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"If George Only Had A Brain" - Bill Jacobs' parody of "If Only I Had A Brain" from "The Wizard of Oz" - sung in "Dubya's voice"

   Full story is at If George Only Had A Brain. Article was posted on August 5 by Will

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Tim Hall - August 05, 2004 - Report this comment
Great job!
xhuli - August 06, 2004 - Report this comment
i think that this prody is very beautiful and i like yery much it.
Site question - August 06, 2004 - Report this comment
Shouldn't this be in Latest Comedy Song Recordings instead of News Items?
ChuckyG - August 06, 2004 - Report this comment
This was submitted by the person who wrote (so far as I know), so it doesn't belong in the recordings section, and it's not really news. I guess it should have been added to the links section.
Maggie May - August 07, 2004 - Report this comment
VERY funny stuff!! Better than that JibJab offering, by far...
Wade Merry - August 08, 2004 - Report this comment
Come on folks. The "George Bush is Dumb" is growing very old and false. Last time I checked, Ivy League colleges do not accept total morons. Besides, didn't Reagan suffer with this idiocy and end up being one of the most revered presidents ever? Let history judge the intelligence of George W. Bush, not a bunch of liberal hatchet men. This stuff was funny 4 years ago, so grow up. P.S. jibjab offering was much funnier and fair to both kerry and Bush.
Phil Alexander - August 08, 2004 - Report this comment
Wade, of course Ivy League colleges accept total morons when their parents are multi-millionaires and about as politically well-connected as is humanly possible...
Micheal Stevens - August 08, 2004 - Report this comment
Sorry, Phil ... But this IS very funny!! (Not to mention some VERY well composed rhyming...) And the "George Bush is Dumb" thing will never go out of style (... as long as Bush stays as dumb as a broken door knob). My FAVORITE line of this amazingly well-written and EXTREMELY laugh- inducing parody is the "Michael Moore would not provoke me ... little pretzels wouldn't choke me me!" bit. Now THAT'S comedy!!! (of course, right-wingers MAY not chuckle quite as hard as the majority of us! ... or smile quite as broadly as I'll be doing come this election day!)
Michael S - August 08, 2004 - Report this comment
OOPS! On the above comment I should have started out "Sorry,WADE..." (And compared to this parody ... that JibJab thing was JUVENILE.
MrMacphisto - August 09, 2004 - Report this comment
LMAO.... wow.... Bill Jacobs is the man.... But folks, JibJab was pretty funny, and it had more mainstream appeal because it makes "jabs" at both candidates. As far as the "George is dumb" idea is concerned, if the shoe fits.... and it fit so well with Reagan as well. I'll take Clinton the horndog over Bush the idiot any day.
Diddims - August 09, 2004 - Report this comment
Yeah! Who needs Bush anyway? What Clinton did was nothing compared to this barbarian. Heck, a goldfish could have done a better job than Bush!
wade merry - August 10, 2004 - Report this comment
To all who say George Bush is dumb, I never heard George utter the immortal words "what is the definition of the word "is". Clinton also proved his stupidity by ignoring an al-queda threat that exploded during his presidency, we got 9-11 as a result. Clinton was also a liar, and a traitor who sold our nuclear secrets to CHINA. Bush may not be very smart, but how smart is it to lie about everything under the sun when you know you will get caught? At least George is not a traitor, unlike his predacessor.
Tim Hall - August 10, 2004 - Report this comment
THE WHOLE WORLD'S LAUGHING!!! - reminicent of the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago
Tara - August 11, 2004 - Report this comment
If I had a dollar for every time Bush supporters tried to change the subject to Clinton, I would be rich enough to recieve the tax cuts to the top 5% of americans. Song is funny and sad, sad that we have such a moron for president. Clinton was warned 4 times and Bush 6. Bush is a moron. ABB 2004
dude - August 11, 2004 - Report this comment
Changing the subject to Clinton is inexcusable. Bush sells out double agents and reveals secret CIA operatives and yet they still let the moron run the country.
