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Do you know why a band picked out it's name? Feel free to let us know.

I can't verify all of these stories, so do take them with a grain of salt. I try and delete the ones that I know to be bogus, but I don't know the origins of every band name (and some bands intentionally tell different stories about picking their band name).

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MXPX MXPX's first name was Magnified Plaid (Or M.P. for short) so when Yuri (The drummer) was making posters for their upcoming show and he put the periods as X's, so they decided to take that name instead Magnified Plaid. Todd
MXPX They couldn't decide a name and one of their friends wore a black T-shirt all the time and there was some other girl that was their friend and she called it the magnified plaid. The named their band that for a little while and then they were making a logo for it, and they had the m and the p and put two x's in the middle and called their band mxpx now. Heather :)
MxPx MXPX used to be M.P. for magnified plaid (one of the band members had this plaid shirt. The plaid was bigger then usual and supposedly appeared to be 'magnified plaid'.) I guess they liked the name. One of the band members was designing some kinda merch(shirt or poster) and he used x's for periods(straight edge symbol), When he presented it to his fellow ban mates one read "MxPx?" and it just stook Britt
MXPX Well, it has already been explained that MXPX used to be M.P. for magnified plaid- but where did magnified plaid come from? Well, one of the band members had this plaid shirt. The plaid was uncommonly large and appeared to be magnified plaid. I guess they liked the name. Oh yeah, the reason why they used x's instead of periods is simply that the x was and is the symbol for straightedge.  Jewel
MXPX They were originally called Magnified Plaid. Yuri (the drummer) abbreviated the name for posters and in Yuri language, he uses x's instead of periods, hence MxPx. Jon Vander Plas
MxPx Originally they called themselves Magnified Plaid, and often used the abbreviation of M.P. At some point, people mistook Yuri's (the drummer) depiction of "periods" as x's. The name obviously stuck.  Sam Shaffer
MxPx they used m.p. for magnified plaid because their first guitar player had a green jacket with a large plaid design on it that appeared to be magnified plaid...and at a show they were playing, the guy who was making the flyers decided to snazzy the m.p. up a bit and use X's for their periods.  fart sniffer
MxPx They used to be called M.P. which meant Magnified Plaid. But when Yuri was putting up a poster one day, he was trying to write periods, but they came out as Xs.....hence: MxPx. The name stuck. Little tidbit: they're song PxPx is the same thing: the P's are for: Pokinacha Punks...and the Xs are for periods. It's all makes sense!!! Jeremy punk rawk
MxPx The other 2 entries are so close.. unfortunately im old enough to remember their original website. their original explanation i beleive is was Yuri who gave it... Magnified Plaid.. is true.. the x's are because of the way the poster they made was written.. has nothing to do with straight edge... straightedge really didnt have much of anexistence back then. so was M.P (or MxPx) the magnified plad was from an original demo tape they did... yes there was a plaid shirt involved, but the cover of the tape had a magnified version of Plaid on it... promise its true.. was on their official website.. jcpokinatcha
My Bloody Valentine The same name as a gory slasher horror film in the 80's. newave
My Chemical Romance The bassist, Mikey Way, used to work at Barnes and Noble. He got the name from a book by Irvine Welsh called Ecstasy: Three Tales of Chemical Romance.  Gee
My Chemical Romance Mikey Way, the bassist of My Chemical Romance, used to work at Barnes And Nobles. He found a stack of books call "Ecstacy: Three Tales of a Chemical Romance". He told Gerard that if they ever formed a band, that they should name is My Chemical Romance. He felt it suited their lives. dez
My Chemical Romance Named after the afrodisiac of South America. It was a drug. Joe
My Chemical Romance Gerard and Mikey way were working at a book store and the manager brought British books in the back room and Mikey looked on the inside cover of a book the said 4 tales of Chemical Romance and he said it would be cool if you added My in front of Chemical Romance. amanda day
My Chemical Romance They stole it from the name of a book. Jessica
My Chemical Romance Bassit,Michael Way, brother of lead vocals,Gerard Way, worked in a Barnes And Noble's bookstore and mikey was reading the blurb to Irvine Welsh's "Ecstasy: Three Tales of Chemical Romances". Then mike's decided to throw a 'My' on the front to give it a little twist and make it 'My Chemical Romance'  Lauren
My Chemical Romance The members said "were too big of losers to have date so we'll create them" Jimbo
My Chemical Romance Bassist Mikey Way was working in a Barnes And Noble's. One day, a stack of Irvine Walsh's books, "Four Tales Of A Chemical Romance" were dropped off. Mikey told Gerard that if they were ever in a band, they should name it 'My Chemical Romance', because the title suited their daily lives. Kelsey Valentino
My Chemical Romance Mikey Way, the bassist, used to work at a Barnes & Noble. It was while racking Irvine Welsh's "Ecstasy: Three Tales of Chemical Romance" that Mikey came up with the name for the band. ellywashere
My Chemical Romance They got it off a book by Irvine Welsh called "Ecstasy: Three Tales of Chemical Romances".  Heather
My Chemical Romance Mikey Way of the band my chemical romance had a job at a bookstore once, and he saw an Irvine Welsh (spelling??) book, and in the summary of the book it had something about chemical romance's...? Amber
My Morning Jacket In My Morning Jacket's case, a deep well of rich, mesmeric stories, images and memories. To begin with, there's the name. Years ago, while Jim was visiting his old college, his favourite student-hangout bar suddenly burnt down. Among the charred remains, as he wandered around, Jim found a jacket, stitched with the initials 'MMJ'. To Jim, this stood for 'My Morning Jacket'. Vicki Robertson
Månegarm The band's name comes from Mánagarmr, a wolf in Norse mythology. weirdkid106
Mötley Crüe Long before the Crüe was formed, guitarist Mick Mars had seen a band called Motley Crew and thought it was a cool name. When the Mötley's were choosing their name, Mick suggested Motley Crew. They were also drinking Löwenbräu at the time. They thought the dots over the "o" and "a" were cool (called an umlaut). They changed "Crew" to "Crüe".  Crue_Head
Mtly Cre They really liked Lwnbru beer, and had already been calling themselves Motley Crew, so they put the two together! ChrisPC

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