What is it about America's fascination with the insane? You can't go one month without hearing something about some Wacko serial killer, or some crazy terrorist or the new episode of The Osbournes. Hell, the news even reports about the condition of Charlie Manson every now and then (He wont admit he was wrong, give up! Let him rot in hell!). When will the media realize that we are tired of hearing about all these nutcases? When will they figure out that we've had enough?...Well, apparently not anytime soon. In the recent week ABC, CBS, FOX, and VH1 have all aired specials dedicated to everyone's favorite nutcase...No, not Gary Busey...Michael Jackson! That's right, the self proclaimed king of pop, and suspected child molester got to tell his story, in his own words...no, wait, I mean in OUR words, I mean since his own words would be in some language from whatever planet he's from. Jacko was shoved down our throats (no joke needed) on every channel, in about 20 different interviews. Now I didn't watch any of these interviews (You see it just so happens I have a life), but I've heard all about them since it was the predominant discussion at the workplace. (And me being the only one who actually knows about music, of course HAD to get involved). I've heard it all, and I must say "WOW"...."WOW, I cant believe that Jacko thinks he will be allowed to adopt more children". Isn't he on a sex offender list or something? Doesn't that prohibit him from even saying the word children, let alone haveing them on the same couch as him?! He says he wants to adopt two from every continent, one boy and one girl.....Is this so he can say he's molested around the world?, or is it for some secret plan like Noah's arc, where he's going to bring two of every kind back to his home planet where he can molest them forever? Either way, the government has got to do something to stop this! Add him to the Axis of Evil, something! He's a global threat! I'm more afraid of him than the French!

What else did Michael say? He says he forces those children in his house to sleep in the same bed as him . . . ... (A beat) um...hmm....did anyone else hear this? Do I need to say something? Homeland security?...OMG, I think that's a confession right there. Wow, statements like that make me wonder whatever happened to that nice little black boy from Gary, Indiana, that used to sing and dance with his brothers! Well, apparently, after 50 (Oh wait, I'm wrong...its only 2) surgeries, he turns into an insane white woman. Did the doctors operate on his brain? What drives a person to doing this?...I blame Jermaine...he hasn't been blaimed for anything bad since "Lets get serious"....it's his turn.

Now what else can I say about this? Does Michael belong in an Asylum?...YES. Does Michael belong in Prison?...YES. Does Michael belong in the freak show?...HELL YES. But what are my words going to do? The public obviously doesn't care...that's why on Monday night they gave "Joe Millionaire" better ratings than Michael (Don't even get me started on "Joe Millionaire"...I don't like that "Show"...I don't know why...theres just something about fraud that seems so...hmm, unappealing to me). Apparently America is satisfied to just let this psycho roam Neverland Ranch, molesting young boys when ever he please, and making his children wear veils (Like brides), and then dangle them from balconies. Maybe we should look the other way on other crimes as well. Maybe next time a terrorist attacks, we should just laugh it off...maybe the next time a girl gets raped we should just say "Oh boys will be boys"...maybe the next time Sylvester Stallone wants to do comedy we should say "Oh let him have fun...it wont hurt anyone"...do you see how ridiculous I sound?! Why do we let this go on? Its time to get up America...its time to "Scream"...its time to say to Michael that the next time you molest children "you are not alone"...its time to put that "Smooth Criminal" in jail because he is "bad"...Mike we wont "Leave you alone" (Alright, its "Leave me alone", but you get the joke). Mike, instead of molesting children there are other things you can do...you can "beat it"...we all know "She's out of your life", but keep your gay tendencies "in the closet". That's my advice...all right, I'm done complaining for now.

As always,

-Billy Florio

PS:I think someone should dangle him from a balcony...preferably his father, Joe Jackson (No, not the "Is she really going out with him" guy...jeeze)

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