynistic and homophobic crap he puts out nowadays, why is a song containing some racial slurs from a looong time ago supposed to be so much worse?
Static - November 30, 2003 - Report this comment
Is "The Kids" really done by him? If it is, then that's the ONLY non-controversial song he's ever done. Except for when he makes fun of his (inappropriate end of comment deleted)
oumou - November 30, 2003 - Report this comment
the think that bothers me more in this situation is that eminen has always shown himself has someone who has always loved african american, who consider african american like his own brothers. don't try to ful ourself because that can't just be. white and black are different, we were born different and we will die different.there is no way that a white boy like eminen has much love as he said for african american. this song was racist, period. and there is no excuse for what he did because he wasn't that youngh when he wrote it and he wasn't talking about only his girlfriend but black people. all he can say is that he changed his mind towerd african american. me as black , it really hurt me when i read the lyrics. i can understand that his white, mixte, red,and yellow fans won't be made at him and will find him an excuse because they won't never know how it fells when a white men call you N*****.
Dan Sullivan - November 30, 2003 - Report this comment
I think these are wild sensationalist rumours like the Jackson stories, but if a guy who's credited with breaking down barriers to make a form of music more open and less racially divided has been singing this, it's disappointing. If it was 10 years ago, let's face it, this won't exactly be the world-famous Eminem everyone in the Western World's heard about.
FEDup - December 01, 2003 - Report this comment
People are acting like Em' said something worse than what Easy E, Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, Tupac, Notorious B.I.G., Fat Joe, Big Pun or 2 Live Crew has said. Same words. Different color skin. If it is wrong for Em to say it, it has to be wrong for everyone to say it! I am bi-racial (black and white) and am tired of the double standard! Your homies can call you anything but if someone of a different race says it, the word takes on a new meaning? How? Also, how many times have you been cut off in traffic or pushed in a store or passed up for a job by a person of a certain race and you have said something derogatory about that entire group? I know I have said some mean things about the whites, blacks, asians and so on that have offended me, because I was angry. It's not right but it happens. Benzino sucks. He is claiming that Em is racist but BENZINO IS RACIST! He hates Eminem because he is white. Yet another double standard! Get over it!
Frankenberry Cereal - December 01, 2003 - Report this comment
TO HUB: How stupid are you? It's okay to degrade women but not black people? That is absurd! It would be okay for Eminem to have used the N word if he were, say, referring to Dr. Dre or 50 Cent? You can't be serious. If the word is wrong in one context, it should be wrong universally. In regards to the Brittney Murphy role, you would prefer to have seen a black girl being a slut in the movie, sleeping around to get a head? You are twisted. Do the world a favor, don't procreate!
Endi - December 16, 2003 - Report this comment
HE WITHOUT SIN CAST THE FIRST STONE Hey you'll check this out if eminem is a racist why would he -Date an African American in the first place? -Sign on 50 cents? Who now has the G-unit -Sign on Obie Trice? -Roll with d one-two ( for a long long time)? If my Chick but me shame who knows? I might do the same You'll got to believe this..Benzino is digging his own Grave Cos' I know Eminem's coming back!
@ssKicker - December 27, 2003 - Report this comment
This has made me think about something. I will name no names, but certain women are always insulting straight men, and I've met black people and Asian people who insult whites, and I've met lots of people, usually atheists who insult Christians. What I don't understand is why MAJORITY groups have to deal with discrimination when MINORITY groups have everyone standing up for them. So yes, Eminem is 'wrong', but so are lots of people- and they get away with it.
JMoney - January 20, 2004 - Report this comment
I'm a black male. I read his lyrics. I listened to his tapes. To lay out the facts, it was likely em was 17 or 18 when he made the tape. I know how stupid I was when I was 18. I know when you say something you don't mean, cuz I did it. To address the comments Benzino made in regards to Kobe Bryant, Tyson, and so on, he needs to be hit in the head with a bat. Who compares sexual assault, statutory rape, and murder with a racial slur. Ive said racial slurs. I didn't whole heartedly mean it though. And to all of you fellow blacks, our ancestors were the ones that suffered. Don't confuse that with the way the world is today. Nobody is perfect, but if you want to label him a racist back it up with something more reliable then a 12 year old mix tape made in some basement.
smartwhiteguy - January 23, 2004 - Report this comment
Eminem's stuff isn't that racist. You should listen to some David Allen Coe stuff. That's racist.
joe - January 23, 2004 - Report this comment
eminem said it when he was a f'ing teenanger. give me a break. saying that hes racist and stuff. i live in the inner city of bmore and i would love to have a penny for everytime ive heard a racist remark from a black guy directed towards me. all you black people in here who used the word cracker or hick or words like that, dont you realize thats racist as well??? what a bunch of idiots. everyone in here listens to rap im guessing. so just listen to some artists like 2pac, nwa, and pretty much alot of black artists. they say stuff about white people and get away with it. but the second a white person makes a remark about a black person it is all of a sudden racist. and im not talking about eminems lyrics. im talking about in everyday people think oj was innocent and kobe is innocent just because they are black. give me a break. how about not looking at race and look at the facts. anyways. eminems lyrics were written a long time ago when he was angry. everyone says stuff when they are angry. just so happens that he was recording him self. lay off the dude. it was like 15 or so years ago.
malakai - January 24, 2004 - Report this comment
it dose'nt matter what colour you are you should be judged on what sort of prson you are n not tha colour of you skin. every one in tha world is created tha same n if he did say anything he should of said it because of tha girl she was n not what colour she was. n all theys whites conplane about been called crackers nall that other shit n black people have had whites been racist to them for hundreds of years so all you whites need ta deal with it n stop been biches am white n i think if he did say it he should be shot
Asian Stunna - February 01, 2004 - Report this comment
if eminem has to apologize to the black community for saying "black bitch", then all the rappers who say "asian bitches" in their songs should apologize to the Asian community!
