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A band is going to let a man committ suicide on stage. Talk about putting a new spin on "The band killed out there!"...and you thought Alice Cooper throwing a chicken off the stage was bad

   Full story is at yahoo. Article was posted on October 1 by Billy Florio

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Diva - October 01, 2003 - Report this comment
Yes, this has been a big news item here in the Tampa Bay area. So sad for the whole situation. To make a publicity stunt of a suicide. That's an all time low. And to think, people are paying to see this. What has our world come to.
Melhi - October 01, 2003 - Report this comment
I'll try "Bootleg Videos I Won't Be Keeping An Eye Out For This Year" for a $1,000 Alex. Although, it might give an all new meaning to the term "Pro-shot" (Yeesh!)
etak - October 01, 2003 - Report this comment
If they are trying to get physician-assisted suicide legalized by the city counsil why are they going about it by having a person do it as entertainment? I think these guys have no idea what they're doing really when it comes to getting what they want. I mean, they're not going to legalize physician-assisted suicide because some band known for shock value is doing something like this. They'll just take it as something else this band is doing to be shocking and violent except this time the band is taking it too far and they'll get arrested.
Mike Florio - October 01, 2003 - Report this comment
wow, how bizzare. Our civilazation has REALLY reached a new low.
jack - October 01, 2003 - Report this comment
bleh thats bad
Quayle - October 01, 2003 - Report this comment
I think that Hell On Earth should all be arrested for murder and executed--on network TV.
@ssKicker - October 02, 2003 - Report this comment
If this guy wants to commit suicide, let him. If he wants to do it on stage, let him. But what makes me sick is the people who want to go and see it happen. How can someone find any pleasure in watching another human die?
FuNkY mOnKeY - October 02, 2003 - Report this comment
What kind of sick freaks turn this into a publicity stunt?! It turns my stomach to know that there are such demented people living in the US. I'm ashamed to be on the same continent as this Hell on Earth pack of b*stards. Also, why isn't this suicidal man getting counseling or something, instead of being allowed to publicly take his own life to entertain other horrible sadistic people who paid to see this?! And grinding up live rats in a blender is the stuff these guys do? Honestly, this planet is going insane. "How can someone find any pleasure in watching another human die?" Amen, @ssKicker.......that's what I'm thinking too. Dear God.
@ssKicker - October 03, 2003 - Report this comment
Those kinds of bands are really running out of things to shock us. Perhaps in the future they will start throwing grenades into the audience or something. Bands shouldn't rely on the shock factor to sell tickets. The music industry should literally be about the music. You never saw all the really famous bands doing anything like that, did you? The Beatles... U2.... ABBA.... since when did they ever try to shock people to that degree? All it says about Hell on Earth is that (a) they are sadistic enough to show a person's death at their show and (b) their music is too awful to sell tickets.
Diva - October 03, 2003 - Report this comment
Read in the news this morning: A Judge has granted an injuction against the band . See: for the link to the Tampa Tribune.
Sloth - October 03, 2003 - Report this comment
where do I get tickets?!?! I'm only like 2 hours away!
FuNkY mOnKeY - October 03, 2003 - Report this comment
*sigh* These days it seems to be all about the "performance" (note the quotation marks) and not the music. This is why I like bands like Train...they play good music *and* their shows are fun to be at--WITHOUT, mind, doing stuff like ALLOWING SOMEONE TO KILL HIMSELF ON STAGE. Unlike these Hell on Earth a**holes that are doing this for some twisted semblance of entertaining people.
Joelle - October 04, 2003 - Report this comment *horrified gasp*
Static - October 04, 2003 - Report this comment
I just heard they're not gonna let him. Oh well.
Adam Zen B. - October 04, 2003 - Report this comment
I think this band just took the Rolling Stones' song "It's Only Rock'n'Roll" a bit too literally: If I could stick a knife in my heart Suicide right on stage Would it be enough for your teenage lust Would it help to ease the pain? Ease your brain?
penny - October 06, 2003 - Report this comment
That is absolutely horrible! What kind of sick people would try to get their point across by allowing someone to commit suicide during their concert?? Talk about "Hell on Earth"!
Moose - October 07, 2003 - Report this comment
Just yet another example of maniacs trying to gain publicity through shock value...sick demented and twisted freaks...kind of ironic the way they are thinking about killing someone suicidal in order to have killing someone suicidal made legal. They wanna prove how right it is? By defying the laws? Totally out to lunch thinking here.
pink cow - October 07, 2003 - Report this comment
sick b*stards. they must have awful music. they need an audience. but what kind of audience would come to see a suicide? not the kind i'd like. let's just go and popularize the idea of public suicide.. *yipee* ::rolls eyes:: Maybe for their next show they can all get struck by lightening! I'm ashamed to live in this country. it's really quite sad. bleh!
MaeghanJade - October 08, 2003 - Report this comment
Last I heard, this event will not be allowed to commence. I don't remember where I read it, but Hell on Earth is not being allowed to do this. ----<--<@
@ssKicker - October 09, 2003 - Report this comment
You may as well bring back public hangings or something. Though when you think about it, some areas of America have the death penalty, which is killing people against their will. Hmm... which is worse?
meg - October 12, 2003 - Report this comment
i hate that there gonna go through wiht this, heard about this hell on earth band from my pastor, he brought up the suicide on stage , on our tuesday morning devotions in school, it's a horrible thing, i thnk the devil is trying to get back at the wrold cuz' christianity is growing at a more rapid rate every year i dunno that's what i think but i f i could i would try to stop the sucicide even if i get killed if i could just stop it from happening, i would

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