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These are the news articles that appears on amIright for May 2008. You can also check out the Front Page Roar monthly articles index for articles from other months.

Condoleezza Rice enlists in the army... The Kiss Army!

Posted by ChuckyG, May 30, 2008
Quite a stretch from a classically trained pianist to a head banging groupie if you ask me.

The Kiss Army fan club has an enthusiastic new recruit: Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

Full Story at MSNBC

Clay Aiken to be a father. Wait, that can't be right...

Posted by ChuckyG, May 30, 2008
...Foster was artificially inseminated, but Aiken will take an active role in raising the child.

oh ok, that explains it then.

Full story at Mtv News

Rod Stewart requests oxygen masks on his concert rider now

Posted by ChuckyG, May 30, 2008
Not exactly a no brown M&M's type of request, but maybe a sign someone's not as young as he used to be!

Rod Stewart is rumoured to have asked for 2 first aid style oxygen kits at his latest gig to help him through the gruelling live show .. .His demands were apparently outlined in a 30-page tour rider sent to concert organisers.

Full story at Now Magazine

Scarlett Johansson's new album sold fewer copies than Kevin Federline's album

Posted by ChuckyG, May 30, 2008
Of course we're talking about 5,100 copies vs 6000 copies, so not exactly huge numbers either way.   David Bowie for some reason contributed two tracks to the Johansson album of Tom Waits covers.  No idea why record companies bother to record these vanity pieces by actors and actresses, they must know they aren't going to move many copies.

Full story at AV Club

Some changes to the news section of amIright

Posted by ChuckyG, May 29, 2008
The old news section is now strictly for amIright events, it's been mostly that for the past year anyways.

The new news section is tied in with the inthe00s messageboard (the Front Page Roar board), and is designed to allow anyone to comment on the stories, and to also submit new ones. 


If you find something funny, please use the submission board and write a short post about it.  I set it up this way to prevent spammers from posting directly on the front page of the site.

Home Depot employee on tour in place of former Boston lead singer

Posted by ChuckyG, May 29, 2008
Reality TV shows about finding replacement singers seemed pretty strange to begin with, but this one tops the cake.

DeCarlo scored this dream gig after Boston guitarist-founder Tom Scholz came across his MySpace page, where he'd posted some spot-on Boston covers. So what's next after the tour? DeCarlo says he plans to return to his Home Depot job.

Of course, Judas Priest found a replacement singer from a Judas Priest cover band, so I guess it's not unheard of.

Full Story at Entertainment Weekly

History of the most famous Pink Floyd member, their inflatable pig!

Posted by ChuckyG, May 29, 2008
What do most people seem to always mention when talking about Pink Floyd concerts?  Yup, the inflatable pig.  Rolling Stone has a two page article all about the pig in their current issue.

From the hog's humble beginnings on the cover of Floyd's 1977 album Animals to its recent unpiloted escape from Coachella, the creature has become a pop-culture icon (it even merited a reference on an episode of The Simpsons).

Full Story at Rolling Stone

Amy Winehouse is part of English Lit. finals at Cambridge Unniversity

Posted by ChuckyG, May 29, 2008
Amy Winehouse's song, "Love is a Losing Game" was featured alongside Shakespeare, Milton, Wordsworth and Sir Walter Raleigh for literary analysis.

The verses from Love is a Losing Game may not quite make it as a sonnet, but the track, from Winehouse?s Back to Black album, was deemed good enough for discussion on lyric poetry.

Full Story at Times Online

When you think hip hop, you think Sears right?

Posted by ChuckyG, May 29, 2008
Even LL Cool J can't hope to make Tough Skins corduroy jeans street worthy can he?

Sears says the rapper's clothing will be a "aspirational label" for customers who want "authentic streetwear."

Full story at USA Today

Earle H. Hagen, man who composed and whistled the Andy Griffith theme dies at 88

Posted by ChuckyG, May 28, 2008
For television, he composed original music for more than 3,000 episodes, pilots and TV movies, including theme songs for "That Girl," "The Dick Van Dyke Show" and "Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C."

With that many various shows and theme songs I'm sure everyone who watched television in the last 40 years has heard his work at some point.

Full story at CNN

Johnny Rotten would like to write a song for Britney Spears

Posted by ChuckyG, May 28, 2008
This is from the Sun in the UK, so take it with a grain of salt:

The punk pioneer, known as Johnny Rotten in the Seventies, said: "I haven?t written a song for Britney yet but I would love to... I?d like to help out because there?s a girl who needs some help....She?s been hurt. And hurt is the root core essence of good music."

Full story at The Sun

Elvis and Madonna drawn entirely of bar codes

Posted by ChuckyG, May 27, 2008
Scott Blake, a website editor and T-shirt maker, has created more than 30 images from the bizarre material - even though it can take him up to six months to complete just one of the designs.

See the pictures at the Daily Mail

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