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Angry "fans" demand FCC investigation into American Idol results.

   Full story is at The Smoking Gun. Article was posted on July 14 by Rebecca L.

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FuNkY mOnKeY - July 14, 2003 - Report this comment
Personally I don't really think that the competition was rigged, though I liked Clay much more than Ruben. Those letters were quite entertaining for the most part, though..."I couldn't even stand to watch Ruben with the amount of sweat and snot pouring off him!"...that made me giggle...
Hoeveel - July 14, 2003 - Report this comment
I dunno. Isn't the whole point that it's meant to be a litmus test for the viability of the act? What would we the point of rigging it?
Stockton - July 15, 2003 - Report this comment
So a bunch of obese people vote for Ruben. It's not like that's illegal or anything. It was either tubby or rat-face. Besides, who would think that AI was rigged. Probably all the people that voted for clay. Listen to the Beatles and Let it Be.
Hoeveel - July 15, 2003 - Report this comment
Ah, it's cos a fat guy won? I'm pretty sure either the winner or the runner up from ours was fat. He actually had a decent voice on him but then he went on a celebrity fatcamp programme and everyone realised he was just a...well i'm not sure if i'm allowed to use that word on on here but there is a town in England with a similar name: Twatt.
Rebecca L. - July 15, 2003 - Report this comment
Hooray, they used my news! I think that the uproar is mainly because Rueben in black. I mean, Kelly beat Justin last year and nobody said a word. I tried to vote for Rueben but I couldn't get through! I tried all night and his line was busy. I did, however, get through to Clay's line. I don't think it's fair that Rueben won and Clay is getting more attention. They didn't do that for Justin last year! My friends and I think Clay is really ugly and he sings like an old man. Rueben may be overweight but, he has talent! See ya! Becky :)
Hoeveel - July 15, 2003 - Report this comment
OK, i'm totally lost now. I don't even watch this prog in my own country so i think i'll shut up now.
Rose - July 15, 2003 - Report this comment
Notice the only ones vvho are complaining are the ones vvho voted for Clay? Its all for spite and sore losers vvho can't be open minded enough to accept loss. I didn't even vvatch, but from vvhat I did see, they vvere both very qualified to vvin. Console the loser, congradulate the vvinner and move on. Love & Peace, all. ^_~
FuNkY mOnKeY - July 15, 2003 - Report this comment
Hey!! Clay is cute! And he has a great voice!
Becky - July 16, 2003 - Report this comment
I'm sorry. Clay has a nice voice but it is like Frank Sinatra nice. It is of old man singing quality. He should be doing shows in Las Vegas. It is totally unfair for him to be in second place, yet getting first place attention!
Jonathan C. - July 16, 2003 - Report this comment
What? No hanging chads?! But seriously, I think this is much ado about nothing. People are angry because they didn't get through. That's their problem. There are more important problems than locating an unlikely glitch in the voting process of a show of little significance. BTW, I'm still protesting the votes of the first season when Tamyra was voted off.
Nick J (Ghosteller) - July 18, 2003 - Report this comment
I think it was definetly rigged. They just wanted Ruben to win because he was a favorite among the judges. Think about it 1st winner:Skinny white girl 2nd Winner:Fat Black guy
Beebop - July 18, 2003 - Report this comment
Nick J...are u nuts? That contest was not rigged. Anybody who says it was rigged is crazy.
Jonathan C. - July 18, 2003 - Report this comment
I agree, Beebop. How would closely monitored calls for votes be rigged? And what would be the motives other than stroking Simon's ego? It is not possible to take many different phone calls with the amount of voting that went on.
GovernmentCheese - July 20, 2003 - Report this comment
That' a freakin sad reflection of current pop music culture. I can't stand these American Idol instalments, but even just by the bombarded clips of A.I. on entertainment news shows that feature even snippets of this Stubbard guy, it's clear that he doesn't suck. Put it this way, with his apparent talent he could have actually scouted for a record deal the tradition way and left this reality TV series for the oversaturated O-Town style crap thatís the big money now Ė even the runner up from last year had that unreal, creepy plastic personae you see in those morbid beauty pageants that get parents to force Jean Benet Ramsey-like girls b/w the the ages of 18 months and 5 to compete. Itís a bit scary to think that *any* amount of people chose to take issue with a contestant who finally instilled a sense of Luther Vandrossite credibility to the whole stupid reality TV concept and that no one complained ever before when everyone just sounded and looked like rehashed androids.
Beebop - July 21, 2003 - Report this comment
I am a Ruben fan and was pissed that I couldn't vote for him...his line was always busy. I think Clay did a great job also, but I don't go for lounge music, which is what his voice is suitable for.
gemangel31 - October 25, 2003 - Report this comment
hey for all of you who are making these stupid comments about ruben need to get a life ,and stop player hating on him!! he is not worried about you people he got what he deserved!! and for clay he is doing his own thing and i don't think he would appreciate his fans talking about the winner which they are pretty damn close. so just move on and if u think u can do better u try out for american idol and see what happens. please!! move on!!
dude - October 27, 2003 - Report this comment
Why is it everytime someone points out how crappy a black singer is, they're called Playa Haters? Maybe he just stinks? I don't need to be "American Idol" worthy to comment on a performer, since his target audience isn't other contestants, it's the general public, which the last time I checked, I was part of, and thus eligable to comment on how I view his music.
Margaret - October 31, 2003 - Report this comment
Nobody knows who the real winner is of the American Idol competition final between Ruben and Clay. Because some of the voting didn't get through. Ruben and Clay would have received more votes. We know who has the range in the vocal chords. I think the judges were leaning towards Ruben which is okay, but I think American Idol should make sure next time all the votes get in for both in the mean time enjoy who you like. My favorite is Clay, because he's the one who knocked himself out and changed his look and really acted like he wanted to win! They have two different styles - so enjoy who you like!!
Michael Pacholek - November 26, 2003 - Report this comment
An election on Fox fixed? Nahhhh, couldn't be... Ruben is twice the singer Clay is. OK, that didn't come out right...
Me - December 01, 2003 - Report this comment
i think you guys need to just leave the subject alone its already in the PAST u cant change it
soso - June 24, 2004 - Report this comment
I love Ruben. Clay has a wonderful voice as well. Clay hired a friend of mine to sing back up for him he's a great guy. However, it makes me sad that people would hate him (Ruben) and make comments about his size and the way he sweats. Maybe if you COULD sing and stood your boney butt under hot stage lights you would see how it feels. RUBEN WON!!!! let it go....

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