Each passing year brings the anticipation of another fall season with all of its beauty and majesty. Foliage has the rare gift of being even more magnificent than memories can conjure. September and October will always be the time of postcard perfect days.

These months will also be the time of some of Rock Music's greatest losses. Like the grandeur of the season, their beauty and charm is forever realized, but the spell is way to short.

Consonant with the time of year, the music's greatness is celebrated over and over. Each approaches their zenith when traveling the path less chosen. Immortalized and ubiquitous, the enchantment from both never grows trite.

Take a slow walk on a joyous path through the months of September and October and one will fully absorb all that is lost by season's end.

A mammoth Maple tree (Jimi Hendrix) covers the landscape. Upside-down, backward in roots, it stands larger than life before all the other Maples. It's the branches that give it so much force. Reaching far and wide in every direction. Stretching beyond boundaries never thought possible.

A field comes into view with rows and rows of evergreens. Each pine tree (female singers) perfectly shaped. All meticulously manicured for appeal and style. Yet, it is the large Oak (Janis Joplin) that is alone between all these contemporaries that captures your attention. Somewhat flawed, noticeably out of place, sprouted in growth in an area never realized before.

We reach the plateau with its beautiful pond (Jim Croce) surrounded by apple trees. Peaceful through simplicity, the pond returns quiet moments of reflection. Pleasure from life's natural gifts. A time to relax.

The distant farm (Keith Moon) brings laughter from hayrides and crazy faced Jack-O-Lanterns. The season's festive atmosphere comes alive. A reminder that "fun" is a universal denominator for all that travel within the valley.

Continuing on, one can feel the power of the waterfall (John Bonham). A thunder heard far and wide. Carving out new formations throughout the region. Giving strength to the times elegance.

The clearing reveals many lengths of the brook (Duane Allman). Surrounded by the foliage magic on all sides. It winds so effortlessly throughout the season's splendor.

Beyond the great water and across the border, ones sees the glittery colors stand out from a distant valley. (Marc Bolan) Electrifying in its own hemisphere, one knows its seeds of growth will reach throughout the skyline.

Nearing the top one looks to the sky. Forever returning to the south, the graceful barefoot, Eagle (Ronnie Van Zant) can be heard throughout the canyon. It harmonizes with the echoes (Cassie Gaines) from the mountains. The youthful one (Steve Gaines) is following right behind. Never missing the turns the Eagle brings, he takes the journey to new heights.

The summit is breathtaking. Autumn's horizons reach beyond imagination. The bright sunshine reveals how much the season can invoke passion. But it is the shadows that are the most striking. Enormous shadows caste, covering the (Musical) foliage so far and wide. Here one realizes the brilliance brought forth from nature's treasures, and the loss that is all too soon.

Each of the previous musicians spent their last days on Earth during the months of September/October.