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Pink Floyd There is a little controversy as to how they got the name. A few Americans insisted that the group was named after a character from "The Andy Griffith Show"-Floyd the Barber. However, the official reason was that two record producers named Pink and Floyd make up the band's moniker. oldtimer
Pink Floyd I would like to add that the surnames of the two musicians whose first names form "Pink Floyd" are: (Pink) Anderson and (Floyd) Council. Mark
Pink Floyd It is really a double meaning. The official reason was that both "Pink" and "Floyd" were part of the names of 2 of their record producers, but one part of the reason at that they chose this, is because when someone is very high on marijuana, their eyes become bloodshot and everything looks pink, which Im sure they have had plenty of experience with. chris
Pink Floyd The original members, Waters, Wright, Mason, and Barrett were fans of blues music especially the blues musicians Pink Anderson and Floyd Council. The original name of the band was The Pink Floyd Sound and fans called them simply Pink Floyd. This information can be found in the book "A Saucerful of Secrets", an extensive biography of the band and its memebers. Doc Scott
Pink Floyd Before the band was together, Gilmoure liked to go to a small blues cafe quite often. There were two old men there that he talked to. They taught him a lot about the practicality of life and the magic of music. The last name of one of them was Pink, the other's last name was Floyd. Cody Erekson
Pink Floyd Syd Barrett combined the names of two of his favorite Georgia bluesmen- Pink Anderson and Floyd Council Mike
Pink Floyd I was in London in 1966-67 and had friends in a multilevel brownstone house--a commune, really--at 101 Cromwell Road in southwest London. The house had two cats, Pink and Floyd, and I was told that it was from the cats that Pink Floyd got its name. I didn't believe the story until I went to a swarming psychedelic party at the house and members of Pink Floyd showed up. That convinced me. I've since heard that Pink Floyd took its name from the first names of Pink Anderson and Floyd Council. I've wondered whether the cats weren't originally named after Anderson and Council, but I'm quite certain that the group more immediately took its name from the cats.  Rick Abrams
Pink Floyd Four of the original members were fans of blues musicians Pink Anderson and Floyd Council. The band may have done their share of drugs, but smoking loads of pot DOES NOT make everything look pink. Just because your eyes get bloodshot doesn't change the colour of what you are looking at! Having several years of marijuana usage behind me as experience, I can say that not once has the colour of anything ever changed whilst stoned. Perhaps the person who wrote that meant LSD? ThatSusan
Pink Floyd The stories about the two blues artists are the CORRECT ones. I refer any who wish to confirm this, to Nicholas Schaffner's biography of the band, A Saucerful of Secrets: The Pink Floyd Odyssey. FloydWright
Pink Floyd it was picked by syd barret alone,its a hoax about producers bein named pink and such,barret named then after 2 blues musicians in the delta (pink boogie anderson)and (floyd dipper boy council). know it all bout floyd
Pink Floyd If you look up Pink Floyd in a dictionary of euphamisms, you will see that it actually means "Whale Penis." If the band coincidentally chose this name, that would be quite the error! NumbaWunTuffGuy
Pink Floyd Chris, when you smoke marijuana, you can count the blood vessels travelling across the lens in your eye. jezzer
Pink Floyd A little known fact: a "pink floyd" is actually a reference in British slang for a man's genitals. Although this was not the reason the band picked out the name, it was something they considered before dubbing themselves "Pink Floyd." Blue Sphere
Pink Floyd Ok for Cody Erekson let me fix a couple things in your description. Gilmour was not an original member of pink floyd. He replaced Syd Barrett Floyd's lead guitarist and lead singer. After Barrett went crazy due to LSD he was replaced by gilmour. Having said that PINK FLOYD got their name from to blues artists PINK Anderson and FLOYD Council. Got it? Sean
Pink Floyd Only ONE of these entries is even close to the truth. I have no idea where everyone gets these inane stories for band names, but for Christ's sake do some research before you just spew out some words you are parading around as "knowledge." If you read books and listen to early interviews you will find there is no hidden mystery in the name, which is a combination of Pinkney "Pink" Anderson and Floyd Council. I believe the name was chosen by Syd Barrett, as "The Pink Floyd Sound." Eventually they dropped the "sound" and were known as "The Pink Floyd." Around the time Syd was thrown out and Gilmour joined the "the" at the beginning disappeared. Jeffrey Sapphire
Pink Floyd From what i've heard, Roger Waters nickanme was "Pinky" as a child, and I dunno if that influenced the band's name whatsoever but there ya go. Kim
Pink Floyd The 'Pink' was named after bluesman Pink Anderson and the Floyd came from bluesman Floyd Council. Originally, in the Syd Barrett era, they were called The Pink Floyd. Back when they were psychedelic. I have every Pink Floyd album by the way. Tom
Pink Floyd No idea if this is true, but it's kind of intereting nonetheless. Someone once told me that Roger Waters used to have recurring nightmares about an antagonist named "Pink Floyd." toohottoholdonto
Pink Floyd Syd Barrett came up with the name in the spurr of the moment after two blues artists, Pink Anderson and Floyd Council. Elijah A.
Pink Floyd The official story is that it was taken from the names of two Georgia bluesmen, Pink Anderson and Floyd Council. However... I was working in a used bookstore about 15 years ago, when we happened to get in a big "coffeetable" book on Whaling. I was browsing through it, looking at the lovely photographs and reading some of the lore, when I came across a long-dead sailor's account, written over 150 years ago, of the whales' mating ritual, which contained this quote: "After mating, the bull whale rises to the surface, and rolls over, exposing his pink floyd." Now, it was no secret to British bands in the mid-60's that Beatlemania started in Germany when the band started packing the Star Club in Hamburg, due in large part to the band's name sounding very much like "peedle," a German little-boy word for penis. This contention is stated as a fact in The Beatles' 1975 official biography "Shout" by Hunter Davies. Bands have been naming themselves after male genitlia ever since. Georgia bluesmen? I have this picture in my head of the band sitting around a table trying to pick a name, and all of them rolling on the floor laughing for 20 minutes when someone suggested "Pink Floyd." Believe what you will... Zoid Asteroid Machine
Pink Floyd Pink Floyd, possibly the greatest rock n' roll bands of all time, was named by Syd Barret, co-founder of the band. Though later on Syd claims the name was given to him by an overhead flying saucer, the band was actually named after two blues musicians: Pink Anderson and Floyd Council (though the two never played together) Keegan
Pink Floyd Syd chose the name "The Pink Floyd Sound" as a spur of the moment decision when a band preforming at the same gig had already signed up using their old name "Tea Set." The name was derived from the first names of 2 blues musicians: Pink Anderson and Floyd Council. George
Pink Floyd Syd had a blues compilation album. Two of the featured artists were Georgia artists PINK Anderson and FLOYD Council. It was a random selection and the band went on to greatness and fame. James Jupiter
Pink Floyd It's all in the initials people... They express their entire view of the world with their name before you ever listen to any of their negatively undertoned music. PF. Like pfffff fuck this world that we live in. Same reason that Umphrey's McGee is named so, because they are reinventing where the revolution went wrong by putting a more positive spin on the world and encouraging us to think.. UM... Robert Paulson
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