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Can you think of a song that was specifically banned by a radio station, tv station, or government?

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"Sex (I'm A...)," Berlin
From Pleasure Victim (1982). Its racy lyrics resulted in its ban by several radio stations when it first came out as a single.
Joey F.
"Brown Sugar," Rolling Stones
Banned by some southern US radio stations in 1971 owing to lyrics alluding to interracial sex.
"Brown Sugar," Rolling Stones
Banned by some southern US radio stations in 1971 owing to lyrics alluding to interracial sex.
"Heavy Petting Zoo," NOFX
In 1996, the vinyl version of this album was banned in Germany due to the cover depicting an explicit sexual act between a human and a sheep.
"Rubber Bullets," 10cc
Briefly banned by the BBC in 1973 due to several incidents involving overzealous police and the ammunition mentioned in the title. The song rocketed to number one regardless, possibly because it was about a riot in an American prison and not The Troubles.
"Children," Robert Miles
While not banned perse, BBC DJs began referring to this instrumental dance song as "a record by Robert Miles" after the Dunblane school shooting. The title did not, however, affect its popularity and it was one of the biggest hits of 1996.
"Everything," Gary Glitter
After his child pornography charge in 1997, the BBC pulled all Gary Glitter songs from rotation. Further convictions for solicitating sex with minors followed, and to this day the BBC still has a total ban on everything he's recorded to the point he is edited from old Top of the Pops shown on BBC4 and not played on historical chart countdowns. Songs by his former backing group the Glitter Band have become acceptable in recent years though, as long as their connection goes unmentioned.
"S&M," Rihanna
Heavily edited for daytime airplay on BBC Radio 1, replacing references to "chains" and "whips" with appropriate sound effects and removing the repeated "S, S, S, S, M, M, M" chorus. To top it all off, the song was referred to as "Come On". It was played completely uncensored on commercial stations, the lyrics being mildly titillating at best.
"Everything," Eminem
In 2000, the University of Sheffield banned all Eminem records from student radio due to concern about sexism and homophobia in his lyrics. The ban even extended to student newspapers, with reviewers banned from covering Eminem records and gigs.
"Girl From Germany," Sparks
Banned by some US radio stations in 1972 due to Hitler references, despite being a song decrying postwar Germanophobia.
"In the Army Now," Status Quo
Another song banned by the BBC during the Gulf War.
"I Predict," Sparks
Video initially banned by MTV due to concerns that the Hitlerian Ron Mael performing a drag striptease was too disturbing.
"Dick Around," Sparks
Banned from daytime airplay by BBC Radio London because of the title. There is no sexually explicit content in the song, "dick" here being an American term which loosely means "goofing off".
"Havana ," Camila Cabello ft. Young Thug
Young Thug's verse is taken out of the radio version and replaced with either a repeat of the chorus or a second verse by Camila
"Pepsi Cola Sucks," Goldfinger
The song has a few bad words such as "f***ing" and "sh**". There is no version of the song where the bad words are blanked out.
"Typical Male," Tina Turner
Not the song itself but the video was edited for airing on Brazilian TV. Near the end before she seduces the lawyer and they are holding hands, Tina gives the viewer the 'OK' gesture. That gesture is VERY offensive in Brazil. It means "You asshole!" in their culture so that scene was clipped out for Brazilian TV broadcasts.
Reaction Giver
"The Look," Roxette
Not the song itself, but the music video. The BBC wouldn't allow the video to be played in England because Marie Fredriksson at one point in the video is playing a guitar and then sits down on a toilet while still playing it. Apparently the BBC thought this was offensive. It's pretty ridiculous because she's fully clothed and the toilet's lid is down so she's basically using it like a regular chair. LOL.
"Start Me Up," The Rolling Stones
Just this week, I heard a version that was altered from "you make a dead man come" to "you make a dead man cry."
"Fancy," Iggy Azalea (feat. Charli XCX)
Fancy has a lot of bad words such as f * * k and b* * * h so those words are blanked out. Also, some radio stations blank out the featured artist's verses.
"Peacock," Katy Perry
Due to the " I wanna see your peacock-cock-cock" line in the song, since you can't say "cock" on the radio, The cock-cock line is blanked and on certain radio stations, the song is banned.

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