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These are the news articles that appears on amIright for January 2009. You can also check out the Front Page Roar monthly articles index for articles from other months.

Hard Rock Vases - Vases with hard rock band logos on them

Posted by ChuckyG, January 19, 2009
This is just weird, a french artist makes frilly vases with logos from bands like AC/DC and Kiss on them.  I don't know if he's trying to make some kind of message by crossing two wildly divergent tastes, or if it's just to make a quick buck.  They got a chuckle out of me though.

More info at Noise Addicts

2008 in Review as Sung to Various Christmas Songs

Posted by ChuckyG, January 5, 2009
Ugh!  What a lousy year.  At least we can look back and laugh now.  Until we see what the next year brings.

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