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I screwed up royally. Voting data for half of all parodies submitted to the site has been lost. Backups do not exist. I apologize deeply to the authors for this mistake.
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"The Lost Votes Scheme Song" by Phil Alexander
   Originally "The Muppet Show Theme Song" by The Muppets
   Phil Alexander: Must admit that I only wrote this parody so that I could suggest it as a related one...
"Writing's What I Love (my take on the whole voting fiasco)" by Arwen
   Originally "Friday I'm in Love" by The Cure
   Arwen: Pretty self explanatory...we don't need to get all hung up on votes, kiddies!
"Crashing The Site" by Know 1 can hear you dream
   Originally "Breaking The Law" by Judas Priest
   Know 1 can hear you dream: Just a few days ago I wrote somewhere that I normally didnīt write fast enough to have my parodies associated with the news articles at the top of the site. I guess I was wrong because hereīs my take on the lost-votes-crash of July 2004.
"Deletion" by Johnny D
   Originally "Tradition" by Fiddler On The Roof Cast/Soundtrack
   Johnny D: I wrote this parody in deleted-memory of The Great Amiright Vote Deletion of July 28, 2004.
"Delete Me" by Silver Power
   Originally "Don't Tell Me" by Avril Lavigne
   Silver Power: This Is My First Parody, It Is About What Happened July 28! I Hope You Enjoy It As Much Ass I Enjoyed Writing It!
"Delete Me" by Silver Power
   Originally "Don't Tell Me" by Avril Lavigne
   Silver Power: This Is My First Parody, It Is About What Happened July 28! I Hope You Enjoy It As Much As I Enjoyed Writing It!
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User Comments

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2nz - July 29, 2004 - Report this comment
Well, there goes my ego...
Billy Florio - July 29, 2004 - Report this comment
it figures...all the parodies that I would have wanted the votes to disapear to, didnt
Michael McVey - July 29, 2004 - Report this comment
I'm getting even with them. See my own parody of "This Land...." tomorrow morning! -- MM
Adagio - July 29, 2004 - Report this comment
Billy, you must have been here more than a year to have any votes left...even the ones I wanted to disappear are gone with the good
D. Pietras - July 29, 2004 - Report this comment
It looks to me like the actual votes are still around; just the averages (or whatever calculates them) have disappeared. I suppose you could still use a calculator to figure them out, if it matters to you that much.
D. Pietras - July 29, 2004 - Report this comment
Addendum/correction: it looks like whenever someone puts in a vote, all the previous votes disappear. Not being computer-savvy, unfortunately I don't have any idea how to fix that.
Billy Florio - July 30, 2004 - Report this comment
Adagio, Ive been here since November of 2000
Claude Prez - July 30, 2004 - Report this comment
No biggie Chuck; thanks for all the hard work.
Phil Alexander - July 30, 2004 - Report this comment
You know, Chucky... I'm tempted to suggest nuking the rest of the votes, too, so that we all start back on an even footing. Seems odd for parodies like "Diarrhoea Streaming" and "I Hate BS" to still have loads of votes while "Mend My PC" and "Another Bastard Spammer" are down to zilch. At least I have a record of what they got up to, though.
Johnny D - July 30, 2004 - Report this comment
Phil, that's a fascinating idea ...... yeah, imagine if ALL parodies on Amiright, without exception, started all over again from ZERO votes on a given day.....heh heh heh!
Green Bloodied Hound Dogs - July 30, 2004 - Report this comment
When Are The Next Parodies Coming?
Ashkicksass - July 30, 2004 - Report this comment
Hey guys, if anything, it negates all of Ones Guy's hard work. Ha ha sucka!
Know 1 can hear you dream - July 30, 2004 - Report this comment
Maybe if someone have a copy of the file from before the crash in their cache, or somewhere else, then somehow at least the averages could be restored (for those with 10 parodies or more).

That page looks kinda rediculous now. A newbie gotta wonder what keept Guy DiRito going with only 1 vote per 100 songs. :-)

Personally, the more parodies I have written the more I have come to apprechiate the comments rather than the votes, though the combination is of course the best response of all, so If nothing can be done I have to say that Iīm with Phil on nuking the rest of the votes too

And that I say without even taking into consideration the huge amounts of political parodies and towards them prejudiced 111s and 555s we will have to see mock the whole idea of fair voting during the next three months. ;-P I enjoy voting, I enjoy having my parodies voted upon, but letīs face it, to the mundane occasional visitor that part of the site might seem a bit secterish, and therefore add to the overall impression of a bit of a secterist site, and thereīs not many things worse than apparent secterism to scare people off. Spaff might have been right on the money with calling us the inhabitants of "the island of misfit parodists" in the sleeve of his Christmas album.