wade merry - August 11, 2004 - Report this comment
Changing the subject is inexcusable only to people who want to pretend things were great under the clinton administration. I am no fanboy of President Bush, but the Enron scandal, worldcom, and many others were only exposed during the Bush administration. The "economic boom" we had was as a result of cooking the books. Bush is still cleaning up years of Clinton's messes. You could ask Ron Brown what he thinks of Clinton but he is dead, ditto Vince Foster. These 2 deaths and more reek of cover-up, but we have to remember the "Clinton Legacy". Groping young interns, cheating on his wife, embarassing his whole family, selling nuclear secrets to China for campaign contributions, Somalia, Rwanda, and people within his circle conveniently dying right and left. I have qualms with bush as well, but the same "lies" Bush has supposedly uttered are the same ones Clinton, Kerry, Gore, Kennedy, Pelosi, and many others supported while Clinton was in office. Now all the sudden, when bush uses the same intel, he is a liar. Sorry, but when the "shoe Fits" I recall someone saying, A hypocrite is still a hypocrite. I am waiting for a parody addressing Clinton and his legion of hypocrites, but no, we need to continue on how stupid Bush is. That is just stupid, juvenile, and reeks of kindergarden. Just drop it and focus on the real issues facing us today. Men die wallowing in the glories of yesteryear. Clinton needs to go away and the leaders of today need to stop their petty lying (both dems and reps), and fix things NOW! In the immortal words of Dennis Miller, "of course that's just my opinion, I could be wrong." P.S. I think the fellow who wrote this parody has to much free time on his hands.
Robert J. Pagliaro - August 11, 2004 - Report this comment
That's consenual sex with a woman - not groping a young intern. Mr. Clinton's consenual sex outside of marriage are nobody's business but those who were involved. Bush is a liar and he's stupid. You think Ron Brown's death was a cover up? No, a cover up would be the abortion Dubya obtained for a woman during the 70s. I guess we could ask Laura Bush's teen boyfriend about his thoughts - Oh, I forgot, she killed him in a car accident. Things were great under Bill; it's almost a shame that he's Constitutionally barred from being President again, or even VP. And, yes, the election was stolen - that's another cover up. The hyprocrisy on the right is staggering. P.S. I hope the person who wrote this has more time on his hands in the future. Three more months, three more months.
Domov Runner - August 11, 2004 - Report this comment
Nonsense! The election was not "stolen" Every time Gore demanded a recount, the result the same, time after time. Although he wanted to keep on recounting until he got the results he wanted, finally the Supreme court came in and put an end to it.. Clintons indescretions WERE eveyrone's business, because they went towards a pattern of behaviour in the the Paula Jones harrassment scandal. If Bill was proven to have the same behaviour with other victims, it gave strength to the procecution. Clinton LIED under oath about this, which was why he was impeached. The only good thing Clinton did was get the Republicans in the majority in Congress. After one year, the budget was balanced (after 30 years of Democrat-controlled deficits due to the failed "great society). Clinton took credit for that, although it's Congress that controls the budget. What we're seeing here is an attempt by the far-left to put a Socialist in the white house. They can't win on their issues, so they're running on the tried-and-true methods of hate, insults, class-warfare, and outright lies by the Hollywood Left. If they can generate enough disgust for Bush, they'll win. The last politition to show as much hate as John Kerry wore an armband and a little black mustache. We're engaged in a war of Good against Evil here. The fact that the Democrats (and those who enjoy juvenile humor at Bush's expense) are willing to have us LOSE that war just to regain political power has caused me to lose the last bit of respect for the DNC.
Bill Jacobs - August 11, 2004 - Report this comment
Well, actually my time is kind of at a premium right now (just as it was when I wrote "If George Only Had A Brain"). But some things in life are a little more important than getting an extra hour of sleep or watching a favorite TV show, huh? And just maybe another parody or two -- using humor to make people stop, think and then VOTE -- is what I have to offer, is my way of helping our country finally have a leader who is respected, honest and truly worthy of the office. At least from the look of things, it’s started a dialogue. So, in the weeks and months ahead , feel free to stop by my website for a few more songs (hopefully a couple chuckles) and even some films to help spread the word ( ). I know it’s hard to be united as a country when we as people hold such powerful and differing views of our politicians. But ALL of us really need to stop and ask ourselves “are we taking this stand because we truly want what is best of our country ... or are we deep down thinking of this as some kind of competition or game we must win, to satisfy our need of winning, and at whatever the cost?” In the footsteps of Will Rogers and Mark Twain, I strongly believe that using humor is a fair and just manner to convey political opinions. But personal attacks against individuals with opposing views (“... has too much free time on his hands”) -- or downright dishonest campaigns against actual politicians (i.e., the current disgraceful ads propagating lies about John Kerry’s military service) are ill-spent energies which only drag all of us down to base and inferior levels. No matter how far right, center or left we may be, to make this work we must rise above the “US against THEM” mentally. It simply has to be “all of us.”