Samson X - February 04, 2004 - Report this comment
well we all know eminem has alot of hatred and built up tension in that little hell he calls a brain, but if he said those things then why not tell everyone when he was supposedly "cleaning out his closet" why wait for someone to find out 10 years later to apolagize....everything done in darkness one day will come to light, thats why eminem tried to get on the side of black people, signing them, making friends with them, knowing what he said, came out with songs like "white america" trying to make us belive hes not a racist in fact hes more one the sides of blacks then whites, like hes standing up for blacks, now that hes settled into the hip hop community which was his plan he thinks its just going to go away with an apology...some things can never be erased one of which is hatred
jdizlmcfizl - February 06, 2004 - Report this comment
I agree with the asian cat..... for reals..... you dont see "white america" makin it a big deal when an african american is messin with his "white ho's" or as jamie foxx would say "white bitches yes"!! all this is bullsh*t.... straight up. Nobody is perfect and everybody makes comments that they will later regret. I am sure most everyone has made a stupid "racial" comment at one time or another in there life, joking or seriously.... wanted to take it back later and wish that if someone heard you, they would have forgiven you. Give em the same respect. This has been blown way out of proportion, he has apologized... Let it be. Everyone one knows that Benzino is gay, and everyone is getting most of there info from his camp... who all hates shady/aftermath!!! c'mon yall, open your eyes!!!
faded - February 17, 2004 - Report this comment
i am so sick of hearing blacks say its ok to talk about white people but its not ok for them to talk about us because everyone know how much we have suffered. firdt off tell me how YOU suffered from what a generation of ignorance did to your ancestors. white people today are not racist for the most part(any more than any other race is) but in hearing you whine all the time about the man, the system this and that, you act like no one else has any problems at all. you know what ,be a man! or a woman and stop looking for a scape goat because you have problems. we all have problems. and beleive it or not, most of them are the same problems you have!
mc truth - February 17, 2004 - Report this comment
Come on people!!!! Emenim is not racist !!Have you crack heads figured out that emenims hangs out with 50scent??? P-diddy and alot other black people!!! ps , Asian Stunna i just have to dissagree!!!J money i give you props and you sound like a pretty bright kid!!! you herd??
mc truth - February 17, 2004 - Report this comment
Jdizlmcfizl, i think you have a point but it just doesnt make sinse why they make a big deal out of this !! People say stupied crap like that all the time!!And you Funky Monkey are you shure you want to use that name or do you even know what a monkey is conceterd to blacks that is dissrespectful and stupied!! you must be white!! look your propley the same as me 13 yrsbut you got to learn you got to know you dont ever say monkey around black s or you will probley get your but kicked!!! If you have a problem let me know!!shout -----mc truth
dddmanemfan - November 17, 2004 - Report this comment
that was a free style and in free style songs u say stuff that is on top of your head. at least he didnt use da "n" he was respectful for all of da african-american people at that heard da song so just think bout it
white 50 cent - April 06, 2005 - Report this comment
wot eminem sed was in da past an he is still rappin wiv 50 an dre so wots the problem they oviously dont mind an it aint like any black rappers hav never dissed a white man b4 cos they hav an we all kno it so wot em sed is no different 2 wot has been sed b4 bout white. G G G G G-Uunit
jodie - February 28, 2006 - Report this comment
OMG!!! all he said was black bitch get over it!!! how the f**k can he b racist?? he's best m8t with 50 cent,dr dre,proof ,D12 n loads of others n i know that he likes to 2 pac!!so is not the first time someones said something like that! but it sure as f**k the first time someones had a uproar with it!! leave him alone! he was the one who broke down all the racist barriers n f**k am so angry if its not about him being homaphobic its him bein racist!! if anyone still has something negative to say well to put it nicely go take a long walk off a short peir!!!
JODIE - March 01, 2006 - Report this comment
Lilphat - January 15, 2008 - Report this comment
eminem and tupac are my favourite rap artist but tupac ownes eminem benzenio is a faget and eminem dissed him out so what, cant forget eminem was only 20 thats not aht old just a couple years after finishing highschool this is nothing hes just white so ya'll hating even tho i iant white i got respect cauze lyrics like his amaze me
Sarah - March 10, 2010 - Report this comment
i love eminem. but some of his songs are degrading women. it is pathetic, some of his songs dont , but most of them do. for example, kim, thats song starts out all happy, but then em is like sit down you stupic b**** ill beat the s*** outta you. you dont say that to no girl. i dont care if you are famous, that is so rude and disrespectful . its ridiculous.
angela - May 17, 2011 - Report this comment
well i just want to say that I'm black and i really don't care what eminem writes about. He's my favorite singer and i know he doesn't mean what he's saying he's just messing around. So either don't listen to his music or shut the f*** up.

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