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Wynonna Judd enrages her "Christian fans" by planning to perform on a lesbian cruise. But does "The Traditional Values Coalition" speak for all her "Christian fans"? If I were any particular fan of hers, would I have to be outraged?

   Full story is at Article was posted on October 21 by Rhonda Blankenship

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rapidfire - October 21, 2004 - Report this comment
Puh-leeeze. Why is this an issue? Why don't those hyperactive Christians spend their energy helping their less fortunate neighbors, crack babies or homeless families, instead of tearing people down for exercising their free will (and American birthright) to peacefully live their own life as they choose? Sure, promote your beliefs, counsel others, lead by example, but don't try to ram-rod everyone into your perfect picture of righteousness. It doesn't work.
dude - October 22, 2004 - Report this comment
rapidfire, that would be commonsense. That is something no christian fanatic has ever possesed.
Reverend J - October 22, 2004 - Report this comment
I find Wynonna's actions hypocritical and a conflict of interest. Naomi sure wouldn't perform with lesbians and her daughter shouldn't either. And the Christians you call fanactics have as much right to free speech as Wynonna and the Lucifer's Left.
Doug Montgomery - October 22, 2004 - Report this comment
Well, Jesus associated with tax collectors, Pharisees, lepers, and other undesirables. He said "Well people don't need a doctor, but sick people do." And Ann Landers commented that a church is not a museum for saints--it's a hospital for sinners." That may account for Wynona's endeavor, eh wot?
MrMacphisto - October 22, 2004 - Report this comment
Doug, I wish more Christians I knew personally thought the way you and Ann Landers do, but unfortunately, a lot of them prefer to judge others, despite the fact that Christ had an important lesson to spread about such a practice. Apparently, throwing stones has become a national pasttime.
Jonathan C. - October 22, 2004 - Report this comment
I agree with the both of you, Doug and Mr. MacPhisto, that a church should be more of a hospital for sinners. Howver, there are those poor souls who go to church without any intention of "getting well". Rather, they try to conform a place of worship into a pulpit for their own beliefs, thus unwittingly condemning the whole congregation. This is why there has been hatred toward God and Christians in general. Jesus said himself that a church divided by itself is doomed. No wonder we have so many hypocrites who preach hatred instead of forgiveness.
FuNkY mOnKeY - October 24, 2004 - Report this comment
Being Wiccan I've been on the receiving end of some patronization (not too bad stuff, thankfully -- I converted pretty recently). And I have to wonder how *SOME* -- not all -- crazy Bible-bangers are so willing to drive their energy into condemning and judging other people of different beliefs or non-beliefs and throwing leather bound Bibles at them, while ignoring the probably MOST BASIC 'Love one another' in favour of bombing abortion clinics and murdering 'heathens'. Disgusting.
TAMMIE FAYE ROBERTSON - October 26, 2004 - Report this comment
Oh, when will people use their naturally-endowed INTELLIGENCE and get off the knee-jerk Christian/religion bashing? Yes, there are judgemental, extremist Christians -- is that surprising? There are also many loving, non-judgemental Christians, but people don't pay them any mind because they're not screaming in your face telling you that "you're a sinner, and that you're going to burn in HELL"; they don't make the evening news because they're not hypocritically bombing abortion clinics and telling people that terrorism and AIDS are God's vengeance on a corrupt society. Of course it's the extremists of any group who get all the attention, but can't we harness some intellectual discipline and recognize that these people do not DEFINE the group to which they CLAIM to belong? There are judgemental extremist 'patriots' who believe that a 'true' America means ridding it of blacks, jews and other 'undesirables' -- does that mean that patriots and patriotism are undesirable? There are many people who kill in the name of love -- does that mean love and those who love passionately are problems? I'm so SICK of hearing about how "religion" is a cancer on society because of the number of people killed in its name. By that logic, patriotism, freedom, and oil are among the evils in society. (Well, oil IS evil, but...)
Pat R. - October 28, 2004 - Report this comment
Oh please, Tammie. If someone's going to call themselves Christian, they ought to take responsibility for it. Stop whining about how people bash the poor little good Christians. Why are people always so willing to place the blame on others? Stand up and take responsibility for your cult and their misdeeds.
WyHellYeah - November 15, 2004 - Report this comment
Wy is clearly a loud and proud heterosexual. She's secure in her sexuality and so are her legions of lesbian fans worldwide. Anyone who has seen her live has surely noticed that. Or did you think all of those women holding hands were sisters? Come on, people. Snap to it. Gay people are everywhere.
gil corzo - January 10, 2005 - Report this comment
there are so many other real subjects to tackle within the HUMAN community that putting any kind of effort of thought behind this is just plain dumb, who cares if wynona plays for lesbians or a pack of wolves why does it matter where you bring the word of God as long as someone takes it with them at the end? perhaps we have forgotten that we are and i quote" the fishers of men" wake up people there is a mighty big sea out there we can't be picky choosey about who we want to bring to God we must bring all to God creed , color , oor sexual preference should not even be an issue at all"save them all and let God sort them out" that's what I say!!!! Who are we to judge or to condemn ? Don't the forces of evil judge and condem you enough every day without you having to do it to someone else?The lord has a special plan for ALL of us...

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