There are so many topics people can make parodies about, but most people don't even know how a parody is done. Well, I follow 3 simple rules, and if you follow them you can probably come out with a number one song. Most people know me as S.T.G. or that guy with all those song parodies. I believe there are rules to parody writing, and if you follow them properly you could be the next "Napster Pie", "Bong Song", or for the worse "Bloated Wife".

Rule Number 1: Topic

Every song parody is like an original it deals with one topic. I don't make a parody and spread it out into different topics. I, myself, use three topics the most: AmIRight, myself, or food. It isn't a crime to write about yourself, but sometimes you do have to suprise the audience. William Tong has even come out with non-Bush related parodies. What you should try to do first is pick a topic that you hate, adore, or have heard in the papers.

Rule Number 2: Song

A vital part of the song parody is the song to parody. When you pick your subject, maybe you have a song in your mind, but if not try and find a pretty semi-popular song. If you like a song, or hat the song and you have got a line already parodied, stick with that song. It'll all come to your mind if you think harder. Ex. Songs: American Pie, Thong Song, All the Small Things, and Hero.

Rule Number 3: Pacing

To get your pacing correct is vital to the voting polls. That is part of the polls. So what happens if you don't have that specific song you want to parody. Here is my answer- DOWNLOAD. I go to KaZaA

Just download, get lyrics, and try to go exact with the syllables and rhymes.

Even if you don't want to rhyme with the original rhyme just try it for beginners. If you don't want your computer to eat up memory, what I do is, download-parody-erase from computer.

Extra Advice:

Keep either a notepad handy for ideas, or as I do, a tape recorder and I sing out my ideas.


Well, now you know S.T.G.'s secret on making a parody I suggest you get off you butts, and make fun of a song.