So let that place on the pages be replaced with more Google Ads or some other income-bringing feature.

Phil Alexander - July 30, 2004 - Report this comment
Yes, Peter, I took a backup of the parody authors page - if anyone really wants to know how many votes they lost, drop me a line...

I noted some of the extremes here:,2589.0.html
Know 1 can hear you dream - July 30, 2004 - Report this comment
Iīll copy my arguing here and paste it over there to help you get a debate started.
Royce Miller - July 30, 2004 - Report this comment
Chuck, if it wasn't for your website, we wouldn't have our parodies published, and for that I thank you. The votes aren't a big deal, it would suit me if everyone just started back at zero so everyone would be even. There are people who had alot more than me, who now show less votes than me--just a suggestion.
@ssKicker - July 30, 2004 - Report this comment
The Voting Breakdown for each parody still show the original votes. Can they be used as backups?
neminem - July 30, 2004 - Report this comment
@ssKicker is right, you know. Any way to script it so the data from wherever it is the Voting Breakdown information comes from gets routed back into the main voting data?

If not, it seems like it would make the most sense to wipe the rest, too, so as to not create more confusion.
The Thought Police - July 30, 2004 - Report this comment
Does this mean the "Ones guy" will have to work twice as hard to piss people off ?
Your Worst Nightmare - July 30, 2004 - Report this comment
Thought Police, that is a positive aspect of the situation. Never thought of that. Is it just me that it is only my bad songs that kept the votes, and the good songs that lost them?
Troy - July 30, 2004 - Report this comment
When I checked my parodies this morning and saw the votes gone to zero, I thought, what the fuck????? Then I checked the other people's ratings and noticed half of them have dropped to sub-zero too so I thought fair dinkum something is wrong and then read Chucky's post. I guess all I can say is shit happens. Anyways seeing my votes are lost, everybody reading this RATE MY PARODIES PLEASE!!!!
Paul Robinson - July 30, 2004 - Report this comment
ChuckyG, Did you know that the vote "reset" problem is still occuring in some situations? I just voted on Charlie Decker's parody of "Aquarius" - I looked at it since I was going to post an "Aquarius" parody and decided I liked it so I voted "5's". It had 8 perfect "5-5-5" votes when I first looked at it but after I submitted my vote the count got reset to reflect only my vote. That didn't happen on other pieces I have voted on today. Does it have something to do with the original posting date? I know you have enough to do so I'm not expecting you to answer me directly but I thought I should let you know in case you didn't know it was still happening.
Paul Robinson - July 30, 2004 - Report this comment
Well, it would be nice if the vote totals could somehow be restored but if not, we will all just soldier on. Like just about all of you have said I appreciate just having this site available at all so that I can put my stuff out there and get some recognition, validation, and, of course, feedback to help me improve. I hope I'm able to perhaps supply a little entertainment and a few laughs to the people who look in on my stuff. Actually, I'd love to see a slightly different system implemented with a voting range of perhaps 1-to-10 instead of the current 1-to-5. If that were available I would probably be using "9" quite a bit for stuff that was real good/real funny but not really outstanding, which would be my criteria for a "10". Of course if nobody else used a stricter criteria it really wouldn't make a difference. I'm probably bucking a trend that is now pretty deeply ingrained in our society - grade or rating inflation. And of course I realize MY works would also be subjected to this more stringent criteria - which honestly would not bother me. I've found I have a tendency to give solid, workman-like parodies that are fairly amusing "5's", and I probably have put my share of this type of parody out there and gotten the benefit of the doubt and "5's" across. Maybe they deserve it but it almost seems unfair to the really "knock-you-on-your-ass/hysterical" mind-blowing stuff that takes things to a special level. I know I shouldn't name any names but some of the stuff I see from Spaff and Claude P come to mind (I think they are almost universally recognized so I don't feel mentioning them here is inappropriate. Of course, there are others who also regularly send me cackling into the night...I think THEY know who they are...I'm not going to list any further because I would surely leave out deserving folks and hurt or piss them off. Hell, I may have done that anyway here. I don't know if anyone else agrees with me, or even cares that much, or if this idea would even be practical or desirable to program, but it's something I've given a bit of thought to. Of course, I welcome any feed-back or thoughts on the merits/drawbacks of my suggestion, Thanks.
Know 1 can hear you dream - July 31, 2004 - Report this comment
Paul: Just a thought here but maybe you were the first one after the crash to vote on one of Charlie Deckerīs parodies? Unless someone already deliberately gone through all the current 312 authors/names in that list, not to mention those with <10 parodies, thereīs still some future erasing to occure. :-(
Paul Robinson - July 31, 2004 - Report this comment
Know 1 - Yes, it appears that was the case. I hadn't studied why some authors were reset to "zero" on all their totals on the authors page and why some were not and I was assuming the "reset" problem was a "past-tense" issue that had been blocked off somehow. That most likely was an incorrect assumptions. Charle D - My apologies, I did not realize my vote would trigger that. However, Johnny D has an item in the Messageboard section with the author page totals as of 07/28/04, 6:35 pm EDST. And the separate parody songs still should have your old numbers, except the "Aquarius" parody, which now only shows my 1 vote. It has 8 votes before that I believe, all perfect 5's across.
drewster the rooster - July 31, 2004 - Report this comment
all my votes were lost, but thats ok, im sure i'll survive. otherwise, (better say sumthin else coz im sure no one gives a squirt about my lost votes) i was just wondering exactly how it was managed?
T.J. Spindler - July 31, 2004 - Report this comment
Well, i must start over!
Adam Moses - July 31, 2004 - Report this comment
YAY!!!! All my ones are gone!
Johnny D - July 31, 2004 - Report this comment
Amiright Parody Authors Index