Domov Runner - August 11, 2004 - Report this comment
Humor is good if it starts a dialogue, but not if it perpetuates a myth. Remember jokes about Ethiopians in the 1980s? How about jokes about J Edgar Hoover wearing a dress (an outright fabrication) or of Dan Quayle being an idiot (another lie). Everyone told these jokes because they were funny, and because everyone else was doing the same. How about those poor-taste Clinton/Monica jokes from the Right. Remember how the Left used humor against Paula Jones "How DARE she get molested by our beloved leader! Why, she's just trailer-trash, and she's really, really ugly, too!" The Nazi party used humor to influence people against Jews. •Now we're seeing the same thing against Bush. Instead of focusing on the issues (health care, taxes, deficits) people are using humor to promote falsehoods and outright hate. •I've seen so much Bush-Bashing on this site that I won't be returning. Pity, since it's genuinely entertaining.
Bill Jacobs - August 11, 2004 - Report this comment
My humor, as I presented in song and referred to above, was simply following in the tradition of Mark Twain and Will Rogers ... and quite frankly, comparisons to the Nazi party and prejudice against Ethiopians is about as out-of-line here as are the misrepresentations of those ads I mentioned above against Kerry's heroic military service. Since you are so forcefully opinionated on the subject of Bush, I can offer possibly one helpful solution: don't listen to funny songs that poke fun of his ignorance, simply turn the channel when David Letterman or Jon Stewart have their moments of anti-Bush Zen ... tell the world about all the wonderful things you believe Bush has done and go to the polls and vote what you think and so fervently feel. But please, don't put me and my humorous parodies in the same line of thought as the Nazis.
Domov Runner - August 11, 2004 - Report this comment
I'm sorry, but your song IS offensive to me. It follows the process of "I don't agree with this guy's politics, therefore he must be an idiot". It's has the same mean-spritied "jump on the bandwagon and hate this guy too" that is present with all the other sources of humor. This has nothing to do with whether or not I like Bush, but in the song's message and the way it is presented. Its funny, yes, and thought provoking, yes, but in the same way that a KKK propaganda film bout "those stupid blacks" would make people vote to continue Jim Crow law. I would find that movie offensive too, even if everyone enjoyed it as a source of entertainment. Your follow up message seems to be "everyone else hates Bush, get used to it".
Paul Robinson - August 12, 2004 - Report this comment
domov runner - I promised myself (and someone else) to stay out of this for a while, but I feel compelled to tell you that your analogy is very poorly drawn. "KKK" racism was aimed at an entire group of people with no regard for their individual qualities, actions or deeds. Black people were all lumped together and judged by a distorted caricature - a denial of their humanity. Beyond any and all specific examples of KKK racism that denial of such a basic and seemingly inarguable truth lies directly at the core of their ugly, blind hate. Remarks denigrating George Bush's intelligence, integrity, truthfulness or anything else are directed solely at that specific individual, so your analogy couldn't be farther off base. Oh, boy...I can feel more corrective remarks just bubbling up...but I MUST RESIST.....OK...that's all for now. Of course, you are still allowed to feel offended by the song. That is a subjective judgment, which last time I checked was still allowed in this country. But chew on the logic of my point, if you will, because it seems to me that most of the contentions you have been making are flawed with the same type of disconnected logic.
dude - August 17, 2004 - Report this comment
Domov Runner: you need a reality grip if you find this offensive. Look at what the current administration has been doing if you want to see something truly offensive.
Chuck M - August 18, 2004 - Report this comment
This sort of Leftist bomb-throwing partisan garbage is demeaning only to those you embrace it -- including this website.
Marylee W. - August 25, 2004 - Report this comment
Lighten up, Chuck, my man. It's just a (funny) song. And if you know you don't care for humorous, political songs ... then why the heck are you HERE (at this FINE website)?? And talk about garbage bombs, I think the ol' Right-Wingers have been shootin' a whole arsenal of them this campaign season ... and we're still months away! Now, where'd I put my wading boots...?

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