As of 6:35 PM Eastern Daylight Time on 7-28-04:,2600.0.html
MrMacphisto - July 31, 2004 - Report this comment
Well... normally losing all my votes would annoy me, but you know... I now have a higher average than before... I now have a 5 average in all 3 categories... (of course, I only have 2 votes now)
Jonathan C. - July 31, 2004 - Report this comment
Not that it hurts me that much since I haven't submitted a parody since last year. But I'm sorry that the votes have been lost. But please don't blame yourself for losing them. These things happen on computers, and they are easily hacked in to. But one bright spot, though: That means some votes from the 1's guy were erased too. :D
Jake A Ralphing (Luke Brattoni) - July 31, 2004 - Report this comment
WHOOOPEEEE!!! My voting average is a perfect 5.0 5.0 5.0! No-one vote for the rest of eternity! Mwoo hoo ha ha haaaa! Nice work, Chucky G, you erased all of the crappy 1's that TJ Spindler voted.
drewster the rooster - August 04, 2004 - Report this comment
may be touching on this late here, im not reading ALL the other comments, but couldnt the record of the votes be sumhow used? not being a technical whiz i dont realli know, just a thought. probably not seeing sum of u guys r whizzes, or whizzi or wotever the plural of whiz is, and should therefore hav thought of it and disregarded it. but just an idea, hell, maybe i'll unlock the secret? i doubt it
Silver Power - August 04, 2004 - Report this comment
I accidently submitted my parody (delete me) twice because i made the word as into a**, i am sorry, it was accidental, u can delete the one that has the a word in it. but please not both of them. Thank you very much!
T.J. Spindler - August 04, 2004 - Report this comment
jake, shut up and go to hell
Paul Robinson - August 04, 2004 - Report this comment
Silver Power - that's actually pretty amusing, having to explain why "Delete Me" should be deleted, but only once. Fortunately, the editor's here are pretty sharp.
Phil Alexander - August 09, 2004 - Report this comment
Hey, Paul...
>Fortunately, the editor's here are pretty sharp.
May I point out: (which I'm gonna have to start re-advertising as it's lost 30 or so votes)
Paul Robinson - August 09, 2004 - Report this comment
Phil - Hmmm...from the title here I would guess that I put an apostrophe in "editors" that did not belong there. That is one area of my English usage that occasionally falls into the sh*t. I catch it about half the time (maybe). Good catch, Phil, particularly in light of the topic that the comment was supposed to be addressing. Nice work on this parody. 5's (that right, isn't it?)
Phil Alexander - August 10, 2004 - Report this comment
Typos and errors (especially other people's) rather jump out at me: it's a useful trait in a programmer...
> 5's (that right, isn't it?)
5s would be right, too: the apostrophe after numbers (and even acronyms) is becoming accepted usage, though the purists (like Lynne Truss) would frown on it.
Paul Robinson - August 10, 2004 - Report this comment
Thanks, Phil. I can always use a little straightening out in the area of of the apostrophe (notice how I worded the sentence to avoid having to use an "s" at the end. I did not want to have to determine if I should or should not use an apostrophe in that situation)

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